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SWP No. 084: Rebecca Johnson

SWP No. 84.1

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(Examination of Rebecca Johnson )

[++ September 7, 1692 ]

Septe 1692.

The Examination of Rebecka Johnson , widow. Taken 1692. before Jno Hauthorn Esq'd & other their Majesties Justices.

she denyed what she was acused of, But she acknowledged the turneing of the sieve, in her house by hir daughter, whom she Desyred to try if her brother Moses Haggat was alive or dead. And that if the sieve turned he was dead, and so the sieve did turn, And my Daughter said that Mr Bernards [maid] told her the way The words used were, By Saint Peter & Saint Paul, if Haggat be dead Let this sieve turn round; & so it did.

Elizabeth the wife of George Booth was struck down by the said widow Johnsons lookeing upon her and Martha Sprague s'd she saw the s'd Widow Johnson afflict her. and Rose foster saw the same And further that said Johnsons apparition told them she Intended to spoyle George Booths wifes child.

The s'd widow Johnson upon her examination as was Judged afflicted Sprague & foster into fitts and by her touch recovered them again. Martha Sprague and Rose foster said they saw the s'd Rebecca Johnson afflict Abigail Martin & Alice Booth

Alice Booth saw the same s'd Johnson afflict her sister booth and that she saw her at our house partake of the sacrement.

Rose foster: Alice booth & Martha Sprague said They saw the devill stand before her and also before her daughter.

I underwritten being appoynted by authority to take the above examination in writing Doe testify upon oath taken in court That this is a true coppy of the substance of it to the best of my knowledge 7t Jan'ry 1692/3 *Wm. Murray

The above Reb'a. Johnson was Examined before their Majes'es: Justies of peace in salem
atest *John Higginson Just Peace

Owned before the Grand Jury
7 Jan'y 1692 *Robert: Payne Foreman

( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32 docket no. 2707, p. 30, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives. Boston, MA. )

SWP No. 84.2

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(Indictment of Rebecca Johnson )

[+ January 7, 1692 ]

Essex in the Province of the Massachusets Bay in New England ] Anno RRs. Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c Quarto Anno'qe Domini 1692

The Juriors for our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen doe present that Rebecka Johnson widow, of Andivor In the County of Essex upon the Seaventh day of September In the yeare aforsaid and Divers other Dayes and times as well before as after Certaine Detestable Arts Called witchcraft and Sorceries Wickedly Malisiously and feloniously hath Used practised and Exercised at and in the Towne of Salem in the County of Essex in upon and against one Alice Booth of Salem aforesaid Singlewoman by which Said wicked Acts the Said Alice Booth the day and yeare abovesaid and Divers other Dayes & Times both before & after was & is tortured afflicted Consumed Pined wasted and Tormented Against the peace of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King & Queen their Crowne & Dignity and the Laws in that Case made & Provided.

Martha Sprage alias Tyler
Rose Foster

(Reverse) Ignoramus
*Robert Payne

( Suffolk Court Files, Vol. 32, docket no. 2707 p. 30, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA. )

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