Att ameting of the Inhabitants of salem Village the 27 of march 1711

Att ameting of the Inhabitants of salem Village the 27 of march 1711

I Votted that we macke Choyse of Capt Jonathan Putnam Liue Benj Putnam Eliezur Putnam & daniell Andrew to procure us agood Scolle master to bee Improved for the good and benefett of our plantatione: & all soe to Reseve the money granted to us by the towne for that end

2ly Votted yt wee macke Choyse of John Tarball John Wallcutt & John Preson to see yt the ministry fence be all soefesiantly dun up with good sofesiant dry stone wall att or Before the furst of may next Insuing

3ly Votted that wee will alow Benjanen Hutchinson Leberty to handg a gate att the sought end of that strip of land that Lyeth betwene Benjamen Hutchinson & Deacon Ingersolls Land

4ly votted that wee will Clabbord our ministry house this yeare with good oacke Clabords & all soe shingell the gutters & all soe to doe whatt the Commity or mager part Chosen for that end shall see needfull about bought *bought the house: and the Commity Chosen to Repaire ye ministry house Is Joseph Holton Eleazer Putnam Daniell Andrew & Jonathan fuller and our Inhabitants to pay for the doing of itt

  • As it appears in original.

Widdow Andew070Daniell Andrew0160Israell Andrew0046John Alling0090William Buckly0090Thomas Bailey0060samuell Braybrock0060Edward Bishop0180widdow Brown0100John Buxton sen1040John Buxton Jun0040Joseph Buxton0060Anthony Buxton0050John Bereys Land0016John Brown0070Isaac Burton0050nicklass Baley0040Thomas Bailey Jun0040Humphry Case0040Ezekell Chever1060Tho Cumminse Land0040Tho Cave for Land0016Gorge Cloyse0040John Darling0090John Deale sen0100John Dale Jun0046Benj Dealand0046Capt william Dodge0010John Easty0050Tho fuller sen0140Jacob fuller0180Jonathan fuller0090Capt Thomas flint1160John fuller0090Thomas flint Jur0140John felton0060nathaniell felton0080Joseph fuller0050Thomas fuller Jun0130Benj fuller0100Samuell fuller0050John flint0130Stephen flint0050Zackriah Goodale sen0180Zackriah Goodale0090Isaac Goodale0150John Gillse0080Joseph Goodale0090John Gansen0070Samuell Goodale0130Abraham Goodale0090Robord Hutchinson0120Richard Hutchinson0070Ambros Hutcherson0070Joseph Hutchinson0180Joseph Holton0150Henry Holton0160John Herrick0010Joseph Herrick1040John Holton0100John Hutchinson0140Benj Holton0080Ben Hutchinson0150Jonathan Howard0050nickless Howard0110James Holton [152]0140Henry Herrick0020Daved Jud0080Deacon Ingersoll0070Henry Keney0080Tho Keney0080John Kenny0050Phelip Knight0030John Leach0160Samuell Leach 0100Phelip maackintir0040Samuell nurs sen1010Sam nurs Jun0090Isaac Nedham0090widdow orsburn0140Thomas nickalls0060John orsburn0040Liue Benj Putnam2120Capt Jonath Putnam1150Tho putnam0110Elizur Putnam0170widdow preson & sons1000Joseph portter1140samuell Porter0090Deacon putnam1120Israell porter0140Joseph Pope1100James putnam1120James Princs1000Joseph prins0140John Putnam sen1126John Putnam Jun1040James Philips0180Samuell Putnam0076Joseph Putnam1130natha Putnam0090will porter0090Benja Parnall0040Daniell Rea1120Joshua Reas Istate0120John Rea0120Daniell Rea Jun0110James Rose0060william Rusell sen0160Daved Richinson0060widdow Rayment0016James Smith0070nathaniell Rayment0010Jonathan Rayment0076Edward Rayment0016Capt Tho Rayment0140widow smith0Benj Swinerton0090Jaspar Swinerton0140Abraham Smith0130william Small0120widow swinerton0060James swinerton0070John tarball1040Sam Trask0010John Trask0060will Upton0110Samuell Upton0110widdow wallcutt0120Jonathan wallcutt0060John Wallcutt0150Joseph whepell0150Benj Willkins1000Zackriah whight0070Aqwila willkins0050Joseph willkens005(?)0Benj willkins Jun0060Tho willkins0140Isaac willkins0050Josiah whight0040Henry willkins0150John willkins0160Asidiah smith0040 Joseph SwinertonJonathan fullerThomas PutnamJohn BrowneCommitie

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