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SWP No. 018: Mary Bridges, Jr.

SWP No. 18.1

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(Examination of Mary Bridges, Jr. )

[August 25, 1692 ]

Mary Bridges: An Andover Maid was examined before Jno Hawthorn Esq'rs & other Their Majest'ies in Salem: August 25 1692

Mary Bridges you are acused here for acting witchcraft upon Martha Sprage & Rose foster how long have you bin in this Snare: she Answered about a month but after ward s'd was since the spring: She s'd a yellow bird appeared to her: out of dores: & bid her serve him: he promised me mony s'd she and fine Cloathes & I promised to serve him: & I was to afflict: Martha Spreag but: he gave me neither money nor fine Clothes: she s'd she thought when he appeared: it was the Devil & she was to serve him two years: then was: to be his body & soul: she owned she had bin babtized by him. Then she was bid to goe take the two afflicted persons by the hand & she did & they were not hurt. --

She s'd the next time she saw any such shape: it was a black bird & he would have her serve him & would have her to touch a paper: which she did with her fingers & it made a red mark: she s'd she did not dip her finger in any thing when she made the mark then she saw next a black man she owned she was at the witch meeting at Chandlers at Andover #[near a fortnight ago] last week & she thought there were near a hundred at it she s'd her shape was there: she s'd she knew not that her mother was a witch but she knew her sister suzanna Post & Sarah were so: the way of her afflicting was by sticking pins into things and Clothes & think of hurting them: & she s'd the Dead tought her this way of afflicting on the black man: she s'd she had afflicted only these 2; that complayned: only: she afflicted one the other night she knew not but that it might be Mary Warin: she thought it might be she: the Devil told her she should never be brought out: she s'd they Drank Sack at the witch meeting at Andover: it stood there in potts & they drawed it out of a barrill: she knew but few there but s'd Good wife foster & Carrier was there: she also s'd she rod to Salem village meeting upon a pole & the black man Carried the pole over the tops of the trees: & there they promised on another to afflict persons

I und'r written being appointed by Authority to take the above examination doe testify upon oath taken in Court: that this is a true copy of the substance of it to the best of my knowledge Jan'y 10'th 1692
*Simon Willard

Mary Bridges was Examined before their Majesties Justices of the peace in Salem
attest *John Higginson Just'e peace

Simon Willard owned the above: written: to be the truth: to the best of his knowledge
before: the grand Inquest Jan'y 10'th 1692
*Robert Payne

( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2729, p. 73, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives. )

SWP No. 18.2

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(Indictment No. 1 of Mary Bridges Jr. for Afflicting Rose foster )

[+ May 10, 1692]

1st Paper

Province of the Massathusets Bay in New England EssexAnno RR's & Reginae Gulielmi &Mariae Angliae & Quinto Annoq'e Do[mbar ] 1693

The Jurors for our Sov'r Lord and Lady the King & Queen presents That Mary Bridges of Andover Junior On or about the Twenty fifth Day of August last in the Yeare 1692 [aforesaid] -- and Divers other Dayes & times as well before as after Certaine Detestable Arts called witchcrafts and Sorceries wickedly Mallishiously and fello niously hath used Practised and Exercised at and in the Towne of Salem in the County of Essex aforesaid Upon and against one Rose foster of Andov'r aforesaid Single Woman by which wicked Arts the said Rose foster -- The Day and year aforesaid and Diverse other Dayes and times as well before as after, was and is Tortured afflicted Tormented Consumed Pined and wasted against the Peace of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen their Crowne and Dignity and ag't the Lawes in that case made & Provided

Wittness her Confession
Martha Sprague Alle Tyler
& Rose foster hir selfe

(Reverse) Billa Verra
Abraham Haseltine
foreman of the Grand Jury
not Guilty

( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2729, p. 72. )

SWP No. 18.3

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(Indictment No. 2 of Mary Bridges, Jr for Covenanting )

[+ May 10, 1692]

2nd Paper

Province of the Massachusetts Bay In New England Essex SsAnno RRs & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c Quinto Annoq'e Dom 1693\s-\

The Jurors for O'r Sov'r Lord & Lady the King & Queen pr'sent That Mary Bridges Junior of Andiver In the County of Essex afors'd In or about the month of July last in the Yeare 1692 afors'd in the Towne of Andiver in the County of Essex aforesaid -- Wickedly Mallisitiously & Felloniously A Covenant with the Devill did make & Signed A pap'r to the Devill & by him was #[by him] Baptized by the Devill By which Wicked Diabollicall Covenant with the Devill made by the Said Mary Bridges Junior shee become A detestable Witch Contrary to the Peace of o'r Sov'r Lord & Lady the King & Queen their Crowne & Dignity & the Laws in that Case made & Provided

Witness hir owne Confession

(Reverse) Billa Verra Abraham Heseltine
foreman of the granjury
not Guilty

( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2729, p. 72, Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, Judicial Archives, Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA.. )

SWP No. 18.4

Figure MA060r

(Recognizance for Mary Bridges, Jr. )

[October 15, 1692 ]

Know All Men By these presents That I John Bridges of Andover in the Cownty of Essex in New England Blacksmith And John Osgood Sen'r of the Same Towne & Cownty afforesaid Husbandman, Are Holden And firmely Bownd Joyntly & Sevirally to there Maj'es King William And Queen Mary of England Scottland France And Ireland King & Queen Defenders of the faith in the full & Juste Sum of five hundrid Pownds Sterling, for the True & Juste payments of w'ch Said Sum of five hundrid pownds to there Maj'es King William And Queen Mary Wee do Bind our Selves Our heires Executtors Adminis- trators & Assignes firmely by these presents, Dated in Salem the fifeteenth day of October in the year of Our Lord One thowsand Six hundrid Ninety and Two And in the fourth Year of theire Maj'es Reigne of King William & Queen Mary King & Queen of England Scottland France & Ireland Defenders of the faith --

The Condition of this Obligation is Such that Whereas the above named Jno Osgood Sen'r & John Bridges Both of the Towne of And- ever in the County of Essex in New England have Taken into theire Care & Custodye the Bodye of Mary Bridges Aged about Twelve yeares who was Comited to theire Maj'es Goale in Salem in the Cownty of Essex in New England for havinge used practised & Comitted Divers Acts of Witchcrafte Upon the Bodyes of Sundry persons who her Selfe hath also Conffessed the same, is that the Abovesaid John Bridges Blacksmith & John Osgood Sen'r , Aforesaid husbandman Shall Well & Truely keep the Aforesaid Mary Bridges & Them Secure Untill they Shall Receive Order from George Corwin Sherriff of the Cownty of Essex to deliver the Aforesaid Mary Bridges Unto William Dowton Now Keeper of theire Maj'es Goale in Salem Or to Any Other Whome the Aforesaid George Corwin Shall Appointe, that then they Shall forthwith deliver the Same Mary Bridges According to his Order -- And if the Above Bownd do perform the Above mentioned Articles, And shall pay Unto George Corwin the Sheriff Afforesaid, the forfieture of Said Bond for there Maj'es Use in Case of Default then this Obligation shall be Void & of None Effect Or Otherwise To Stand in full force & Virtue, In Wittness hereof we have Sett to Our hands & Seals this fifetenth day of October One thowsand Six hundrid Ninety & Two And in the fourth year of theire Maj'es Reigne --
*Jno Turner
*Thomas Gardner Jun'r
* John Bridge Seal
*John Osgood Seal

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, vol. 135, no. 60. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA. )

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