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SWP No. 049: Phillip English

(See also: George Burroughs -- Complaint)

SWP No. 49.1

Figure ecca1169r

(Warrant No. 1 for the Apprehension of Phillip English , Sarah Morey , & Dorcas Hoar, and Officer's Return )

[April 30, 1692 ]

To the Marshall of the County of Essex or his Lawfull Deputy
You are in theire Majest's names hereby required to Apprehend and bring before us phillip English of Salem Merchant, Sarah Murrell of Beverly and Darcas Hoare of Beverly Widdow all in the County of Essex on Munday next being the second day of the Moneth of May next Ensueing the date hereof, aboute Eleven of the Clock in the forenoon at the house of L't Nathaniell Ingersalls in Salem Village in order to theire Examination Relateing to high Suspition of Sundry acts of Witchcraft donne or Committed by them upon the Bodys of Mary Walcott Marcy Lewis Abigail Williams Ann putnam and Elizabeth Hubbert and Susanah Sheldon (viz) upon some or all of them, belonging to Salem village or farmes whereby great hurt & dammage hath benne donne to the Bodys, of s'd persons according to Complaint of Capt Jonathan Walcot and Serjent Thomas putnam, in behalfe of theire Majesties, for themselfes and also for severall of theire Neighbours And hereof you are not to faile at your perill Dated Salem Aprill 30th. 1692
pe'r us *John. Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin { Assist's

May 2d: 1692 I have taken the bodys of the above named Sarah Murrell and Darcas Hoare and brought them unto the house of leut Nathaneill Ingersoll att the time aboves'd
pe'r mee *George Herrick
Marshall of Essex Mr Phillip English not beeing to bee found per G H

(Reverse) P. English S. Murrell Dorcas Hoar

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol 1 no. 169 )

SWP No. 49.2

Figure ecca1170r

Figure ecca1170v

(Warrant No. 2 for the Apprehension of Phillip English, and Officer's Return)

[May 6, 1692]

To the Marshall Generall or his Lawfull Deputie
Whereas Complaint hath bin made by Capt Jonathan Walcott and Thomas putnam of Salem Village upon the 30th of April Last past in behalfe of theire Majesties against phillip English of Salem Merchant for high Suspition of Divers acts of Witchcraft donne or Committed by him upon the Bodys of Ann putnam Marcy Lewis Susannah Sheldon &c of Salem village or farmes and whereas Warrant hath benne for some tyme since granted out for the apprehending of the said phillip English to bring him upon Examination and he not appeareing or found since in the County of Essex

You are therefore in theire Majest's. names hereby required to apprehend the s'd phillip English of Salem Merc't. and him Convey unto Salem in the County of Essex and deliver him into the Custody of the Marshall of s'd County of Essex or some Lawfull Authority there, that he may be Examined Relateing to the aboves'd premises Either by such as shall be appointed thereunto or to the Magestrates in s'd place and hereof you are not to faile Dated Boston May 6t. 1692
per us *John:Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin Assist's

(Reverse) In obedience to the within written warr't. the within menconed phillip English was apprehensioned & committed by the Marshall Generall to the Marshall of Essex on the 30th. of May instant and in pursuance of the s'd. warrant the s'd phillipp English was brought before the within menc'ned Johnathan Corwin Esq'rs the 31st. May 1692 to answer the within accusation by me
p me * Jacob Manning
marsell depay

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 170. )

SWP No. 49.3

Figure NYPL09r

(Indictment No. 1 of Phillip English, for Afflicting Mary Wallcott, Returned Ignoramous)

[+ January 12, 1693 ]

Essex in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England ss.Anno RRs. & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c. Quarto: Anno'qe Domini 1692

The Jurors for o'r Sov'r Lord and Lady the King and Queen doe present that Phillip English of Salem -- In the County of Essex M'rchant upon the Thirty first day of May -- In the year afore- said said and divers other dayes and times as well before as after Certaine Detestable, arts Called Witchcraft and sorceries Wickedly Mallistiously and felloniously hath used practised and Exercised at and in the Towne of Salem in the County of Essex -- aforesaid in upon and against one Mary Wallcott of Salem -- aforesaid Single Woman -- by Said Wicked Acts the Said Mary Wallcott the Day & Year aforesaid and divers other dayes and Times both before and after was and is Tortured afflicted Consumed Pined Wasted & Tormented #[and also for Sundry other Acts of witchcraft by the Said Phillip English Comitted and done before and Since that Time,] against the Peace of o'r Sov'r Lord and Lady the King and Queen theire Crowne and dignity and the laws #[forme of the Stattute] in that Case made and Provided

