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SWP No. 089: Mercy Lewis

SWP No. 89.1

Figure H38

( Testimony of William Bradford , Rachel Bradford , and William Rayment, Jr. )

(TORN) william Bradford & Rachell his wife
(TORN) hat a bout two years and half since Mercy
(TORN) listed persons did Live with us about
(TORN) quartes of ayear: & we did then Judg that
(TORN) atter of consione of speaking the truth
(TORN) and untruth she would stand stifly to
(TORN) William Rayment Junior testifieth
(TORN) the above s'd Marcy Leuis I Knew her when
(TORN) of my neighbours and I all wayes took her to
(TORN) as the above writen evidences hath decribed

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 29a, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )

Salem Witchcraft Papers