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The Inhabitants of this villedg are Required in Hir majestyes name to meet to geather att ther useall place of meeting on Thursday next being the 12th of this Instant novembar att one of the clock in the after noone to consider how how the minestry House shall be Repaired and to agree what shall be alawed to mr Green for what he has disborsted about the minestry House and Barne alsoe to consider what shall be don with those that neglectt or Refuse to pay ther Reate for the meeting House alsoe to Answar the potishon of Joseph Holten Jur to grant him the end of ye hind seat to geather with the Alay on the front of John Putnam Jur pue that he may build a pue ther by order of the comitty Daniell Rea Clr

Salem Village Records