(Reverse) Indictm't agst Phillip English
for bewitching Mary Wallcott
Robert: Payne

( Thomas Madigan Collection, Manuscript & Archives, New York Public Library. )

SWP No. 49.4

Figure nypl10r

Figure nypl10v

(Indictment No. 2 v. Phillip English for Afflicting Elizabeth Booth )

[+ January 12, 1693 ]

. Essex in the Province of the Massachusett Bay in New Englandnno RRs & Reginae Gulielmi & Mariae Angliae &c Quarto Anno'qe \ Dom 1692 ss

The Jurors for our Sov'r Lord and Lady the King and Queen doe [pbar ]'sent That Phillip English of Salem -- In the County of Essex Merchant, upon the Thirty first day of May

In the Yeare aforesaid and divers other days and times as well before as after Certain detestable Arts called Witchcraft and Sorceries Wickedly Mallitiously and felloniously hath used practised and Exercised At and in the Towne of Salem in the County of Essex Aforesaid in upon and against one Elizabeth Booth of Salem -- aforesaid Single Woman... by which said Wicked Acts the said Eliza: Booth the day & Yeare aforesaid and divers other days and times both before and after was and is Tortured Aflicted Consumed Pined Wasted and Tormented #[and also for Sundry other Acts of Witchcraft by the said Phillip English -- Comitted and done before and Since that time] Against the Peace of our Sov'r Lord and Lady the King and Queen theire Crowne and Dignity and the #[forme of the Stattute] law In that case made and Provided.

(Reverse) Indict: ag'st Phillip English
for bewitching Eliza: Booth
Ignoramus Robert:Payne

( Thomas Madigan Collection, Manuscript & Archives, New York Public Library. )

SWP No. 49.5

Figure nypll1r

Figure nypl11v

( Testimony of William Beale v. Phillip English )

[August 8, 1692]

William Beale of Marbllee Head aged upward of Sixty yeares testifieth & sayeth that last March past was twelve moenth towards the latter end of the moenth then my self beeinge in the house of George Bonfeilds of Marbllee Head whither I repaired that I mighte have helpe to nurse or loake after mee because of A very greate & wracking paine had seized uppon my body & the distemper of the small pox then beeing in my house & my son James at the same time then in my house lying sick then towards the latter end of that moenth Aforesayed in that house as [as] I lay in my bed in the morneinge presently after it was faiere lighte abroade in the roome Where I lay in my bed which was layed low & neire unto the fire towards the norward parte of the roome I beeing broade Awake I then saw up on the south jaame of that Chimny A darke shade w'ch covered the jaam of that chimney aforesayed from the under floore to the upper floore & alsoe a dar[k] ness more then it was beefore in the southerne part of the house & alsoe in the middlee of the darkness in the shade uppon the jaame of the chimny aforesayed I beeheld somethinge of the forme or shape of A man I tooke most notice of his legs because they weere of a very greate stature or bigness I wondred at the sighte & therefore I turned my head as I lay in my bed & cast my eyes towards the south side of the house to see if the sun weer risen or whether there weere any person or anythinge in the house w'ch by the help of the sun mi[ght] cause such A shade or shape but I saw non nor any lighte of the sun in that roome then & then turned my head uppon the pillow where it was before I saw in the darkness aforesayed the plaine shape or els the person of phillip English of Salem the w'ch reports say maried with william hollingworths daughter of Salem ackcordinge to my best judgment knoledg & understandeinge of him as I had formerly knoledg & ackquaintance with him. my conjecktures of him & these passages aforesayed were as followeth what is this mans business heere now I remember not that ever I bought or should with him either more or less or w'ch way came hee hither so soone this morneinge by land or by water or hath hee been at marbllee Head all nighte & then laboring to correct my [torn] not to thinke that hee was a wich; & flyinge to Our omnipotent Jehovah for his blessing & protecktion by secret ejaculations instantly the roome aforesayed became clear & the shape shade or person vanished & this was about the time that newes was brought to mee in the morneinge that my son James was very like to recover of the small pox w'ch I left at home sick: & the same day in the after noone came news that hee was suddenly strooke with A paine on his sidde & did not expeck to live three houres & ackCording to my judgment before three houres weere ended newes came that hee was departed this life at w'ch docktor Jackson w'ch was his docktor & william dagget w'ch was his narse both of marbllH'd told mee that they admired & wondred, & it was not many moenths before that my son George Beale departed this life in the same house & complained of A stoping in his throate after he was Recovered of the small pox hee deceased january the 23 before my son James Beale aforesayede
Marbllee head August the 2Cond
Attetsed to this truth by mee *William Beale

