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SWP No. 036: Elizabeth Colson

(See also: George Jacobs Jr. -- Complaint; Lydia Dustin -- Mittimus )

SWP No. 36.1

Figure ecca2104r

(Warrant No. 1 for the apprehension of Elizabeth Colson, & Officer's Return)

[May 14, 1692 ]

To the Constable of Redding

You are in theÿr Majestyes Names herebÿ Required to Apprehend & bring before us (upon Tuesday next being the Seavententh day of this Instant May by Tenne of the Clock aforenoone att the house of Lef't Nathaniell Ingersolls in Salem Village) the body of Elizabeth Colson of Redding Single woeman, whoe standeth charged in behalfe of theyr Majestys w'th high Suspition of Sundry Acts of Witchcraft done or Committed upon the Bodyes of Mary. Walcott , Mercy Lewis & others in Salem Village, whereby great hurt hath bin done them: And hereof you are nott to faile
Salem dat'd Maÿ 14'th 1692

Per us *John Hathorne
*Jonathan.Corwin { Assis'ts

May 16'th 1692

I have made Diligent Search for the above named Elizabeth Collson and find shee is fled and by the best Information shee is att Boston in order to bee shipt ofe and by way of Escape to be transported to some other Countery whereof I make my Returne

per me *John Parker Constable for Redding

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 no. 104. )

SWP No. 36.2

Figure B37

(Complaint v. George Jacobs, Jr., Daniel Andrew , Rebecca Jacobs, Sarah Buckley , Mary Witheridge , Elizabeth Hart , Thomas Farrer , Elizabeth Colson , and Bethia Carter, Jr. & Warrant No. 2 for the apprehension of Elizabeth Colson)

[May 17, 1692]

To the Marshall Generall or Lawfull dept of Constables in Boston or Eles where.

You are in theire Majests names hereby required to apprehend forthwith; or as soon as may be, Daniell Andrew And George Jacobs both of Salem Village, who Stand charged with high Suspition of Sundry acts of Witchcraft by them donne or Committed on the bodys of Mary Walot Abigail Williams Mary Lewis and Others of Salem Village Lately: where by great hurt & dammage hath been donn them. Contrary to the Laws of theire Majests who being found you are to convey unto Salem & Deliver them unto Authority in order to theire Examination Relating to the Premises and hereof are not to faile
Dated Salem May. 17th 1692
*John Hathorne ]
*Jonathan. Corwin
By order of the Governour and Councill

You are likewise required to apprehend [] Coloson of Reding single woman who we are Informed is gone from Reding to Boston or Charlstowne, And who Also stands Charged w'th Sundry acts of witchcraft by her Committed on the Bodys of Susannah Sheldon and Others of Salem Village. and send her also to Salem in order to her Examination there Relateing to the Premises afores'd --
Salem. 17'th 3 mo 1692 *John Hathorne --
*Jonathan. Corwin --
Per ord'r of the Govern'r & Councill

Complamt beinge made to me underwritten by William Arnold of Readinge that the above intended and mentioned Elizabeth Coleston is fled from the hands of Justice for which The warr't above is directed to aprehend her, and that she is now concealed in Bostine, These are in Their Majesties name to require you to aprehend the said Elizabeth Colstone & carry Before Lawfull Authority to be secured till she can be carried to Salem in order to her tryall these dated in Bostine the 10'th of Sept 1692

To the sherif of the Countie of Suffolk or his Deputie
*John Joyliffe Assist

( MS Ch A, vol. 2, p. 67, Rare Books & Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA.)

SWP No. 36.3

Figure B28

(Testimony of Mary Marshall v. Elizabeth Colson)

[September 10, 1692]

10 Sept'ber 1692

The testemony of Mary Marshall of Moldin aged fortie Six yeare or there abouts testefieth and Sayth about the Eaighth day of Aprill Last past: Elizabeth Coleson of Reding was knocking me downe Strikeing of me deafe and Dumm Tortering my body in most parts; Chokeing of me quite dead for some time Likewise beating of me upon my head and bruseing of itt much; & Ringing of my Neck aboutt that my Chinn was behinde my soulder and Stabing of me in the Shoulders sides and brests, Likewise that this Creture above sd did and hee put my Soulder out of Joynt, and att Often times Comeing to my house and abroad and at the Meeting house in time of publick worship frighted me and Knocked me down

These taken from the #[own] mouth of said mary Marshall before four or five wittnesses by the Sherriff of the County of Middx 7th 9th 92

(MS Ch K 1.40, vol. 2, p. 186. Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA.)

SWP No. 36.4

Figure S065

(Report of William Arnold re. Elisabeth Colson)

[September 10, 1692]

William Arnall of Redding forty years of age or thereabouts testifieth and Saith, that on ye Sabbath day last being the 4th Instant 7br: 92 early in ye morning being Commanded by ye Constable of said Redding J[ohn] Parker to assist him in the Execution of his office pursuant to a [warrant] from Major Wm Johnson Esqr to apprehend Elisabeth Colson &c. under Suspicion of ye Sin of Witchcraft Then they Coming to ye house of Widow Dastin the Constable opening ye out most dore, and finding ye inner doer fast that he Could not gett in, Called me to him and Said he could not gett in and as soon as #[I Came] I Came to him we heard ye back dore open then I ran behind ye house & #[then] then I saw said Elisab: Colson run from ye back dore and gott over into John Dixes feild and I called to her being not far from her, and asked why she ran away for I would Catch her. She said nothing, but run away and #[at last] quickly fell down and got up againe and ran again shaking her hand behinde her as it were strikeing at me, and I ran and seeing I could not gaine ground of her, I sett my dog at her, and he ran round about her, but would not touch her, and runing litle further there was a stone wall and on ye other bushe side of it a few bushes yt tooke my sight from her a little, being but litle behinde her and when I came up to said Bushes I lookt into them, and #[Could] Could see no thing of her, and running on further there was great Cat Came running towards me, and stared up in my face, being but a litle distance from me, near a fence. I Endeauoured to sett my dog up upon her, and ye dog would not minde her but went ye Con- trary way, and on I offering to strike at her wth my stick she seemed to run under ye fence, and so disappeared, and I could get sight of maid nor Cat neither any more. Spending some litle time looking about for her & further Saith not.
William Arnall 7br. 10th: 92

* William Arnoll

(Reverse) Wm Arnolds Evid.

(Suffolk Court Files, vol. 1212, docket 162281, p. 82. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston, MA.)

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