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This Inhabatants of this vilage are required In her majesty name to meet to geather at ther usall place of of meeting one tuseday next at fouer a Clock in the after noon it being the 18 day of this Instant may to Chuse too men to sarve one the Comeety in the room of Sargent John flint and Sargent Joseph poope: datd the 15 of may 1708 Edward Putnam Joseph holton Benja Putnam Commeety at a Jenarall meeting of the Inhabatance of Salam vilage the 18 of may 1708 ware Chosen to sarve one the Comeety for the year Insewing Edward Bishop & thomas flint jur Edward Putnam Clarke

liSddanell Andrew180william Allin090John Buxston106william buckly070samuell braybrook060Thomas bayly080Edward bishop0150widow brown0100Eyekell Chever0160Joseph Carill060Daved Judg050John darling070John deale0100Capt flint1120Thomas flint Jur0120Thomas fuller sen0120Thomas fuller Jur0120Jacob fuller0140Jonathan fuller090John fuller086benjamen fuller0126John flint0160yacriah goodell sen0170abraham goodell070Joseph goodell080Isaac goodell0140benja gould030william good020yacriah goodell Ju0110John giles080Joseph hutchinson090rechard hutchinson070Samuell hutchinsun070Samuell godell0120Ambrose hutchinsun060Joseph hutchinsun Ju0160Joseph Holton0150John holton090John hadlock070henery holton0130Joseph herich100John hutchinsun0130benja hutchinsun0130necklos howard090deacon Ingarsall0150henery Keney sen050henery Keney Jur050Samuell nurs sen120John martin060Isaac neadam080widdow osburn0120Samuell nurs Ju070liten benj Putnam2100Capt John Putnam060Thomas Putnam070Joseph Putnam1110Eliayer Putnam0150Capt Jonat Putnam1140John Putnam tur160James Putnam1100wedow Preston & suns0160Joseph Porter & sun1120Samuell Porter090Edward Putnam176Isricell Porter0120Joseph poop1100James Prince0180Joseph Prince0120John Putnam Jur180Thomas rament [141]0120donell rea1140Joshu rea0130John rea0140Samuell rea040wedow Swinnaton0130benja Swinnaton060Jesper Swinnaton0130Joseph Swinnaton080Abraham Smeth0110william Smaul0120John Sibly040Johne Tarbell120william upton0100Samuell upton0100wedow walcoot0100John walcoot0130Joseph whippel0140benja wilkins & suns100henery wilkins0140John wilkins0130yoccariah white060aquila wilkins050John esty040John wooden020Thomas necols070John leach0160Samuell leach0100Samuell Cutler060James holton0150John Alen090James roos050Thomas Keney060humfre Case040william rusell sen0140daved rechinsun060John buxston Jur040James Smeth060Jonathan walcoot060John Keney050benja wilkins Jur050John felton070nathaniell felton080william rusell Jur040Joseph Sibly050Joshuah Swinnaton50Thomas wilkins0140philip macintyer040Jonathan Keney40James Philipes156benja Stasey030Joseph Wilkins050John Jefford40Joseph buxston040antoney buxston040James Keetell060Samell Traske010Capt william rement020Capt william doggd020henery herich020natha rament010Joseph hucker020John berey020John porter020John ganson060Jonathen rament060Joseph fuller040Isaac wilkins040Thomas Cummins040philip Knight026Thomas Cave020Samuel putnam040benja holton050John brown040marting herich040rufase herich040Joseph flint040water Smeth040John Smeth40John Traske60Jonathan haward40moses fluant020Edward rament20ebenneser foull40

[142] Joseph holtonbenjamen PutnamEdward bishopThomas flint JurEdward PutnamClarke

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