Att a meateing of The Inhabetance of Salem Village october:2:1706

Att a meateing of The Inhabetance of Salem Village october:2:1706

Voted That Capt Jonathan Putnam shall Keep our Booke of Record Untell next march Meateing

[130] Wee whose names are Under written being Chosen To seate our meatenhouse have seated it as followeth according to the Instructions Given us The 6th of march 1702 /3:

In the fore seate before the pulpitt Capt John Putnam mr Joseph porter mr Joseph Hutchinson senr Capt Thomas Flint and Leut Benjemin Putnam:

2 seate Jonathan putnam mr Joseph Herick mr Joseph Pope and mr Joseph putnam and Daniell Rea:

the three short seate Henery Kenye senr Zachariah Goodale senr Zachriah White John Darlin:

In The Longe fore seate below mr Israell Porter Thomas Fuller senr Jacob Fuller Benjamin Willkins Thomas Willkins Henery Willkins Ezekell Chevers Henery Brown John flint Joseph Houlton and Joseph Whipple:

In the shorte fore seate John Putnam Junr Mr John Leach John Tarbell Samuell Nurse Capt Thomas Rayment John Buxton

In the fore seate in the froont Gallery James Putnam John Putnam 3d Eleazer putnam James prince Daniell Andrew Henery Houlton James Houlton Joseph Hutchinson Junr Joshua Rea

in the side Galery fore seate John Hutchinson Benj Hutchinson John Trask Thomas fuller Junr John Rea John Walcott John preston and Jesper Sweneton:

in the fore seate next the wall Samll Goodale Zacriah Goodale Junr William Small Edward Bishop John Willkins John Houlton Benjemin fuller Joseph prince: abraham Smith:

in the second side seate below William Upton Samuell Upton Samuell porter william Allen Joseph Sweneton Nickolas Howard and John martin

in the second Long seate below John Giles James Phillips James Kittle Samuell Brabrooke Jonathan fuller John Fuller Isaac Goodale John Dale Isaac Neadham John felton Natheniell felton and John Hadlock:

in the Third Long seate below: Thomas Bayley will Buckley Samll Bishop Joseph Carell Thomas Darlin Joseph Goodale Henery Kenye Samuell Lane John Easty Georg Jacobs Jonathan Howard Joseph flint [131] In The Third shorte seate below: Thomas Putnam Samuell Ray John Wooden Thomas Nickols John Buxton Junr and Thomas Kenye

In the fourth Longe seate below John Allen Benjemin Sweneton Joseph fuller Samuell flint Abraham Goodale John Osburn John seble Benjemin Gould James Ross Hunphry french and William Curtice : Phillip Mackintire

The shorte fore seate below for wemen Capt John Putnams

wife The widow phillips Widow Sweneton John Leach his wife Widow preston John putnam Tartus wife Thomas Willkins his wife

the first Long fore seate Zacriah Goodal senrs wife widow Walcott Capt Thomas Raiments wife Joseph Houltons wife Benjemin willkins his wife John flints wife Eleazer putnams wife Mr Israell portr wife James prince his wife Thomas Fuller senr his wife Jacob fuller his wife and Henery willkins his wife and Henery Brown his wife

In the second short seate below Henery Keney senr his wif widow sheldon Zachriah white wife John Darlins wife John martins wife: and Widow Stimson

In the second Long seate below Samuell Brabrooks wife James phillips his wife John felton his wife Samuell Uptons wife William Uptons wife James Kittles wife John Giles his wife Joseph Swenetons wife Abraham Smiths wife Nickloas Howards wife and Sarah Houlton widow widow Smith and Isaac Neadhams wife

In The short fore seate in the Galery Ezekell Chever his wife Benjemin Hutchinsons wife Edward Bishops wife Joseph Hutchinson Junr his wife

In The first end fore seate in the Galery Henery Houltons wife John Hutchinsons wife Joseph whiples wife John Trasks wife Joshua Reas wife John Reas wife Samuell Leach his wife Thomas Fuller Junr his wife John Walcotts wife John Houlton his wife James Houltons wife