far this deponent testifieth that in the springe of the yeare be- fore the new england forces went for cannady; phillip english aforesayed came into A neighbors house where this deponent then was present & then in A fauneing & flattering manner sayed to mee: you are him w'ch can give mee A good evidence in shewing mee the bounds of my lande; this deponant replyed & sayed I know not of any you have; phillip english replyed yes you doe & if you will Ile pay you well I have a peice of eighte in my pocket for you & named A peice of land by A certaine distance from my house w'ch I think \ Mr. Richard Reede of marblle[head] was then & is now in posses- sion of it; this deponent replyed, doe not tell mee of your peice of eight for if I bee called I must give evidence against you & told him what I must say at w'ch hee seemed to bee moved & told mee that I lyed.with more discourse aboute I so then wee departed; then the next fa[ll] ensuing w'ch was about the time that the forces began to com from Cannady I then haveinge heard that phillip english aforesayed had apprehensioned Mr Reade aforesayed aboute the land aforesayed I then as I thought it my duty in concience adkquinted Mr Reeds son with what I could say concerninge the titllee of the lande aforesayed & withall told him of another witness as namely Thomas farar sen'r of linn; then afterward upon their request I rode to lin & at Lyn Mill there I found Thomas farar Aforesayed & as wee rode alonge lin Commons; then beetwixt the reverende Mr Sheapards house & Mr Leytons then beeinge in discours aboute the titllee of the lande aforesayed my nose gushed out bleedeinge in A most extraordinary manner so that I bllodyed A hankershiff of an Considerablle biggnes & allsoe ran downe uppon my cloaths & uppon my horse mane. I lighted of my hors thinking the jodinge of horse mighte cause it but it kept on Allthough not alltoger so bad till I came to Mr Reades at marbllee head & it hath blead not as I can Remember never since I was a boy; exept about that time nor since that time exept by ackcident that it was hurt
thiese things that are set down last were before the former evidence:
*William Beale
owned the Above written before the Grand jury
upon the Oath hee had taken in Court Jen'y 12th 1692
*Robert: Payne

Beale ag't. Phillip English

( Thomas Madigan Collection, Manuscript & Archives, New York Public Library. )

SWP No. 49.6

Figure NYPL02

(Mercy Lewis v. Phillip English , Mary English , Lydia Dustin , Elizabeth Johnson Jr, & Thomas Farrer )

[January 12, 1693]

The Deposition of Mercy Lewis Aged [illegible] this Deponant Testifieth & saith that Last night Philip English & his Wife came to mee also Goodwife Dassten Eliz Johnson & old pharoh of Linn: s'd Mrs English urged mee to set my hand to a Booke & told mee she would Afflict mee Dreadfully & kill mee if I did not, s'd also if I would but touch the Booke I should bee well, or else I should never, s'd Mrs English s'd she might bring the Book now she thought ever one of them would bee Cleared, & now at this present time before the Grandjury s'd Philip English , his Wife, & old pharoh, come into the Roome or their shape & Stroke mee on the Brest: & almost Choaked mee & s'd they would Strangle mee if they Could
owned before the Graniurt upon the
oa she had taken Jen'y 12th 1692/3
Attests *Robert: Payne

( Salem Selections, Massachusetts Box, Essex Co., Manuscripts & Archives, New York Public Library. )

SWP No. 49.7

Figure ecca1168-1

Figure ecca1153-2

Figure ecca1153-1

Figure ecca1153-3

(Susannah Sheldon v. Phillip English , Sarah Buckley , Mary Witheridge Bridget Bishop, Mary English, Giles Cory, and Martha Cory ) )

