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SWP No. 118: John Sawdy

SWP No. 118.1

Figure MA055r

(Recognizance for John Sawdy by Walter Wright & Francis Faulkner )

[October 6, 1692]

Know all Men By these presents that I Walter Wright weaver of Andover in the Cownty of Essex in New England and I Francis Faukner of the Same Town and Cownty Afforesaid Husbandman Are holden & firmely Bownd Joyntly & Sevirally to theire Majesties King William & Queen Mary of England Scottland france & Ireland King & Queen Defenders of the faith the full & Juste Sum of five hundrid pownds Sterling for the True & Just paymente of w'ch Said Sum of five hundrid pownds to theire Majesties King William & Queen Mary wee do Bind our Selves our Heires Executtors administrators and Assignes -- firmely by these presents Dated in Salem the Sixth day of October in the Year of Our Lord One thowsand Six hundrid Ninety & Two and in the fourth Year of the Reigne of theire Majesties King William and Queen Mary, King & Queen of England Scottland france & Ireland Defenders of the faith --

The Condition of this Obligation is Such that whereas the abovenamed Walter Wright weaver & francis faukner Husbandman of Andover in the Cownty of Essex In New England have Taken into theire Care & Custody the body of John Sawdy Aged about thirteen years who was Comitted to th'r Majesties Goale in Salem In the Cownty of Essex in New England for having Used practised & Committed Divers Acts of witchcraft Upon the bodyes of Sundrye persons who him Self hath also Confessed the Same. is that the Aforesaid walter Wright weaver & Francis faukner of the Towne & Cownty Aforesaid Shall well & Truly keep the Aforesaid John Sawdy & him Secure Untill they shall Receive Order from George Corwin Sherriff of the Cownty of Essex to deliver the Aforesaid John Sawdy Unto William Downton Now keeper of theire Majesties Goale in Salem Or to any Other Whome the Aforesaid George Corwin shall Appoint, And then they shall according to his Order forthwith delliver the Afforesaid John Sawdy , And if the Above bownd do perform the Above mentioned Articles & shall pay Unto George Corwin the Sherriff aforesaid the forfieture of S'd Bond for there Maj'es Use in Case of Default then this Obligation to be of None Effect & Void Or Otherwise to Stand in full force & Virtue, In Wittness Hereof we the Above bownd have Sett to Our hands & Seales, this Sixth of Octob'r in the y'r of Our Lord One thousand Sixhundrid ninety two and in the fourth Year of their Majest's Reigne --
Walter Wright
X his mark
*Francis Fauk'r
*Joshua Conant
*Elizur Keysar
*Joseph Phippen Juner

( Mass. Archives Collections Vol. 135, no. 55. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA. )

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