At a Generall meeting of the Inhabetance of Salam vilage the 17 Jeneuery 1701

At a Generall meeting of the Inhabetance of Salam vilage the 17 Jeneuery 1701

It was voted by a General Cuncurn It was voted 1: that wee will have pws made in the meeting house

2 voted We will have the seats set In the new meetting hous In the same Form as they stand in the old meetting house

3 voted on the Negitive

Danell Andrew2170Willuam Allen0108John Buxton1148Samuell Brabook0100Thomas Bayley050Willuim Buckly050Edward Beshep sen120Edward Beshep Jun0140Samuell Beshep050Daved Beshep050Henerey Brown1000Ezeckell Chevers0190Nathenell Carell0030Joseph Carell0030John Derlen0080Thomas Derlen0080John Deall0080Cap Thomas Flint2140Thomas Fullers0129Thomas Fuller Jun0129Jacob Fuller1020Benjamin Fuller0120Jonathan Fuller0080John Flint1040zachriah Goodeall1060Abraham Goodeall0060Joseph Goodeall0100Isacc Goodeall0130zachriah Goodeall Ju0130John Giles0120Joseph Hutchsion s1140Joseph Holten sen0080Joseph Holten Ju1020Henerey Holten0169John Holten0120John Hadlock0100Joseph Hereck1140Joseph Hutchsion Ju0138John Hutchinson0170Benjamin Hutchinson0170Widdow Holten0060Necolis Howard0100Decon Nath Ingroshall0170Henery Kiney sen0080Henery Keney Jun0084Samuell Lane0080John Marten0094Samuell Nurs1080Isacc Nedham0094Alexcrander osbron1038 (?)Benjamin putnam310 0Cap John putnarn1100Thomas putnam Estat0100Joseph putnam2100Eliazer putnam0180Jonathen putnam2000John putnam tur1110James putnam1100Walter phileps0099Widdow presen0180samuell porter0120Decn Edward putnam1188Joseph porter3020Iserall porter0190Joseph pope2080James prence1050John putnam Ju1150Joseph prince0148Cap Thomas Ramant1000Joshua Rea & Danell Rea2040Joshua Rea Jun0139John Reay0170Samuell Reay0050Jehosaphat Rogers0040Widdow Swinarton1000Jasper Swinarton0166Joseph Swinorton0106Benj Swinorton0080Samuell Smith0060Abraham Smith0130Willuam Small0166John Tarball1080Willuam upton0120Samuell upton0120Widdow Walcutt012John Walcut [111]0140Joseph Wipell0140Gorge Wiat060Benjamin wilkns1060Thomas Wilkns1060Henerey Wilkns0160John Wilkns0110Samuell Wilkns0030Zecriah White0090John Easty0080John Woodin0050John Fuler0080Soloman Smith0050Thomas Kiney0080Thomas Nicoles0050Joseph Fuller0050John osbron0050John Sible0050Thomas perce0040Benj Goold0040Daved Rechardson0050Samuell Goodeall0130Joseph Kiney0040John Buxton Ju0054 John BoxtonSamuell NursBenjamin WilknsJamess PutnamJohn putnam Jun

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