[13] The: 27th of December 1681

[13] The: 27th of December 1681

Att A Meeting of The Inhabitants of the Farmes there was A Committe Chosen for the year enseueing: viz: Lt John putnam: Nathal: Ingersoll: sarjant Thomas Fuller John Buxton and Daniel Rea-

Also Chosen to supply the place of Deacons for the year enseuing Liue-tenant Thomas Putnam and sarjant Jonathan Walcott

At the same meeting above said: It was agreed upon and voated for the futer By the Inhabitants of Salem village: that the Ratte made For the Defraiing of all our Charges In the year 1681: both for Houses and Lands with all other Consarnes Belonging to Thee Ministry amoungst us shall be entered In our Book of Records with the names and perticular summes: And that it shall not Bee Lawfull for the Inhabitants of this village to convay the Houses or Lands or any other consarnes Belonging to the Ministry to any perticular persons or person: not for any cause by voat or other ways: But this estate to stand good to the Inhabitants of this place and to there sucksessors for ever: for the m [inistry]

lisdLuet : Tho : Putnam1063Richard: Hutchinson296Nathal Putnam910-Lt John putnam8--Joseph porter63-Henry Kenny25-Jonathan Walcott36-Isarell porter∫10-John Buxton315-Lott Kellom14-Joseph Holton senr36-Isaac Goodell's widdow 10-Thomas Flint52-Gilles Gory-4-Joseph pope3--Elisha Cuby-33William Nickols-10-Isaac Cooks-43William Sibley416- __ 6653Joseph Roots-45John Giles-6[3(?)]Andrew Eliot-5-William Dodge-66Joseph Boys-33Samuel Sibley∫18-Job Swinaton Senr3--Job Swinaton jur410-Peter prescott∫46James Smith∫46John Burroughs∫56Thomas Keny∫10-William Way∫10-Tho: putnam jur214-John putnam jur214-George Flint∫7-John Flint∫7-William Osborn-3-Nathl Aires∫4-Tho: Bayly-13- __ 2714[ ][141Daniel Rea3--Thomas Cave-3-petter Cloys∫86Abraham Walcott-9-peter Woodbery-26Frances Nurs-18-Saml Nurs∫4-John Tarbill∫4-Thomas preston∫10-William Buckly∫4-Benj : Holton∫∫-Joseph Woodrow-15-Thomas Clark-13-John Nickols-10-John Darling-10-Joseph Holton jur∫12-Edward putnam∫17-Jonat putnam∫16-Thomas Haile-76Daniel Andrew5193Sam: Brabrook-16-Zacca Herrick-12-Nath felton junr-5-Tho : Fuller senr86-Henry Renols-23Jerimy Watts∫5-Joseph Hutchinson6123Natha : Ingersoll312-Joshua Rea77-John Brown3∫6 ______ 57123James Hadlock senr∫93James Hadlock junr∫4-Frances Gefords & farm76Thomas Haines226Jonathan Knight∫10-John Kenny∫10-Aron Way∫19-William Ierland25-Thomas Fuller junr28-John Sheepard∫10-Zaccary Goodell214-John Gingill3106Henry Wilknes2126Samuell Wilknes∫16-Thomas Wilknes2169Henry Wilknes110-Benjamin Wilknes116-Edward Bishop28-Joseph Herrick3--Thomas Rament214-Ezekill Chever-13-Joseph Mazary2--Allexander Osborn22-John Adams126William Rament-9943103 These marks are probably intended for the figure 1.

This is a true coppie of the Rate entered according to the voat per me Daniel Rea

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