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SWP No. 015: Mary Black

(See also: Sarah Wilds -- Warrant; William Hobbs -- Mittimus; George Jacobs, Sr. -- Mittimus .)

SWP No. 15.1

Figure MA020r

(Examination of Mary Black and Clearing by Proclamation )

[April 22, 1692 ]

The examination of Mary Black (a Negroe) at a Court held at Salem Village 22. Apr. 1692 By the Magistrates of Salem
Mary, you are accused of sundry acts of witchcraft: Tell me be you a Witch?

-- Silent.

How long have you been a witch?

I cannot tell.

But have you been a witch?

I cannot tell you.

Why do you hurt these folks

I hurt no body

Who doth?

I do not know.

[Benj'a Putnam] Her Master saith a man sat down upon the farm with her about a twelve month agoe.

What did the man say to you?

He said nothing.

Doth this Negroe hurt you?

Severall of them said yes.

Why do you hurt them?

I did not hurt them.

Do you prick sticks?

No I pin my Neck cloth

Well take out a pin, & pin it again.

She did so, & severall of the afflicted cryed out they were prick't. Mary Walcott was prick't in the arm till the blood came, Abigail Williams was prick't in the stomach & Mercy Lewis was prick't in the foot.

mr Samuell parris being desired to take in wrighting the Examination of Mary Black a Negro Woman delivered itt as aforesaid
And upon heareing the same and seeing what wee did then see togather with the Charge of the afflicted persons then present Wee Committed s'd Mary black.

Per us *John Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin { Assis'ts

(Reverse) The Examination of (9) Mary Black 22. Apr. 1692
Cleerd by proclamacon
Jan'ry. 11. 1692

Mr Nathaniell Putnam of Salem Village
his negro

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 20. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA. )

Salem Witchcraft Papers