[24) The sixt Day of March 1684/5

[24) The sixt Day of March 1684/5

Aft A Generall Meeting of the Inhabitants of Salem village There was chosen for a committee for the year enseueing viz: Lt: John putnam Jonathan walcott John Buxton william Sibley and Thomas putnam junr:

2ly voated that the Committe In Being shall Keep the originall papers that the voats are writen on: and att the years end they shall be compared with the Book: when the committee shall give an account of the voats that Have past

3ly voated that for this year Thee committee shall Raise our publique charges as followeth that vacant Land to be rated att: 4s per hunderd and not dubled: and all Land with In fence at on peny per acre and so to be dubled on that as on other estates and all heads and estates as the Law doth direct

4ly voated that we will sett up two end gallaries forth with and finish the gallaries: and also set up a canapee over the pulpitt and It is left to Thee committee to sett men to work: and to agree with men for price and pay: and to Make a Rate upon the Inhabitants to pay for the work

5ly voated that It is left to thee committee to take care about Mending the fence about the Ministry Land

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