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SWP No. 060: Nicholas Frost

SWP No. 60.1

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(Complaint of Thomas Dodd v. Nicholas Frost )

[September 5, 1692 ]

Thomas Dod of marble head complaineth to their Majesties Justices of the peace in Salem against Nicholas frost of pascataque for that the Said Nicholas Frost hath Sorely afflicted Johana Dod daughter of the Said Thomas Dod by witchcraft. to her great hurt: & pray that awrit of Aprehention may be Granted against him & the Said Thomas Dod doth herby oblige him selfe to our Sover's William & Mary King & Queen of England &c in the full & whole Sume of one hundred pound Curant mony of New Engld the Condition is that the Said Dod shall procecut the abovesaid complaint against Nicho. Frost to Effect
Dated. 5th. Sept. 1692:
The T D marke of Thomas. Dod.

This Recognizance taken before me
5 Sept 1692 *John Higginson Just Peace

(Reverse) Nicho ffrost Joseph Emins 5-7-92

( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 44, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA.)

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