The: 16th of Feberary: 1680

The: 16th of Feberary: 1680

Att A Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Farmes it was voated that we will Build a House for the Ministry and provid convenient Land For that end: the Dementions of the House are as followeth: 42 foot long twenty foot Broad: thirteen foot stude: fouer chimleis no gable ends also what is expended about the House shall be alowed for By The Inhabitants-

The Ratte Made for the Ministry House and Land amounts to two hundred and twenty one pounds nine shilling and six pence

Received of the Committe the full and just summ of sixty pounds for the [y]ear Begining in eighty in the Month November and ending in the same [mo]nth eighty one: which summ was the Ratte Made by them: and fier [wo]od for the year above mentioned:I say Recd by me George Burroughs

[11] The: 18th of the 9mo 1678:

The Inhabitants of the Farmes are Desiered to meet att their or[dinary] place of Meeting on the 23th of this instant month of November att ten[n] of the clock In the morning for the choice of a New Committe a[nd to] agree about Mr. Bayleys Mentenance this year: and what other th[ings] May fall In for these are grate things of Consarnment: therefore we Desier that all the Inhabitants may be their: By ordor of The Comm[ittee] John Putnam

Att A Meeting of The Farmers: 23 November: 1678:

  1. Their was A Committe Chosen for the year ensewing: viz Lt. Th[ ] Putnam John Buxton Daniell Andrew Allex Osborn William [Sibley]

2ly voated that Mr Bayley shall have forty seven pounds for this years Mentenance: to be Raised as it was Last year upon the Inhabit[ants]

3ly voated that the forty seven pounds shall be paid In the s[ame] spesha as before In provision the Half att the Half years end

Att A publique Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Farmes: 11th september

  1. voated that wee agree to Raise Mr. Bayleys mentenance for this [year] enseueing to fifty five pounds: and that Mr. Bayley shall be [att liberty] at the years end or before If he have a Call to any other pla[ce] [and] 2ly that the inhabitants shall have their Liberty to gitt a min[ister] In this years time and By this means we shall take the Church Advize If we Raise our Ministers Mentenance-

Ratts Made In the year: 1678: and 1679 for the Minister Con[re] to fifty two pounds: six shillings and ten pence

Abated to Her that was the wife of Isaac Goodell 00: 2s = 6paid James Hadlock for sweeping the Meeting Hous 0: 10: 0abated to John Brown for Nurses Farme 0: 4: 0A Bill Committed to Constable Job Swinerton By warrant of 05: 12: 09 Bareing Datt the twenty forth of November 1679

The 9th of December 1679

Att A Meeting of the Farmers: Chosen For A Committe For the year enseueing Joshua Rea Jonathan Walcott Joseph Herrick Thomas Fu[ller]

Thomas putna[m]

2ly Chosen to [supply the] place of Deacons for this yeas [ensuing]

To D[ ] Lt. John putnam Nathaniel [ ] Mr. Bayley If he would take: 5 [ ] [ Ba]yles Answer to the Proposition was [ ] [provi]sion he woul[d a]ccept and [if ] [ ] be paid [ ]

[12] The sixt of April 1680

Att A publique Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Farmes It was voated That we will Chouse men to Reckon with thos to whom the Inhabitants are In Dept: and also to Call the Constables to an account for the severall summes Commited to them By severall Committes thee parson Chosen and Impowered are Lt: John putnam sarjant Thomas Fuller and Joseph Hutchinson: we leave it to there Discrestion to act as they see cause only they shall doe Itt and the Inhabitants to Bare there charges & Make Return wtin a year

Att the same meeting above said: It was voated that we would Have A Minister amongust us to preach the word of God to us and that Nathaniel putnam sarjant Tho: Fuller Bray Wilknes and Joshua Rea are Desiered to Look out for a Minister and to take advice of Mr. Higginson or the Church of Salem about That Matter and bring one heather that we may Hear Him and To approve of Him-

The Ministers Ratte for this year begining October: 1679: and ending October:1680 amounts to sixty six pounds fouer shillings and fouer pence

Abatted out of yt Rate to Mis Davenport a 11 penc mony: 2 shillings provision

A Bill Committed to Constable John Buxton By warrant Containing The sume of six pounds seven shillings and two pence-

Bareing Datt: the Forth of November 1680-

also there are sume of Beverly men as Have not paid ye Ratt ye year William Dodge: 8 pence mony: s: 6d in pay John Giles 8 pence mony: s: 6 pay petter woodbery: 3 penc mony: 7 pence pay

Jonathan Walcott Joseph Herrick Thomas putnam Junr The Committe-

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