Thee ninth Day of April 1686

Thee ninth Day of April 1686

At A Meeting of thee Inhabitants of Salem village there was chosen For A Committee for the year Insewing: viz: Lt Jno Putnam william Sibley Thomas Flint John Tarbill and Thomas putnam Junr

1 voated that the Instrucktions which ware given to thee Committee In the year 1685 shall be thee Instrucktions for Thee Committee In Thee year: 1686-

2ly Chosen to supply the place of Deacons for the year Insueing ware sarjant Nathaniell Ingersoll and sarjant Jonathan Walcott

3ly voated that it is left to Thee Committee to Repair the fence about thee Ministry paster: and to agree with Joseph Hutchinson about joyning the fence of the paster on the linne

Salem Village Records