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An accounts of Depts that Remain Due In constable Joseph popes Bill which remain Due to the severall parsons hearafter named also the names of thos from whom It was Due: Remain Due to Lt Tho putnam by william Ierland : 10s: 3d: by Tho: Haill: 1: 6s:: Remain Due to Natha Ingersoll: by Job Swinaton senr: 2s: 4d: Remaine Due to Jonathan walcott by Joseph popes one Rate: 1p: 0s: 8d: by abattement to Thomas Baston 12s 4 pene by abatement to Samuell Abby: 2s: Remain Due to Lt John putnam by Beverly men: 3s: 6d: by abatement to George Jacobs 3s: 6d Remain Due to Joseph Hutchinson by Beverly men 4s: 5d: by John Upton 2s: 7d Remain Due to Allexander Osborn: By Samuell Cutteller: 5s: Remain Due to Daniell Rea: by George Hacker: 10s: by Jerimy meacham senr 2s: Remain Due to Thomas Fuller junr by abatment to Bray wilknes: 9s: Remains Due to Joshua Rea senr By James Hadlock: senr: 6s: by Hery Renalls ten pence by Jno Felton: 8 pence by Natha felton 9d penc: by william osborn 9 pence: by Isaac Cook: 1s: 6d Remaine Due to Thomas Haines: by James Stimson: 3s: totall summe 4p: 2s: 7d Dated the 9th of Aprill: 1686 By ordor of Thee Committe Tho putnam Junr cler

Salem Village Records