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SWP No. 042: Lydia Dustin Died in Prison, March 10, 1693

(See also: George Burroughs -- Complaint; Susannah Martin -- Mittimus)

SWP No. 42.1

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(Warrant for the apprehension of Lydia Dustin, and Officer's Return )

[May 2, 1692]

To the Constable of reading

You are in theyr Majestyes Names Required to Apprehend and bring before us Lydah Dasting of Reading Widdow in the County of Middlesex on Munday Next being the Second day of the Month of May Next Ensueing the date hereof, about Eleven of the Clock in the forenoone, att the house of Lev't Nath'll Ingersolls in Salem Village, in Order to hir Examination, relateing to high suspition of severall acts of Witchcraft done or Comitted by hir upon the Bodys of Marÿ Walcott , Ann. putnam , Mercÿ Lewis & Abigall. Williames all of Salem Village: whereby great hurt [&] dammage hath bin done to the Bodys of Said persons according to Complaint of Capt Jonathan. Walcott & serg't Thomas putnam in behalfe of theyr Majestys for themselves & severall of theyr Neighbours, and hereof you are nott to fayle att your perrill. date Salem Aprill. 30'th 1692
*John Hathorne
Per us *Jonathan. Corwin { Assis'ts

(Reverse) Pursewence to a warant from yrs honrs baring date the 30 of aprill last
for the aprihending and bringing of the person of Lidea Dasting in obediance ther to I have brought the said Lidea Dasting of Redding to the hous of Lu't Ingersons in Salem viledg
dated in #[May: the:2d] Salem viledg the 2'd day of may 1692
Atest. *John Parker of Redding

(Reverse) L. Dasting

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 98.) )

SWP No. 42.2

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Figure S023v

(Mittimus for Lydia Dustin, Sarah Dustin, Mary Colson, Elizabeth Colson, and Sarah Cole, and Officer's Return )

[December 31, 1692]

Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England

Mid'x Ss: William and Mary by the Grace of God King and Queen of England, Scottland, france and Ireland Defend'rs of the faith &c. to the Sheriffe of the County of Middlesex Greeting Wee Command you that you have the Body of Lidia Dastin of Reading widow Sarah Dastin single-woman Mary Coulson widow Elizabeth Colson single wom'n: all of Reading and Sarah Cole. in the prison of Cambridge under yo'r Custody as tis said & Detained, and under safe and sure Conduct together w'th the Cause of their Caption under what name or names so ever the said Lidia Dastin , Sarah Dastin , Mary Coulson , Elizabeth Coulson and Sarah Cole be conveyed in the same before o'r Justices of o'r Court of Assize and Goal Delivery at Salem in o'r County of Essex in o'r Provice of the Massachusetts Bay in New England upon Tuesday the 3'd Day of Jan'a next in the fourth year o'r Reigne. To Do and receive all and every of those things w'ch the justices of o'r Court shall Consider of in that behalfe. And then and there you have this Writt Witness William Stoughton Esq'e in Boston the 31'st of December in the fourth year of o'r Reigne Annoq'e Dom. 1692

*Jon'a Elatson , Cler.

(Reverse) By Vertue of this Writt I have hear Brought the Bodyes of those Persons within spesefy'd and Delivered hear att Salem to the under Sheriffe
p me Tim Phillips Sheriffe for Mid.

The Return of Habes Corpus from the Sheriffe of Middlesex

(Suffolk County Court Files, Vol. 32, docket 2700, p. 23 )

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