The: 25th Day of December 1683

The: 25th Day of December 1683

Att A meeting of the Inhabitants of this village upon some objection It was voated to be a Legall Meeting ---

2ly voated that we will give Mr. Epps for the time he doth preach with us tweenty shillings par day: one half in mony and the other half in provision at the current price

3ly voated That Liuet Thomas Putnam and Corporal Nathaniell Ingersull is to Receive the Contribution for Mr. Epps

4ly voated that the Committee shall make a Rate to Discharge all the righteous Depts of the plantation that are all redye Due --

Their was a Rate made to pay the depts of the plantation the wholl Rate was fifty two pounds one shilling and a peny and the wholl Rate was committed to Constable Joseph pope the: 12th of Jenewary: 1683: with an ordor to pay to the severall parsons that the plantation was Indebted unto Daniell Andrew Jonathan Putnam Samuell Sibley

Salem Village Records