[54] At a Generall meatein of the Inhabetance of Salem velage 3 Aprell 1691

[54] At a Generall meatein of the Inhabetance of Salem velage 3 Aprell 1691

  1. It was voted that we will Adress our selves to the Honoured Generall Court Sittin at Boston that they would be pleased Sume way to order the Severall fameleyes which Live ajasent to us and are Constant Comers to our meateing house may be Sum way help full to us to maintain our minester and to build and repeare our meateing house.

2ly it was voted yt we make Choice of Capt John Putnam me Danell Andrew Ensigne Thomas Flint and Thomas putnam or the major part of them to draw up a pettion to the Honered Generall Court in the name and behalfe of the lnhabetance for the ends above expressed.

3ly voted that we mak Choice of Leutt Nathanell putnam to present the pettion that Shall be drawn up in the Name and In the behalfe of the Inhabetants by the men above expressed to the Honored Generall Court whareas Theiare was a meateing warned on the 3 of Aprell 1691 to heare the Return of those men that ware Chosen to discourse with Leutt Ingersall and Joseph Houlton senr about our menestry Land accordengly their was a meateing on the day afore mentioned.

and their Return to the people was that they had done Nothing in that matter but discoursed with the men.

[55] Their Is Committed to Constable Joseph Hericke a Bill of the Remainder of the Rate made for Mr parris for the yeare begining July 1:1690: : 18:pounds 16 shelens 1 pene togather with : 3:pounds: 14:shelens: 6 penc which is for the use of the people with a warrant togather it.

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