At a Generall meeting of the Inhabitans of Salem Vilage march the first 1709 /10

At a Generall meeting of the Inhabitans of Salem Vilage march the first 1709 /10

Chosen for a Comity for the year insuing Joseph Herick Elizar putnam Benjamin Fuller John Presto Isariel porter

2ly Voated that we mack Choice of Isriael porter to keep our Book of Records for the year insuing

3ly Voated that the Comities Instruction for this preasant yeare Shall be to macke a Rate upon our Inhabitans for mr Green of seventy nine pounds & tack care that it be gathered and payed to mr Green and to have a Receipt for the same entred in our Book of Records at or before the first day of march next insuing

4ly Voated that we mack Choice of Captt Jonathan putnam Liftt Benjamin putnam Joseph putnam or the majer parte of them to petition to the town of Salem for to Release us from aney further Charge for ye Repaiering of their metinghous and aney former arears of their minstors:

5ly Voated that we mack Choice of Captt John putnom and our three dekens for to desier mr green to preach a monthly Lectur yearly a mungst us:

6ly Voated that if mr green will buield a barn Adjoining to our ministrey barn of about twenty feets Square and when he shall Leave the work of the menistry a mungst us then we will paye what it shall be Valewed at then by Indefrant men uto him or his heirs Excutors or asinesDaniel Andrews Clark


ADaniell Andrew010300Israell Andrew000406Jon Alleng000806William Buckly000800Thomes Bayley000700Samuell Brabrock000700Edward Biushep001700Wido Brownd001000John Buxtone Sener010400BJon Buxtone Junr000406Joseph Buxtone000600Antony Buxtone000406Jon Berey Land000106John Brownd000600Isaac Burton000406Nickles Bayley000400Thomas Bayley Juner000400Josep Carell000600Humfre Casse000406Ezeckell Chevers010000CThoms Comens for Land000400Thomes Cave for Land000106Gordg Cloyse000406Jon Derleng001000DJon Deall senr001000Jon Deall Junr000406Bene Deland000600Cpt William Doodg000100Jon Estey000500Thomas Fuler Senr001400Jacob Fuller001800Cpt Thoms Flintt011600Jonathan Fuller000900Jon Fuller000900Benmen Fuller001400Thomes Flintt001306Jon Flintt001300Jon Feltone000600Nathenel Feltone000800Joseph Fuller000500Moses Fluantt000100Thomas Fuller Junr001306Zackriah goodeall Sener001800Zackriah goodeall001000Abraham goodeall000900Isaac goodeall001600Jon giels000706Joseph goodell000900Jon ganson000700Samuell goodeall001306Roberd Hutchson000706Ritchard Hutchson000706Ambros Hutchson000800Joseph Hutchson001806Joseph Holton001600Henery Holton001600Joseph Herrick010400Jon Holton001000Jon Herrick000100Jon Hutchson001400Benjamen Hutchson001500Nicklis Hayward001100James Holton001400Henery Herrick000200Joseph Hucker000200Benjamen Holton000800Jonathan Hayard000500David Judg000606Deken Ingrson000800Henery Kiney000500Thomas Kiney000800Jon Kiney000500Phelip Knightt000300Jon Leech001600Samuell Leech001000Philip Macktiner000500Samell Nurse010000Samuell Nurse000900Isaac Nedum000900Thomas Nickels000800Edward Nickels000406Wido osbon001400Jon osbon000500Let Benm Putnam020900Cpt Jonath Putnam011500Thomas Putnam000900Eles Putnam001700Wido Presen and suns [148]001700Joseph Porter011400Samuell Porter001000Deken Putnam011200Israell Porter001400Joseph Pope011000James Putnam011200James Prinse010000Joseph Prinse001400Jon Putnam Sener011206Jon Putnam Junr010400Jemes Pheleps001900Samuell Putnam000706Joseph Putnam011300Nathaniell Putnam000900William Porter000500Beniam Panell000406Danell Ray sen011200Josuay Rea001300Jon Rea001500Samuell Rea000400Danell Reay000900Jemes Rose000600William Rusell sener001600Daved Ritchson000600William Rusell Juner000400Wido Rament000100Nathell Rament000100Jonathan Rament000706Edward Rament000100Cpt Thomes Rament001600Jon Savry000200Jemes Smith000700Wido Smith000300Benjamen Swinnetorn000700Joseph Swinnitorn000900Jesper Swinnitorn001500Abram Smith001300William Small001306Jon Sibly000500Josuay Swinitorn001300Water Smith000406Jon Smith000406Insin Jon Tarbell010400Samuell Trask000100Jon Trask000600William Upton001100Samuell Upton001100Wido Wallcut001100Jonath Wallcut000600Jon Wallcut001600Joseph Whipell001500Benjam Willkens010000Zackriah White000700Aqula Wilkens000600Jon Wooding000400Benjamen Willkens Junr000600Thomas Willkns001400Isaac Willkens000500Joseph Willkns000600Josiah White000300Henery Wilknes001500Jon Wilknes001600Joseph White000400

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