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[113] We whose names are hearunto subscribed being chosen and Impowred by the Inhabitants of Salem villedge to order how many pues wee shall have in our new meeting House and who Shall have them accordingly wee have mett to geather and have ordered as followeth the minestry pue is att the Lefte hand as you goo in att the north dore six foote 4 inshes in length and six foote wide from the wall as all the rest of the pues be next to the minestry pue is for Benjamen Putnam 6 foots 2 inches the next in the corner and the next to that on the back side the meeting House containing 10 foots and 10 inches in both is for Joseph Hutchinson senr and Ensigne Buxton between that and the pulpitt Stairs 5 foots and 5 inches is for Joseph Herick att the fronte of the meetting House att the Lefte hand of the dore is for mr Andrews and next to that Jonathan putnam and next to him James putnam to the staires to be equally devided in proportion to each: on the Right hand the fronte dore Is for mr Joseph Porter first and next to him Joseph Pope and next to him John Putnam Juner to the stairs to be equally devided in proportion between them on the Right hand att the south dore is first for Joseph putnam and next to him Capt Flint 6 foots 3 inches each the next to the pulpitt on the south side is for Daniell Rea five foots next to him is for Edward Putnam five foots the Reste of the Roome into the corner is for John Tarball and Samuell Nurse farther wee doe order and appoint that the properietye of the above sd pues shall belonge to the wives and children of those above named men to Sitt in and wee have ordered that the fronte of all the pues Shall be mead of the same sort of work

Datted in Salem villedgJohn Putnammay the 10th 1702 - -Daniell AndrewIt iss to be understoodBenjamen Putnamthat mis Green shallEdward Putnamhave the priveledge of yeJonathan Putnamminestrye pue dureingSamuell Nursethe time of her dwelingJoseph Hirickin this places

Salem Village Records