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[29] The twelfth of March 1685/6 there was a Rate made for to pay Mr. Epps and for the Removeing of Mr. Lawson from Boston and Repairing the Ministry House the wholl Rate was Tweenty pounds fiveteen shillings: and ten pence: which Rate was to be paid one Half in money the other half in provision: the Remainder of this Rate wc is not yet paid is two pounds fourteen shillings 4 pence in mony and three pounds two shillings five pence provision: which was Committed to Constable Henry Keny with a warrant By our ordor Bareing Datte thee seventh of Aprill: 1686: with an ordor to pay it as followeth to Mr. Daniell Epps: one pounds and five pene in provision: and to Jonathan walcott In provision: 2p: 2s: 0d: and in mony: 1p: 13s: 6d: and to Nathaniell Ingersoll In money one pound and Haenpence [ (?) ] Remains Due yett to Mr. Epps as Former accounts sho that this Ratte will not pay: In pay ten shillings: and to Daniel Rea In pay six shillings and Jonathan putnam In pay six shillings and to James Hadlock juner: In pay six shillings: Dated: this ninth of Aprill: 1686: By ordor of thee Committee Thomas putnam junr Cler

ye: 7th of ye: 11me 1686/7

constable Henry Keny: Cr: by Mr. Daniell Epps: one pound five penc in pay also in the above said: 20 pound Rate by John sheepard: ls: 3 mony 1s: 3d pay also by abatement to Lt. Nathaniell putnam : 2s: 9 pence in pay

The: 16th of March: 1686/7

Constable Henry Keny is Discharged from thee Bill above said of Two pounds fourteen shillings and 4 pence In mony and three pounds two shillings five pence provision and wee find the wholl Ratte paid: except one shilling and 6 pence in Money and two shillings In provision which Remanies Due to Jona walcott By order of Thee Committee Thomas putnam cler

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