at a meeting of the Inhabitants of this Villidge the: 7 march 1703/4

at a meeting of the Inhabitants of this Villidge the: 7 march 1703/4

the were Chosen for a Comittie Capt Thomas Flint Eliazer putnam. James prince Samull portor: Joseph hucheson juner : 1 Voted thata we mak choice of Capt flint to keep our booke of Records for the yeare Insuing and to take care to entor what was done the yeare past

2ly That the Instrucktions for the yeare Insuing is that the make a Rate of 70 pounds for our ministor for the yeare insuing and ade one pound to it as part of ye twelve pounds he is to have for Reparing our ministry house acording to ye best of ther judgment 3ly Voted that we grant liborty to deacon Ingorsoll to buld a pue in the meeting hous for his wife The place for his pue is at the ends of the mens hindor seats against part of Mr huchesons pue: & mr Joseph Hericks pue : 2 : seats to be cut of foure foot & 8 inches long from the: 2 : fore saide pues : and that the top of his upermost ballostors to be no hier then botom of ye second raile of the other pues : and the flore of it to be Raised but: 6: inches hier then the flore of the meeting hous

4ly That the petiction of John putnam tersus and henry brown John flint Joshuah Rea and John Rea is granted


Daniell Andrew011700william Alean001000John buxton Senor010600Samuel brabrook000800Thomas bayly000506william buckly000606Edward bishop001200Samuell bishop000606henry browne001606John bayly000400Ezekell Cheves001506Joseph Carell000600John darling000800Thomas darling000600John deale000600Capt Thomas flint020000Thomas fullor ser001200Thomas fullor junr001300Jacob fullor001800benjamin fullor000906Joseph fullor000400Jonathan fullor000706John fullor000900John flint001900Samuell flint000400zakariah goodall senr010000Abraham goodall000600Joseph goodall000606Isack goodall001300zakariah goodall junr001100John giles000700Joseph hucheson Senr010700Samuell goodall001100Joseph hucheson junr001300Joseph houlton juer001600John houlton001100henry houlton001400John hadlock000700Joseph herick011000John hucheson001300benjamin hucheson001400widow houlton000506nickalis howard000900deacon Ingosoll001600henry keny Sener000600henry Keny juner000600Samuell Lane000600John martine000700Samuell nurs010600Isack needham000600Alexander osborne010000__311606Benjamin putnam030000Capt John putnam010000Thomas putnam000500Joseph putnam020000Eliazer putnam001500lef Jonathan putnam011200John putnam torsus010300James putnam010500waltor philips000700widow prestan & son John001606Samuell portor000900Edward putnam011200Joseph portor020000Israell portor001400Joseph pope011500James prince001900John putnam Junr010600Joseph prince001100Capt Thomas Ramond001500daniell Rea011400Samuell Rea000500widow swinorton001700Jaspor swinorton001400Joseph swinorton000900benjamine Swinorton000500abraham Smith001100william small001200John tarball010600william upton000906Samuell upton000906widow walcot001200John walcot001100Joseph wheple001000bejmine wilkins010000Thomas wilkins010000henry wilkins001200John wilkins001100samuell wilkins000000Zakariah white000800John easty000500John wooden000500Thomas nickals000500John osborne000400John Sible000400benjamin gould000300david richeson000600John buxton juner000400Sorg John Leach010400Samuell Cutlor001000James houlton001200Samuell Leach001000John allen000600James rosse000800Thomas Keney000600peter prescot000600homphery case000400william Rusell001200william bishop000700Samuell traske000200James Smith001000John Kenney000600Richard williams000400____44(?) 46[122]Joseph Alene000700Daniell Kenney000400Joseph Tree000500benjamine wilkins ju000500

Salem Village January 21 1705.

These may certify whom it may concern that I have recieved the full sum of seventy pounds in mony in full of my salary for ye year 1703. I say recd. Per me Joseph Green

Daniell Andrew011500William Allen000900John Buxton sener010900Samuell brabrook000700Thomas bayly000506William Buckly000600Edward bishop001000Samuell bishop000600henry browne001300ezekell Cheeves001506Joseph Carell000500John darling000800John deale000500Thomas flint senr011600Thomas flint jun000600Thomas fullor sen001000Thomas fullor juner001300Jacob fullor001400benjamine fullor001000Joseph fullor000000Jonathan fullor000706John fullor000800John flint001500Zakary goodall sener001800Abraham goodall000600Joseph goodale000600Isack Goodale001300zakary goodale junr001100John giles000700Joseph huchoson sener010200Samuell goodale001100Joseph huchoson junr001200Joseph houlton jun001500John houlton001000henry houlton001300John hadlock000700__2104 06_Joseph Herick010800John hucheson001200benjamine hucheson001400widdow houlton000506Nickolis howard000900deacon Ingorsoll001500henry Keney sen000500henry Kenney junr000600Samuell Lane000500John martine000600Samuell nurs010400Isack needham 000600widdow osborne001800benjamin putnam021000Cap john putnam010000Thomas putnam000500Joseph putnam020000eliazer putnam001400Lef Jonathan putnam010800John putnam tases010200James putnam010300waltor phillips000800widow prston & sons001700Mr Joseph portor011500Samuell portor000900decon edward putnam011000Mr Israell portor001400Joseph pope0115 00James prince001700John putnam junr010700Joseph prince001100capt Thomas Reamond001500daniell Rea011200Joshuah Rea001100John Rea001200Samuel Rea000500widow Swinrton & sons010000Jespor Swinorton001400330706[123]Ministors Rate for the year: 1704£sdJoseph swinorton000900Benjamin swinorton000600Abraham smith001000william small001200John tarball010400william upton000900Samuell upton000900widdow walcot001100John walcot001000Joseph wheple001000benjamine wilkins010000Thomas wilkins001800henry wilkins & sons001300John wilkins001100zakary white000700John easty000500John wooden000400Thomas Nickals000500John osborne000500sarj John Leech010200Samuell cutlor001000James houlton01200Samuell Leach001000John Allen000600James Roase000600Thomas Kenney000500petor prescot000400homphery case000300william Rusell001000Samuell Traske000200John sebly000400benjamin gould000300david Richeson000600John buxton000500150200Ministors Rate for the year 1704DsdJames Smith & mother000700John Kenney000400Richard williams000400Joseph Allen000600daniell Kenney000400benjamin wilkins juner000500Jonathan walcot000400william leach000500Thomas pearce000200John felton000600Nathaniell felton000700John goodale000400John upton for his mill000300ezekell upton for his mill000300John rusell000400Robert willis & bishops farme000300031100___The Totoll sum is730400

Salem Village January 21 1705.

These may certify whom It may concern that I have received the full sum of seventy pounds in money in full of my salary for the year 1704 I say recd Per me Jos: Green.

Salem Village february 10 1707

These may certify whom it may concern that I have received the full sum of seventy pounds in mony in full of my Salary for the year 1705 I say recd Per me Jos: Green.

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