The: 17th Day of April 1684

The: 17th Day of April 1684

Att A Meeting of the Inhabitants of this village firstly voated That this is a Leagall Meeting

2ly voated that the Inhabitants must Come to the Deacons every quarter of a year to Reckon about their contribution of money: and that the Last saboth of the quarter: they shall put in a paper into the Box of what money they have contributed the quarter before

3ly voated that we will each man pay his proportion of this Rate: each quarter of the year to Mr. Lawson or his ordor : and all other former voats that Have past Consarning Mr. Lawsons salary are Hearby Confeirmed and the specia thereof provided that no man pay more than a quarter part of his part of the forty pounds in Indian corn which forty pounds is to be paid in pay

4ly voated that Mr. Lawson shall have thirty coords of wood for this enseuing year and that each mans proportion of wood shall be set in the marjant of his Rate the wood to be brought in att fouer shillings a cord: and all those that doe not bring in their proportion of wood By the Last of the: 9th month are to pay their proportion In money

5ly voated that we make choice of Thomas putnam senr: Nathaniell putnam Jonathan Walcott: Nathaniell Ingersoll: Tho: Flint: Tho: Haines: Saml Nurs and John putnam junr or the Major part of them: to Renew the bounds of the ministry Land: and the bounds of the acre of Land about the Meeting House some time this month--

6ly voated that the Committee are ordored to pay the quarter Rate to Mr. Burroughs or his ordor Lieut Thomas putnam: sir: Receive this as an ordor from me to you to Receive of the Committe what is due to me from the Inhabitants of Salem Farmes: febreary 16th 1683

George Burroughs

Salem Village Records