[132] In The fore seate in the Galery next the wale Zacriah Goodale Junr his wife Samuell Goodale his wife Isaac Goodals wife Benjemin fullers wife Joseph prence his wife Jonathan fuller his wife Samuell porter his wife William Allens wife John fullers wife

In the Third short seate below Thomas Baleys wife Samuell Bishops wife Thomas Kenyes wife Joseph Goodals wife William Buckles wife Samuell Lanes wife

In the Third Longe seate phillip mackintyers wife Joseph flints wife Samuell Rays wife William Curtice his wife Homphery frenchs wife Joseph Carells wife John Woodens wife Thomas Nickoles his wife Jonathan Howards wife John Easteys wife Abraham Goodals wife

We have seated our meatenhouse as abovesaid with This pervisoal That our Neighbours that have subscribed Toward building our meatenhouse do pay what mony they have so promised and also Contenue to pay proportionabley to mainetaine the minestry among us so Longe and no Longer they are to Injoy The preveledg of theire seates abovesaid John Putnam sen Joseph HerrickSamuel NursJonathan Putnam

Daniell Andrew186William Allen090John Buxton senr100Samll Brabrook070William Buckle070Thomas Bayley senr070Thomas Bayley Junr010Edward Bishop0120Samuell Bishop060Henery Brown0180Ezekell Chever0180Joseph Carell060David Judd040John Darlin030Thomas Darlin040John Dale080Capt Thomas flint1120Thomas flint Junr0100Thomas fuller Junr0120Thomas fuller senr0110Jacob fuller0140Jonathan fuller080John fuller080Benjemin fuller0120John flint0150Zachriah Goodale senr0170Abraham Goodale070Joseph Goodale090Isaac Goodale0130Benjemin Gould020William Good020Zacriah Goodal Junr0110John Giles080Joseph Hutchinson senr100Richard Hutchinson040Samuell Hutchinson040Samuell Goodale0110Joseph Hutchinson Junr0160Joseph Houlton0160John Houlton070Henery Houlton0140John Hadlock030Joseph Herick140John Hutchinson0130Benjemin Hutchinson0130Nickolas Hayward090Deacon Ingersall0150Henery Kenye senr050Henery Keny Junr056Samll Lane060Samll Nurse senr100John Martin060Isaac Neadham090Widow Osburn0130Samuell Nurse Junr060Leut Benjemin putnam2100Capt John putnam0180Thomas putnam060Joseph putnam1160Eleazer putnam0180Capt Jonathan putnam1100John putnam Tartus 3120James putnam140Widow preston & sons100Joseph Porter senr1130Samuell porter090Decon putnam140Capt Israell porter0120Joseph pope1100James prince0180Joseph prince0120John putnam Junr1100Capt Thomas Rayment0170[134] Daniell Rea senr1140Joshua Rea0150John Rea0150Samuell Ray050Widow Sweneton0150Benjimin Swenton060Jasper Sweneton0130Joseph Sweneton080Abraham Smith0110William Small0110John Seble040John Tarbell140William Upton090Samuell Upton090Widow Walcott090John Walott0120Joseph Whipple0100Benjemin Willkins senr100Henery Willkins0140John Willkins0116Zacriah White060Aquala Willkins040John Easty040John Wooden040Thomas Nickols050John Leach0180Samuell Leach0100Samuell Cutler senr060James Houlton0140John Allen080James Ross070Thomas Kenye070Humphry Case040William Russell senr0140David Richerson070John Buxton Junr040Widow Smith040James Smith040Jonathan Walcott080John Kenye050Benjemin Willkins Junr060John felton060Natheniell felton080William Russell Junr040Joseph Seble040Joshua Sweneton050Thomas Willkins0190Phillip Maskintyre040Jonathan Kenye040James Phillips0160Benjemin Stacey020Joseph Willkins040John flint Junr040Thomas preston040John Gouldg020John Gefford040James Ross Junr040Joseph Buxton040Anthony Buxton040James Kittle040Samuell Trask010Capt William Rayment060Capt William Dodge020Natheniell Rayment016Henery Herick020Joseph Hooker020John Bearye020Daniell Rea Junr040 Joseph HerickAbraham SmithJoshua ReaJohn fullerComitye 1706

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