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SWP No. 041: Ann Dolliver

SWP No. 41.1

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(Warrant for apprehension of Ann Dolliver, and Officer's Return] )

[June 6, 1692]

Essex ss. To the Sheriffe of the County of Essex or his deputie or Constable in Salem or Beverley

You are in theire Majest's names, hereby required to apprehend and forthwith bring before us Ann Dalibar the wife of Wm Dalibar of Glocester who stands Charged this day with haveing Committed sundry acts of Witchcraft on the Bodys of Mary Warren & susannah Shelden to the hurt of theire Bodys in order to her Examination Relateing to the premises faile not Dated Salem June the 6'th 1692
P[er] us *Bartho Gedney
*John. Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin Just'es of the peace

(Reverse) In obediance to this warant I have aprehended the person with in Named and brought her to the plase apoynted in order to her examination as atest
my hand *Peter Osgood
constabell for
the town of Salem

(Reverse) Ann Dalibar

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, no. 110 )

SWP No. 41.2

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Examination of Ann Dolliver,

[June 6, 1692]

Mrs. An Doliver was examined before Majr Gedney: Mr. Hawthorne Mr. Corwin
June 6: 1692

Mrs. Doliver: Did you never act witchcraft: answered: not ^ with intent^ to hurt any body with it but you implicitly confess will: you goe on to confess: but she asked where be my accusers I am not willing to accuse myself She owned she had often been out in the woods all night: once she was in a fainting fitt: & could not get #[hom] home other times she would rather ly in ye woods & goe round them come over with ye ugly fellow that kept ye fferry #[man]: her mother also was not pleased with her & she went from home on yt accot some times: but she had not seen any thing that affrighted her: nor spirits as she knew once a negro affrighted her: & she knew not a spirit from a man in ye night for she had heard yt ye devill some time was in ye shape of a man: & some times she went alone to pray: but susanna Sheldon Mary Wolcot Mary Warin came being cald they fell down: they all afirmd that this was the person yt afflicted them this day: she had other cloaths but it was ye same face: some of them sd there was a little child: yt was just now dead: yt cryed for vengeance: for she had pressed ye breath out of its body: some of them sd she had tryed seven or eight houses: her spectre sd: to afflict but could do it no where else: her spectre then sd: told them she would have kild her father if she could: for: she had more spite at him yn she had: at ye childe: also her spectre sd: yt she knew: where: to find ye devil at any time: if she did goe but to such a ditch: the [letter crossed out] afflicted sd also: yt she had poppits in a secret place that she afflicted with: Mrs. Dolliver was asked whether she had not made poppits of waxe: she sd yes #[she sd] one: after ward she ownd two popits & it was because she thought she was bewitched & she had read in a booke: that told her: that that: was ye way to afflict: them yt had afflicted her: she sd she was not very well upon it but her mother: and her brother Jno were ill #[were ill] upon it when she was afflicted as she thought she sd she was much pinched the afflicted persons: then charged her with afflicting them: & they: every one sd they saw her afflict: ye others: sd Dolliver was asked: what she had bin doing: this day yt these persons were afflicted: she sd nothing but spinning: she had stuck pins in nothing but her cloaths to dress her & she had stuck a pin to fasten her distafe: ye afflicted told her she had bin some times in Tho Putnams window at ye village but she owned it not: also that she had been at goodwife Nurses: but she sd it was but once when she mist her way going round becaus she would not goe over with ye ferry man:

but being bid to shake hands with ye afflicted: she did it & they were not hurt The waxe poppits were made about fourteen year agoe:

she standers by took notice that once sd Dollivers eyes were fixed: ye afflicted sd ye black man was: before her: in ye time of her examination this was

I undr written: being appointed by Authority to take: ye Above written examination doe testify: #[yt this] upon oath taken in Court: yt this is a true copy of ye #[substance] substance of it to ye best of my knowledge.

Simon Willard

(Reverse) Ann Dollivers Examination

( MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 194, Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA.)

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