Att a Generall meeting of the Inhabitants of Salem village the: 14th Day of January 1697-8

Att a Generall meeting of the Inhabitants of Salem village the: 14th Day of January 1697-8

it was agreed and voted that mr. Greens maintainnace shall be Raised by a Rate: and that we will also keep up our contribution and that our Inhabitants shall put Their money in papers which they contribute with their names writen in the same

[82] The Rate which was made In salem village for to pay to mr. samuell parris our Late minister: the sume of seventy nine pounds nine shillings: and six pence: in money: for the Right and entrest he had gotten in our ministry house and Land: made according to Thee award Decree and determination: of Thee Honourable Wait Wintrop Elisha Cooke and samuell sewall esqrs : Arbitrators Between mr. samuell parris : and the Inhabitants of this village and also according to the ordor and vote of the Inhabitants of salem village the: 14th of september : 1697: made by us whoses names are hereunto subscribed the 24th Day of september 1697

lbsdDaniell Andrew & sons2--William Allin-106John Buxton & son112-John Buxton Junr-5-samuell Braybrook-10-william Buckly senr-3-william Buckly junr-5-Thomas Bayley-5-Edward Bishop and son-13-Edward Bishop junr-10-Henry Brown-156Ezekill Chever-12-Nathaniell Carrell-7-Joseph Carrell-8-Thomas Cummings-8-John Darling & son-9-John Deall-7-Capt Thomas Flint & son119-Thomas Fuller senr & man -12-Thomas Fuller junr.-18-Thomas Fuller Tirtius-11-Jacob Fuller-15-Benjamin Fuller-12-Jonathan Fuller-6-John Flint -16-Joseph Flint-106Zach : Goodell & son 18-Zach: Goodell junr-11-Joseph Goodell-6-__1906Isaac Goodell-11-samuell Goodell-9-John Gilles-10-Joseph Holton senr-7-Joseph Holton junr & son-18-Henry Holton-15-John Holton-10-John Hadlock-12-Thomas Haines & sons-15-Joseph Herrick & son110-Joseph Hutchinson senr111-Joseph Hutchinson junr-12-John Hutchinson-10-Benjamin Hutchinson-12-Sarah Holton Widdow-3-Liut. Nath : Ingersoll & man1--Henry Kenny senr.-8-Henry Kenny junr.-8-samuell Lane-6-John martin-10-samuell Nurs & son12-Isaac Neadom-6-Thomas Nickolls-6-Ellexander osburn & son1--Liut Nathaniell putnam214-Capt John putnam2--Thomas putnam14-Joseph putnam210-_2319-[83] Walter phillips-14-Jonathan putnam113-James putnam14-Benja Putnam14-John putuam Tirtius12-Eliazer putnam-14-Widdow preston & son-12-Edward putnam18-Joseph portor & sons315-samuell porter-8-mr: Isarell porter-19-Joseph pope210-James prince-16-John putnam Junr18-Joseph prince-10-Thomas Rayment12-Joshua Rea senr-16-Joshua Rea junr.-14-Daniell Rea112-John Rea-12-Samuel Ray-6-Jehoshaphat Rogers-3-Job Swinerton & Son112-Jasper swinerton-12-Joseph swinerton-10-2614-Abraham Smith-9-Ephraim Sheldon-4-William smale-17-samuel smith & farm-10-John Tarbill & son14-John Tree-5-william upton-12-samuell upton-12-Capt Jonathan walcott-15-John Walcott-11-Joseph Whiple-16-George wiet-5-Bray wilkins-8-Benjamin wilkins-16-samuell wilkins-5-Thomas wilkins & sons1--Henry wilkins-12-John wilkins-12-Richard williams-5-1018-___sume Totall80116

to Richard w illiam-0-5-to Henary Holton-0-3-to John Tarbil-0-1- The: CommitteNathaniel putnamJohn BuxtonJonathan putnamThomas putnam

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