[++ May 17 1692 ]

The complaint of Susanna Shelden against phillip english the s'd Susanah Shelden being at meetting on the Sabboth day being the 24 of aprill shee beeing aflicted in a very sad manner she saw phillip english step over his pew and pinshed her and a womand which came from boston wich saith her name is [goodwy] when shee were coming home against william Shaws house their met her phillip english and a black man with a hy crouned hatt on his head and a book in hish hand houlding the book to her and phillip english told her that black man were her god and if shee would touch that boock hee would not pinsh her no more nor no bodie els should
on the next day phillip english .came againe and pinshed her and told her that if shee would not toutch the book hee would kill her --

on the second day at night apered to her two women and a man and brought their books and bid her touct them shee told them shee would not shee did not know wher they lived on of them told her they lived at the villadge and held the book to her again and bid her touch it shee told her shee did not know their nams on of them told her shee was old good man buck lyes wife and the other woman was her daughter mary and bid her touch the book shee told no shee had not told her hou long shee had beene a witch then shee told her shee had been a witch ten years and then shee opened her brest and the black man gav her two litle things like yong cats and she pit them to her brest and suckled them they had no hair on them and had ears like a man
then they ofered her their books and shee refused the[m] then they pinsh her and the man struck her on the head and went away --

on the third day their apeared a woman with out the dore sat lafeing at her and came into the house and hopted upan-doun and profered her the book and told her if shee would touch it shee would not pinsh her shee told her wud.not she did not know her lived told her she lived at Boston shee held her book [to] to her again shee told her shee did not know her name shee told her her name was good wife whits

the same day came goody buckly and her daughter and brought books with them and told her if shee would touch their books they would not pinsh her but shee refused then they pinshed herand went away

then i was siting on the inside of the dore sill and goody buckly came and stoped my mouth and Caried mee awai i know not how an near a mile and told mee that now shee had mee at her Command if i would not set my hand to her booke shee would kil mee then william Shaw beeing plowing in his fathers feild heard a fearfull Cry in a thicket of yong wod went to it and found her in a terribel maner screaming and breacking of sticks and fighting in a violent mann

Susanna Shelden goody buckly and her daughter
phillip english

on the foarth #[aa] day at night Came goody olliver and m'rs english and good man Cor[ ] and a blak man with a hicrouned hatt with books in their hands goody olliver bad mee touch her booke i would not i did not know her name shee told me her name was goody olliver and bid me touch her booke now i bid her tel mee how long shee had been a witch shee told mee shee told mee s[ ] had been a witch above twenti years then their Came a streked snake creeping over her shoulder and crep into her bosom mrs english had a yelo bird in her bosom and good man Core had two tircels hang to his Coat and hee opened his bosom and put his turcls to his brest and gave them suck then good man core and goody olliver kneeled doune beefoar the blak man and went to prayer and then the blak man told mee goody olliver had been a witch twenti years and a #[ ] half then they all set to biteing mee and so went away the next day Came good man Core mrs english in the morning and told mee i should not eat no vittals i took a spoon and put on spoonful in my mouth and good man Core gave mee a blow on the ear and allmoast choaked mee then he laughed at mee and told mee i would eat when he told mee i should not then he Clenched my hands that they Could not bee opened for more then a quarter of an our then Came phillip english and and told mee if i would touch his book hee would not bit mee but i refusid then hee did bite mee and went away

the sixth day at night Came goody olliver and mrs english good man Core and his wife goodwy Core s profered mee a book i refused it and asked her whear she lived she told mee she lived in boston prisson then shee puled out her brest and the blak man gave her a thing like a blake pig it had no haire on it and she put it to her brest and gave it suck and when it had sucked on brest shee put it the other and gave it suck their then shee gave it to the blak man then they went to praier to the blak man then goody olliver told me that shee had kiled foar women two of them wear the fosters wifes and john trasks wife and did not name the other then they did all bitt mee and went away then the next day Cam goody Core Choaked mee and told mee i would not eat when my dame bid mee but now i should eat none

(Reverse) Susanna Sheldon ag't oliver Englis & his wife Core & his wife good bucklie & her daughter & boston woman

(Reverse) Susanah Shelden
goody bucklie and her daughter
Phillip English

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 nos. 153, 154, 168 )

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