The 7 of November 1673

The 7 of November 1673

  1. At a meeting of the Farmers, It was voted that the Co[mmittee] for the time being which is chosen to make rates for the M[inistry] or other publick Charge amongst the Farmers that, th[ey also?] shall gather those rates which they make

  2. There was a Comittee chosen for the year ensueing which [ ] [Bray?] Wilkins [Jona]than Walcut Thos Small & [Joseph] [8]

3 It was Voted that Mr Bayley should have fourty seven pounds for the year ensueing & he is to find himself fire wood or els the Comittee to take the Seven pounds and they to find Mr Bayley's [wood]

  1. It was also voted that Mr Bayley shall have his maintainance at every half years end -

Salem Village Records