The: 11th Day of September: 1684

The: 11th Day of September: 1684

Att A Meeting of the Inhabitants of this village firstly It was voated That we make choice of Lt: Thomas putnam Bray Wilknes Liut: Nathaniell putnam frances Nurs and Lt: John putnam to treat with Mr. Lawson to know his mind about his settleing with us in the worke of the Ministry

2ly voated that the Meeting House shall be filled and Daubed all where it wants below ye beams and plates and that six cassments shall be Hanged in the meeting house and that their be a canape set over the pulpit all which is to be on the Inhabitants charge and that the Deske be made flatter

3ly voated that Corporall Kenny is chosen to fill the Meeting House lath it and plaster it and he shall be paid for it by the Inhabitants

4ly voated that Lt Nathaniell putnam Lt Thomas putnam: sarj Jonathan Walcott and sarj : Nathaniel Ingersoll is chosen to be joyned to the Committee now in being to pruse the book and to have inspection into the defects thereof to se what should not be there: and to se what should be their that is not their: and coppie it out and to Make ye Return to the Inhabitants or the major part of these men joyned to ye Committe

5ly voated that this meeting is ajorned to the: 24th Day of this Instant month Septemr

At an ajornment of the meeting: from the leventh Day of this Instant month September: in the year: 1684: to the 24th Day of the same month and the same year: it was voated that after this year is out wee will give to Mr. Lawson for his Incourrigment sixty pounds in mony for his yearly salary to be paid every quarter fifteen pounds and two men shall be appointed to look after it and se that It be don: and he is to find himself wood out of this sixty pounds and this to continew so long as he continew in the work of the ministry amongst us as now he doth

2ly voated that the Deacons shall for time to come Declare the saboth before the quarter is out that the next saboth the quarter is out that so thee Inhabitants may doe there Duty

Salem Village Records