Salem Village march 1 1709-10

Salem Village march 1 1709-10

These may certify whom It may concern that I have received my full salary In Salem Village for the year 1708 and also twenty shillings for keeping the ministry houseing in repair I say Received Per me Joseph Green.

Salem Village Janu.19.1710-11.

These may certify whom it may concern that I have received my full salary In Salem Village for the year 1709. and also 20 shill. for keeping the ministry houseing in repair I say Receivd Per me Joseph Green.

Daniel Andrews011000William Alling000800John Alling001000BJohn Buxton senr010400William Buckly000706Samuel Brabrook000700Thomas Bayley000700Edward Bishop001600Wedow Brown001000John Buxton Junr000406Joseph Buxton000600Antoney Buxton000406John Berry000200John Brown 000500Isaac Burten000406CEzekiel Chever001800Joseph Cariel000400Humfery Case000400thomas Cummins Land000400Thomas Cave000200dJohn Darling000900John Deall senr001000Benjamin Dealand000406Captt willam dodg000100EJohn Easty000500FThomas Fuller senr001306Captt Thomas flint011600Thomas fuller Junr001306Thomas Flint Junr001306Jacob Fuller001800Ebenezar Fowls000900Jonathan Fuller000900John Fuller000900Benjamin Fuller001306John Flint001500John Felton000600nathaniel Felton000800Joseph Fuller000500Joseph Flint000400moses Fluant000106Gzackary Goodall senr001806zackary Goodall Junr001000Abraham Goodeale000900Joseph Goodeal000800Isaac Goodale001600John Giles000406John Ganson000506Samuel Goodale001306HJoseph Huchinson and son Robrd000800Richard Huchinson000706Samuel Huchinson000400Ambros Huchinson000700Joseph Huchinson Junr001806Joseph Houlton001400John Hadlock000500John Houlten [145]001000Henery Houlten001509Joseph Herick010000Hohn Herick000100John Huchinson001400Benjemin Huchinson001600Nicholas Howard001100James Houlten001400Henry Herick000200Joseph Hooker000200Benjamin Houlten000706marten Hirrick000406Joathan Howard000400Rufas Herick000406JDavid Judd000606Deacon Ingersoll000800John Jeffords000500KHenery Keney senr000500Henery Keney Junr000400Thomas Keney000800John Keney000506James Kittle000600philip Knight000200LJohn Leech001600Samuel Leech001000mphilap mackingtier000500nSamuel Nurse senr010000Samuel Nurse Junr000900Isaac Needom000900Thomas nickols000800oWedow orsbond001400John orsond000500pL Benjamin Putnam021400Captt John Putnam000500Thomas Putnam000900Eleazer Putnam001700Captt Jonathan putnam011500wedow prestons & sons001700Joseph porter & son011400Samuel porter000900decon Edward Putnam011200Israel porter001300Joseph pope011200James prince001906Joseph prince001400James putnam011200John putnam Junr011206John putnam Terts010400James philaps001800Samuel putnam000700Joseph putnam011300RDaniel Rea senr011300Joshua Rea001406John Rea001506Samuel Rea000400Daniel Rea Junr000500James Ross001000William Rusels senr001606Davied Richinson000600Willam Rusel Junr000500Captt willam Raimens Estat000106nathanll Raiment000100Jonathan Raiment000700Edward Raiment000106Capt Thomas Raiment001300Ebeneazer Russel000400James Smith000700SWedow Swinarton001306Benjamin Swinarton000800Jesper Swinarton001500Joseph Swinarton000900Abraham Smith001206Willam Small001306John Sebley000500Joshua Swinarton000500Walter Smith000406John Smith000406TInsn John Tarbell010400Samuel Trask000100John Trask000600UWillam Uuton001100Samuel Uuton001100WWedow Walcutt001000Jonathan Walcutt000500John walcutt001600Joseph Whipell001500Benjamin Wilckins010000zachary White0007 00Aquilah Wilkins000600John Wooden000400Benjamin Wilkins Junr000600thomas Wilkins001300Joseph Wilkins000600Isaac Wilkins000500Joseph White000406Josiah White000406Henry Wilkins001500John Wilkins001600

James putnamSamuel Nurse senrJohn Wilkenszachriah Goodall JunrDaniel Andrews Clark

[146] Salem Vilage Febewery 23rd 1709/10

The Inhabitans of this Vilage are heareby Requred In Her majesties name to meet to geather at their Uisall palce of meeting on wensday next it being first of march next Insuing the date hereof at ten of the Clock in the fore none to Chouse a Comity for the yeare Insuing and to give them instruction and to mack Choice of sum meet person to keep our Book of Records and also to mack Choice of two or three men to potion to the town of Salem to Releace us from aney further Charge for the Repairing of their meeting house and aney former Arears to their ministors and also to macke Choice of two or three men to desier mr Green to preach monthly Lectur a mungst us yearly and also to Consider and act upon the proposals of mr Green for the building of an addition to the ministry barne by order of the Comety Daniel Andrews Clark

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