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SWP No. 102: Mary Post


SWP No. 102.1

Figure B30

(Warrant for apprehension of Mary Post, & Officer's Return)

[August 2, 1692]

To the Constable of Rowley

Whereas Timothy Swan of Andover, & Mary Walcutt & Ann Puttman of Salem Village have this day appeared before me Dudley Bradstreet of Andover one of their Majesties Justices of the Peace, for the County of Essex; and made complaint in writeing; That Mary Post of Rowley hath Sorely Afflicted them the s'd Swan , Walcut & Putman by witchcraft &c contrary to the peace of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady King William & Queen Mary of England: and to the statutes in that case provided: And also s'd swan haveing given bond, according to Law, of twenty pounds #[of] in currant mony of New England for prosecution of s'd complaint to Effect, before the Worship'l Bartholemew Gedney, John Hathorn , J [Torn] n Corwin & John Higginson Esqs their Majesty[es] Justices of the Peace at S[Torn]m [=Salem]in the County of Essex.
These therefore require you in their Majestyes name to Apprehend and Seise the body of Mary Post afores'd forthwith and her Safely convey to Salem, before the s'd worshipf'll Barthol. Gedney . John Hathorn &c Esq. there to be examined and proceeded with acco[rbar ]d to Law: for which this shall be your Justification. Given under my hand and Seal this 2'd day of August 1692 & in the fourth year of the Reighn of our Sovereign Lord & Lady William and Mary King & Queen of England, Scotland &c.
* Dudley Bradstreet justice of the Peace

by vertue of the above said warrant I have Seized the Body of Mary Post of Rowley & brought her to Salem beffore the abovesaid Bartho Gidny John Hathorne Jona' Corwin &c Esq'rs
Salem 3: August 1692 *Joseph jewett Constable
of Rowley.

( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 204, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. )

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