Aa a Generall meetting of the Inhabetance of Salum vilage novmber the 17 1701 It was voted by a generall concurance :--

Aa a Generall meetting of the Inhabetance of Salum vilage novmber the 17 1701 It was voted by a generall concurance :--

1 voted that mr Joseph Hereck Mr Edward putnam left Jonathan Putnam and Benjamen putnam are Chosen and Impowered to Receve that which the town of Salam Is plesed to give to the Inhabetance of Salam vilage towards the bulding of the meetting house among them and Improve It towards the bulding of the meetting house among us to the best advantage they can and make there Returne of their Douing to the pople

2 voted: that our neighburs subcription toward the bulding of the meetting house amongst us shall be Recorded into our book of Records

The SubcriptionSalam Vilage Jeneuary-20th 1700

Mr Joseph Green10 - 00 - 00John leach05 - 0 - 00Samuell leach2 - 00 - 00James Kettell2 - 00 - 00Jonathan Hawyard1 - 10 - 00John Holten1 - 04 - 00James Holten3 - 00 - 00James phillips2 - 00 - 00Gorge Jacops1 - 00 - 00Nathinell Holten Jun1 - 00 - 00Joseph Flint2 - 00 - 00Humperey French1 - 5 - 00Willuam Curtys0 - 12 - 0Samuell Cuttler Sen0 - 12 - 0John Trask3 - 00 - 0

[107] In the frunt seat James putnam next seat John putnam : tu e Joseph Huchinson Ezekiel Chevur Joseph Holton the sid frunt seat Joseph Swinarton Joseph Huchinson Henery Holton the long four seat Jasper Swinarton John huchinson Benja huchinson the short sid seat henery keney Samuell putnam the 2 long seat Richard huchinson the short seat over ye sters David Judd Josiah Putnam Joseph putnam Isa burton

the short front saet galary Benja holtons wife Benja Fuller -- wife John Walcutt --wife abra Smith wife the next sid saet Daniel Rea -- wife Benj Swinarton wife henery Kenery -- wife Jon putnam -- wife Samll Nurse Jur -- wife

in the Dobel seat sid: pulpit Joseph holtons wife ye long fore seet below James phillips wife Joseph Swinartons wife the front seat in galry Benja Fuller Joseph prince Jon putnam John holton Abram Smith the front sid seat Benja holton Thomas darling John Fuler Jon Fuller John Giles abram Goodel Benja Swinarton James Swinarton Wm Fuller the 2nd seet front Galary John Sibly Nathll Sibly John Deal Juner Isaac Burton Walter Smith Eliezer Brown Josiah putnam John Sampson aquilla wilkins Benja wilkins the 2nd seet sid galry John putnam Tirus Timothy holton Benja huchinson Jur Joseph White Josiah White Uzzial Rea the 3rd seet front garly Jon preson david preson Jon Ray Nathll prible Jur Joseph huchinson Ebenezer huchinson Nathan Town the 3rd seat afore ye pulpi Jaccob Fuler Benja Fuller Isa Goodell sid the short front seat Jasper Swinatton James prince Thomas Flint James Phillips ye long fore seet below Israel porter John Walcutt Thomas Fuller Wm Upton Samll Upton in ye front seet galry Thom putnam Benja holton Nicolis haward Robart huchinson daniel Rea Samll porter Isarel andrew in ye long more sid seet David Richinson Joseph putnam Tarrant putnam James putnam Jon putnam Bega putnam Richard huchinson Jno Wilkins Jur Jon Wilkins Joseph Buxton

by order of the commity Chosen to Rega late the seeting of our meeting house: Jno walcutt clark

Daniel Andrew02040Willuam Alen00080John buxton sen01060John buxton Jun00040Samuell brabook00080Willuam buckley00060Thomas bayley00048Edward beshep sen00160Edward beshep Jun00110Samuell beshep00040Daved beshep00040Henerey brown00150ekekel Chues00140Nath Carrell00030Joseph Carell00030John Darlen00070John Deall00060Cap Thomas Flint01190Thomas Fuller sen00120Thomas Fuller Jun00110Jacob fuller00180Benj Fuller00090Jonathen Fuller00060John Flint00170zachriah Goodeall01000Abarham goodeall00040Joseph goodeall00076Isacc goodeall00100zachriah goodeall Jun00100Samuell goodeall00120John giles00080Joseph huchinsons01060Joseph Holten sen00060Joseph Holten Jun00160Henery Holten00130John Holten00090John Hadlock00080Joseph Hereck01060Joseph Huchinson Ju00136John Huchinson0013Benj Huchinson00130Widdow Holten00036Nicklose Howard00080Deck Nath. Ingershall00140Henerey Kiney se00060Henerey Keney Jun00070James Kettell00060Samuell Lane00060John martan00070Samuell Nurs01010Isacc nedham00070elexcander osbron01030Benj putnam03000Cap John putnam01040Thomas putnam est00060Joseph putnam02060Walter philleps00060Jonathen putnam01100John putnam ters01030James putnam01030Eleazer putnam00140Widdow presen00130Samuell porter00090Deck edward putnam01070Joseph porter02060Iserall porter00140Joseph pope01150James prence00180John putnam Jun01060Joseph prence00110Thomas Ramant00150Samuell Leach00060Joshua Rea Danell Rea01120Joshua Rea Jun00100John Rea00130Samuell Rea00040Jehosaphat Rogers00040Widdow Swinerton00150Jasper Swintron00120Joseph Swinorton00090Benj Swenorton00060Samuell Smith00050Abraham Smith00090Willuam Small [109]00120John Tarball01010Willuam Upton00090Samuell upton00090Widdow walcut00100John walkcot00110Joseph whiple00100gorge wiat00050Benj Wilkns01000Thomas Wilkns01000Henerey Wilkns00120John Wilkns00080Samuell Wilkns00020Rechard Wiluams00000zachriah White00060John Wooden00040John Leach01040John Easty00060John Fuller00080Soloman Smeth00040Thomas Neecklos00040Daved Reachsion00040Thomas Kiney00060Samuell Cuttlers00100James Holten00060Thomas Darlen00060Joseph Fuller00050John osbron00040John Sible00040Thomas perce00030Joseph Keney00040 John BuxtonBenjamen WelknsJames putnamSamuell NurseJohn putnam Jun

Salem Village Records