The third Day of June 1685

The third Day of June 1685

At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Salem village firstly It was voated that It is a Leagall Meeting

2ly voated that all the Meeting house shall be seated over again

3ly voated that wee will Chouse seven men for a Committee To seat the Meeting House over againe

4ly voated that the Committee which shall be chosen to seat the Meeting house shall Have Respect: first to agge: 2ly to office: 3ly to Rats

5ly Chosen for a Committee to seat the Meeting House ware Lt Thomas putnam Bray Wilknes Frances Nurs Joseph Hutchinson Joseph Herrick Thomas Flint and Lt John putnam

6ly voated that these or any five of them agreeing shall be a valled act: also we Desier Mr. Lawson to give his advice to Thee committee chosen about seating the Meeting House

Salem Village Records