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SWP No. 073: Elizabeth Hubbard

[? June 3, 1692]

SWP No. 73.1

Figure ecca2122r

( Deposition of Clement Coldum v. Elizabeth Hubbard )

[? June 3, 1692]

The deposition of Clement Coldum aged 60 years or ther about; saith that on the 29th: of May; 1692; being at Salem Village carrying home Elizabeth Hubbard from the Meeting behind me; she desired me to ride faster, I asked her why; she said the woods were full of Devils, & said ther & there they be, but I could se none; then I put on my horse, & after I had rid a while, she told me I might ride softer, for we had out rid them. I asked her if she was not afraid of the Devil, she answered me no, she could discourse with the Devil as well as with me, & further saith not; this I am ready to testifie on Oath if called thereto, as witness my hand;

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                                    [*Clement Colddom](/tag/coldum_clement.html)

AgainstEliz: Hubbard

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 122. )

SWP No. 73.2

Figure ecca2123r

( Testimony of James Kettle v. Elizabeth Hubbard )

[? June 3, 1692]

the testimony of James Cetel being of age who testifie and saith i being at docter grigses one a sabath day about the last of may in 1692 having some discource with Elizabeth hubberd and I found her to speack severall untruthes in deny ing the sabath day and saying she had not ben to me[e]ting that day but had onely bean up to James houltons this I can testifie to if called: as witnes my hand
*James Ketle

(Reverse) James Cetel

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 123. )

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