Att a Generall Meetting of the Inhabitants of Salem Village march the 16th 1713

Att a Generall Meetting of the Inhabitants of Salem Village march the 16th 1713

Chosen for this year for a Committee James putnam Thomas fuller ju Thomas flint ju Isaac Needham Joseph Porter ju

[160] Voted that we make Choice of Thomas flint jr for to keep our book of Records this year Voted that ye Instructions for this year shall be that ye Committee shall Raise a Rate upon our Inhabitants of 78 pounds as Equally as thay can & pay in ye same to mr Green for his sallery this year 1713 & to have a Receipt Entred in our book of Records for it at or before ye first day of march next & that our Inhabitants shall pay half their Rates at each half Years End - - -

Widow androw000500Danil androw010400isarell Androw000900John allin000900john Bareys Land000200William Bukly000800Thomas Baly senr000600Samueall BraBrok000600Edward Bishope001700john Broun000800widow Broun001300John Buxton ser010000john Buxton junr000500joseph Buxton000700Anthoney Buxton000600Thomas darling001000john Bareys land000106isaac Burton000600Nicholis Baly000500Thomas Baly junr000400humpry Case000600ezekil Chever010000Thomas Cominsis land000400Thoma Caves land000200Jorge Cloys000400john Deel se001000john Deel junr000500Binjimin deelin000506Cpt william doges land000100john estey000800Thomas Fuller se000700jacoB fuller001700jonathn fuller000900Cpt Thomas flint011000john fuller000900Thomas flint jur001600john faeltons land000200Nat feltons land000600joseph fuller000500Thomas fuller ju001300Beinjamun fuller001200Samueall fuller000500john flint001400Stepen flint000400william fuller000700zacariah goodall001000davied goodall000900zacariah goodall jur001000Isaac goodall001500john gilles000900john ganson000600Samueall goodell001100Abraham goodall000900joseph goodall001000Robort huchinson001200Rechord huchinson000700Ambrous huchinson000700joseph huchinson010000joseph holton001600henery holton001600john hericks land000100joseph herick010400john holton001000john hutchinson001600Benjamin holton000900Benjamin huchinson001700jonathn howard000500Nicklis havward001000James Holton [161]000800henery herick000200Davied Chude000800KHenery Kneye001000Thomas Keney000800john kneye000600Philep knght000300Ljohn lech001600Sam lech001000NPhilep mackintir000400Sam Nors se010200Sam Nors junr000900isaac Nedham001000Thomas nickalls000600owidow osBorn & sun001200john osborn000500john sebly000700pL Benjamin Putnam021000Cpt Jonathan Putnam011600Thomas Putnam001000eleaser Putnam001700widow Presson & suns010000joseph Portor011600Sam Portor001000Edward Putnam011200isarell Portor001500widow Poope000600joseph Poope010000james Putnam011300james Prence010000joseph Prence001400

(To be continued)

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