The 26th Day of March: 1685

The 26th Day of March: 1685

Att A Generall Meeting of the Inhabitants of Salem village firstly voated that we will keep up the contribution --

2ly voated that all our Inhabitants shall put there mony in money* In papers which they contribute or elce it shall be accounted as strangers mony

3ly voated that all the money which strangers contribute hear shall be: Mr. Lawsons

4ly Chosen to supply the place of Deacons for the year ensewing ware Lt: Thomas putnam and sarjant Nathaniell Ingersoll

5ly Chosen to take an account of mens estates in our Inhabitants in ordor to making of Rates: and to bring it in to Thee Committee by the: 20th of may next ware william way and Thomas Kenny

6ly voated that the committe in being are Hereby Impowered to call the severall Constables to an account for the severall summes which have ben commited to them by several Committees and the Inhabitants to bare there Charge In sute or preparation for sute: and also the committee in being shall have power to abatte Rattes formorly made where they se reason so to Doe

*Erased in original.

Salem Village Records