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SWP No. 166: Death Warrants Folder and Census of Prisoners (May - July 1692)

SWP No. 166.1

Figure ecca2135r

(Cover Paper for the Warrant for the Execution of Sarah Good, Rebecca Nurse, Elizabeth How, Susanna Martin & Sarah Wildes )

[July 19, 1692]

Warrant for Execuion of Sarah Good Rebecka Nurse Eliz. How Susanna Martin & Sarah Wildes
on Tuesday 19'th July 1692

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 135. )

SWP No. 166.2

Figure ecca2134r

Figure ecca2134v

(Census of Prisoners and Date of Prison Transfers)

[+ May 23, 1692]

Severall sent to Boston

Goale on acco' of witchcraft

Salem March 1'd first Exam sent boston

. Sarah Osburne

. Sarah Good

. Titiba Indian

. Martha Cory

. Rebecka Nurce Aprill 12'th sent to Boston

. Dorothy Good

. Sarah Cloyce

. Eliz. procter

May. Lydia Dastin . Wido' of Rede 2 d. Susannah Martin of Amesb'r

. Dorcas Hoar of Beverly Wido'

. Sarah Murrell of Bev'r

May. Bethya Carter of Woburn all sent to Boston

8'th Ann Seires

. Sarah Dasting

. George Burrows

Salem May 12'th [Pbar ] mittimas w'ch went May 13'th to Boston

In Salem Prison


Dele' Hobs

Abigail. Hobs

Mary. Warren


Jacobs #[Margret]

Abigail Soames .

Rebecca Jacobs

Sarah Buckley

Mary Witheridge

Sarah procter _____ X

Sent to Boston Wedensday the 18'th May. 1692

. Thomas Farror of lyn

. Eliz Hart

. John Willard of Salem village

. Roger Toothaker of bilrica

Sent to Salem Goale the 25'th May 1692

Sarah pease --

Sarah procter --

Sent to Boston

Mary Easty

Abigaile Soames

Susannah Rootes

Sarah Bassett

munday the 23'd 1692

Mary Derrich

Benjamin procter

Eliz Cary --

(Reverse) Rootis

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 134.)

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