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SWP No. 083: Elizabeth Johnson, Jr.

SWP No. 83.1

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(Examination of Elizabeth Johnson, Jr., Copy )

[August 11, 1692]

The Examination of Elizabeth Jonson Jun'r Taken Before Dudley Broads [torn] the 11 August 1692. She confesseth as followeth That Goody Carrier brought a book to her & she set her hand to it -- That Goody Carrier baptized her when she Baptized her Daughter Sarah & that Goody Carr'r told her she Should be Saved if she would be a witch -- That She had bin at Salem Village w'th Goody Carr'r & that She had been at the Mock Sacrement theire & Saw Mr Burroughs their She Conffesed She had afflicted Severall persons that the first She afflicted was lawrence Lacey & that She & Tho Carrier aflected Sarah phelps & Mary Walcutt & Ann Puttman , the 9th Instant & that She afflicted them this day as She Came to Twone and that She hath afflicted a Child of Ephrahm Davis the 9 Instant & this day by pinching it and that she afflicted ann Puttnam w'th a Spear That She and goody Carrier afflicted Benja' Abbott -- That Goody Toothaker & 2 of her Children ware w'th her the last night when She afflicted the children -- She also confsesed that one Dan'll Ems of Boxford was w'th. her one the 8th & 9th Instant at night & he afflicted Sarah Phelps , & told her he had been a witch Ever Since he ran away -- and that she had a hand in Afflicting Timo' Swan --

( Essex Institute Collection, no. 24, 5v, James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA.)

SWP No. 83.2

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Figure MA033v

(Examination of Elizabeth Johnson, Jr.)

[August 11, 1692]

Eliz Jonsons: Jun'r Confession: August: the 11th 1692 before: Jno' Hauthorne Esq'r & others their majests Justices
the Majestrates s'd: to her you have alredy confessed: you are a wich how long have you bin soe A: four year: she s'd the devill like a blak man & good wife Carrier perswaded: her to be a witch: & that she was att goodwife Carriers hous when they perswaded her: and they promised her: she should be safe and should not be found: out: they also promised her: a shilling in money: but she s'd she never had it she s'd she did not presently afflict persons #[but] not till she had bin babtized: by the devill which was about 3 years agoe: in goodwife Carriers well: she s'd she scratcht the devills book with her finger when she signed it she s'd the devill never apeared to her from the time she signed till she was babtized: after she was babtized he appeared like two black Catts: she forgott: what the devils s'd to her when she was babtized by him: but he dipt: her head over in water: she owned she had bin at the witcheses meeting: & that she saw Cap't floyd there: and she said goodwife Carrier: & goodwife toothaker & two of Toothakers Children: one of them was Martha Emorson she s'd she saw Capt floyd in the room: when she was examined & that goodwife Toothaker: and daghter: & goodwife Carrier: were there & intended kill her for they threatned to tere her to peices: being asked how old she was: she s'd 22 years: she s'd there were: about six score att the witch meeting att the Villadge that she saw: she s'd the ocasion of her first signing the devils book was: the devill & good wife Carrier threatned to tere in peices if she did not doe it, she s'd she wrought then att s'd Carriers hous: she s'd they had bread & wine at the witch Sacrement att the Villadge & they filled the wine out into Cups to drink she s'd there was a minister att that meeting & he was a short man & she thought his name was Borroughs: she s'd they agreed that time to afflict folk: & to pull downe the kingdom of Christ & to sett up the devils kingdom: & that the first she afflicted was Benja Abbit or Lawrence Lascy: she s'd she had also afflicted phelpses daughter: she s'd she knew also: that Rich'd Carrier: & mary Lascy had afflicted by witchcraft: but she knew it not till a little before they were taken up she s'd: she had aflicted Lawr Lascy by setting on his stumack: & that goodwife Carier & goodwife Lascy Joined w't[h] her in afflicting Lawr Lascy & that Dan'll Emes: & Sarah Carrier Joined w't[h] her to afflict Sarah phelps also toothakers wife Joynd with her: to afflict s'd phelps. she s'd she afflicted s'd phelps: by poppetts she brought out 3 poppits: made of rags or stripes of clothe too of them: the other was made of a birch Rhine: one poppet: had: four peices or stripes of cloth rapt one upon another which she s'd was to afflict four persons with there was thread in the middle und'r the rags Lawr Lascy & ephraim Davises child were told that: she afflicted by pinchinghat popet: a second popet had two such peices of rags rolld up together & 3 pins stuck into it: & she afflicted ben Abitt & James fryes two childred & Abra: fosters childred with that poppet & th[e] other. she afflicted An putnam with a spear: & was asked whether the spear was Iron or woud: she s'd either of them would doe: she was asked: where her fammilier Suckt: her: She showd one of her knuckles of her finger & s'd there was one place & it looked red she s'd she had two places more where they suckt her: & women were ordered to search them out & they found two little red specks that s'd Jonson s'd were all that: there was to be seen: they were playn to be seen when they were newly sucked: one of s'd places was behind her arm R'd Carrier & mary lascy Ju'r. s'd they saw goody Carier lascy & toothaker an the poppits
This is the substance of what I took in Characters from her mouth
Attest *Simon Willard

She owned that she did renounce god & Christ: & her former babtisme: when the devill babtized her she s'd that Martha Toothaker goodwife Carrier goodwife lascy Capt floyd & she had Joyned: together: to hurt Jos Ballards wife

I underwrytten being appointed by auto'e to tak in wryteing the within examina'om Doe testify upon oath taken in court that this is a true coppy of the substance of itt to the best of my knowledge.

5 Jan'ry 1692/3 *Simon Willard

Owned before the Grand Jury
5 January 1692/3 *Robert Payne foreman:

Eliz Johnson was Examined before theire Majes Justices att Salem --
attests *John Hathorne Just p'e

Eliz. Johnson Jun'r.

( Massachusetts Archives Collection, Vol. 135, nos. 33-34. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA. )

Salem Witchcraft Papers