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SWP No. 101: Hannah Post

SWP No. 101.1

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(Examination of Hannah Post, Copy )

[August 25, 1692.]

August the 25'th 1692.

Hannah Post of Boxford Examinaed before the Justices of Salem

when she was a Coming into the Roome the afflicted persons Some of them ware afflicted & s'd She was Coming the Majestrets told her She was acused for hurting of two persons, but She Denyed that She had anything to do w'th the Divel, the Constable told her of Somthing She had owned tending that way the afflicted persons were afflicted by her looking on them.

And were well again by her taking them by the hand yet she denyed that she was a Witch & s'd She never Signed the Divels book nor never was baptized by him She S'd She disowned that Ever She had ben at any of their Mettings, She disowned that she had been struck at -- Namely her aperition -- & that She had been almost Cripled by her aperition -- being Struck w'ch She after wards #[Struck] Owned also She afterwards Confessed that the Divel had apeared to her Several times the first time in the Shape of a Pige but She S'd did not Speak to her but She was much harried in her mind with it & next apeared like a Catt afterward like a bird flying at the window of her Master Chamber wher She was at work & the bird Spoke to her promised her new Cloths if She would Serve & worship him & She did bargain to #[worship] Serve him Soe long as She lived She s'd the Divel has Come to her Somtimes like a black Man & that She was baptized by the Divel at five Mile pond & that her Sister Susanna Post & Sarah & Mary bridges were baptized there when She was, & She owned that She made a Marke w'th her finger in the Divels book & that the Marke was Red She also Showed her finger tep where it had been Cut & S'd She made the Red mark in the Divels book w'th the blood of that She owned She had been at Some of the witch Mettings & that She thought their meight be about 200 at the witch metting at Chandlers Garison at Andivor She also told of [of] the 2 Jaxons & Jno Howard of Rowly that they ware witches & 13 of Ipswich as She heard them Say of Abigal falkner of Andiver now in prison & that Martha Emerson afflicted her there in the #[Rome] Room, & then She wuld goe Shake hands & beg pardon of the afflicted persons & not afflict them Mary Post #[a freind of hers] at the Same time affirmd that She had Seen Church Clark Goody Hutchins of Haverill & Abigale forkner of andiver & Wilford & Goody Eames & her Son Dan'll at a witch Metting at andivor & that She knew them to be witches

( Essex Institute Collection no. 24, 6r. Peabody Essex Museum, Duncan Phillips Library, Rowley, MA.)

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