[7] 26 of the 10 m:1672.

[7] 26 of the 10 m:1672.

  1. At another meeting it was voted that we will build a meeting [house] of 34 foot in length 28 foot broad and 16 foot between jointes

  2. It was voted that we have Chosen to joine with the Selectmen for [to] agree with a Carpenter to build the meeting house and setting [men] to work Nathl Putnam, Henry Kenney, Joseph Hutchinson and Jo[hn] Putnam.

  3. Voted that the Selectmen shall make a rate according to the C[ourt] order equally for the paying for the building the meeting house.

  4. Voted that it shall be accounted a lawful warning to warne a publick meeting with a paper written under the Committee's hands and sett upon the meeting house post.

Salem Village Records