[18] The: 17th: Day of Genewary 1683:

[18] The: 17th: Day of Genewary 1683:

At A meeting of Thee Inhabitants of salem village ther was Chosen for a Committee for the year Inseueing Joseph Herrick Job Swinaton Frances Nurs Thomas Wilknes Ezekill Chever

2ly Chosen to take an Invoice of mens estats Edward putnam Thomas preston and Jacob Fuller--

3ly voated that the Committee now chose shall make a Rate of fifteen pounds for Mr. Epps

4ly voated that the Deacons shall take mens words for what mony they Have contributed to Mr. Epps for the time past

5ly voated that all they that contribute for time to come shall put their mony in papers and writ their names in them

6ly voated that we will send to Mr Lawson to treate with Him to se wheather he will come to us upon Mr. Burroughs his salary of sixty pounds only Indian corn at: 2: 6 par bushell The men Chosen for this end are Lt Nathaniel putnam Lt. Tho: Fuller and corporal Thomas Flint or the major part of them

7ly voated that we will send to Mr Samuell Andrew fellow of the colledge to Desier him to come to preach with us the men chosen for that end are Lt: Nathaniell putnam and Lt. Thomas Fuller and Corporal Thomas Flint

Salem Village Records