[136] At a meatening of The Inhabetance of This Village March 24:1706/7

[136] At a meatening of The Inhabetance of This Village March 24:1706/7

Chosen for a Comite for the yeare Insuing are William Russell senr Daniell Rea John putnam Junr Thomas fuller senr and James Phillips:

2 The Instructions for the Comity this yeare Is to be the same Given to the Comite in the yeare 1703/4:

3 Mr Daniell Rea Was Chosen to Keep our Book of Records for the yeare Insueing:

4 Voted That the Comite for this yeare are Chosen and Impowered to Exchang som small part of our ministry Land With Mr Joseph Hutchinson senr

5 Chosen for a Comite to Reglate the seateing of the meaten-house are Decon putnam Leut Benjemin putnam Mr Joseph pope Joseph Houlton and John flint or the majiour part of Them

6: The Instructions they are to go by is age office & Rates

7 Voted that the Undertakers of the meatenhouse shall have That mony that the old meatenhouse was sould for to helpe pay for this meaten-house:

8 Voted that all that have had Grants or may have Grants to build seats in the meatenhouse shall be confined to build within on yeare or else Loose thire grants and Mr John Leach shall have Liberty for one yeare yett to bould his pue granted to him or else Loose his grante:

10 Voted that those men that have that mony in their hands that The old meatenhouse was sould for shall pay it to the Undertaker of the meatenhouse.

Salem Village february 10. 1707

These may certify whom it may concern that I have received of the Inhabitants of Salem Village for keeping the ministry housing in repair the full sum of six pounds. viz: 4 lb in ye year 1703. and 1 lb. in ye year 1704, and 1 lb in ye year 1705. J. Green

Salem Village Records