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[119] The Inhabitants of this villedge are Required in Hir majestyes name to meet to geather att ther useall place of meeting on thirdsday next being the Eleaventh day of this Instant march att nine of the clock in the four noone to chuse a comitty for ye year Insueing and to give them Instrucktions and to chuse a Clark to keep our Book of Records and to consider how the fence shall be repaired about the minestry pastuer alsoe to consider of some better way to warne our Towne meetings and wheather you will sell Capt Putnam and mr Joseph putnam the galleryes of the Old meetting House and to exsplane the votte that was passed for mr Greens sallery ye 20th of desembar 1697: and aggree upon some better way for the comittye to make up ther accounts and to chuse a comity to Regulatt the seatting of the meeting House and to give them Instrucktions alsoe to grant a pue for Decon Ingersoll likewise to grant Joseph Holtens former petishon and John Holten to Joyne with him Dath march 6th 1702 /3: by order of comity Daniell Rea Cla-

Salem Village Records