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SWP No. 038: Martha Corey Executed, September 22, 1692

SWP No. 38.1

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(Warrant for the Apprehension of Martha Corey, and Officer's Return )

[ March 19, 1692 ] Salem, March the 19'th 1691/2
There being Complaint this day made before us, By Edward put- nam and Henery Keney Yeoman both of Salem Village, Against Martha Cory the wife of Giles Cory of Salem farmes for suspition of haveing Comitted sundry acts of Witchcraft and thereby donne much hurt and injury unto the Bodys ofAnn Putnam the wife of Thomas Putnam of Salem Village Yeoman And Anna Puttnam the daugtter of s'd Thomas putnam and Marcy Lewis Single woman Liveing in s'd Putnams famyly; also abigail Williams one of mr parris his family and Elizabeth Hubert Doctor Grigs his maid.
You are therefore in theire Majest's names hereby required to apprehend and bring; before us. Martha Cory the wife of Giles Cory abovesaid on Munday next being the 21't day of this Instant month, at the house of Lt Nathaniell Ingersalls of Salem Village aboute twelve of the Clock in the day in order to her Examination Relateing to the premises and hereof you are not to faile
Dated Salem. March. the 19'th. 1691/2
p us *Jonathan. Corwin
*Jonathan. Corwin { Assists
To Geo Herrick Marshall of the County of Essex -- or any Constable in SalemMarch 21'st I have taken Martha Cory and brought to the house of Leut Nath: Engersoll where she is in the Costody of some persons by mee Required and is forth Comeing att demand per: mee.
* Joseph Herrick Constable for Salem

(Reverse) Good. Wild Goody Oliver

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 38. )

SWP No. 38.2

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(Examination of Martha Corey )

[March 21, 1692 ]

21 March 1691/2

Mr Hathorne.

You are now in the hands of Authority tell me now why you hurt these persons
Martha Kory.
I do not.
who doth?
Pray give me leave to goe to prayer
This request was made sundry times
We do not send for you to go to prayer But tell me why you hurt these?
I am an innocent person: I never had to do with
Witchcraft since I was born. I am a Gospel Woman
Do not you see these complain of you
The Lord open the eyes of the Magistrates & Ministers: the Lord show his power to discover the guilty.
Tell us who hurts these children.
I do not know.
If you be guilty of this fact do you think you can hide it.
The Lord knows --
Well tell us w't you know of this matter
Why I am a Gosple-woman, & do you think I can have to do with witchcraft too
How could you tell then that the Child was bid to observe what cloths you wore when some came to speak w'th you.
Interrupted her & bid her not begin with a lye & so Edw'd Putman declared the matter
Mr Hath:
Who told you that
He said the child said
you speak falsly
Then Edw: Putman read again
Mr H.
Why did you ask if the chld told w't cloths you wore
My husband told me the others told
Who told you about the cloaths? Why did you ask that question.
Because I heard the children told w't cloaths the other wore
Goodm: Kory did you tell her
The old man denyed that he told her so.
Did you not say your husband told you so

Who hurtes these children now look upon them.
I cannot help it
Did you not say you would tell the truth why you askt that question: how come you to the knowledge --
I did but ask
You dare thus to lye in all this assembly You are now before Authority. I expect the truth, you promised it, Speak now & tell#[what cloths] who told you what cloths
No body
How came you to know that the children would be examined what cloth you wore
Because I thought the child was wiser, than any body if she knew
Give an answer you said your husband told you
He told me the children said I afflicted them
How do you know w't they came for, answer me this truly,

will you say how you came to know what they came for
I had heard speech that the children said I #[afflicted them] troubled them & I thought that they might come to examine
But how did you know it
I thought they did
Did not you say you would tell the truth, who told you w't they came for
No body
How did you know
I did think so
But you said you knew so
Child: H Q
There is a man whispering in her ear,
What did he say to you.
We must not beleive all that these distracted children say
Cannot #[he tell] you tell what that man whispered
I saw no body
But did not you hear
No, here was Extream agony of all the afflicted
If you expect mercy of God, you must look for it in Gods way by confession
Do you think to find mercy by aggravating your sins
A true thing
Look for it then in Gods way

So I do
Give glory to God & confess then
But I cannot confess
Do not you see how these afflicted do charge you
We must not beleive distracted persons
Who do you improve to hurt them
I improved none
Did not you say our eyes were blinded you would open them
Yes to accuse the innocent
Then Crossly gave in evidence
Why cannot the girl stand before you
I do not know.
What did you mean by that
I saw them fall down
It seems to be an insulting speech as if they could not stand before you.
They cannot stand before others.
But you said they cannot stand before you
Tell me what was that turning upon the Spit by you
You beleive the Children that are distracted I saw no spit
Here are more than two that accuse you for witchcraft
What do you say
I am innocent
Then mr Hathorn read farther of Croslys evidence
What did you mean by that the Devil could not stand before you
She denyed it
3. or 4. Sober witnesses confirm'd it.
What can I do many rise up against me
Why confess.
So I would if I were guilty
Here are sober persons what do you say to them
You are a Gosple woman, will you lye
Abigail cryed out next Sab: is sacrament day, but she shall not come there
I do not care
You charge these children with distraction: it is a note of distraction when persons vary in a minute, but these fix upon you, this is not the manner of dis- traction --
When all are against me w't can I help it
Now tell me the truth will you, why did you say that the Magistrates & Ministers eyes are blinded you would open them
She laught & denyed it.
Now tell us how we shall know
Who doth hurt these if you do not
Can an innocent person be guilty
Do you deny these words
Tell us who hurts these: We came to be a Terror to evil doers
You say you would open our eyes we are blind
If you say I am a Witch
You said you would show us
She denyed it.
Why do you not now show us
I cannot tell: I do not know
What did you strike the maid at Mr Tho: Putmans with
I never struck her in my life
Here are two that see you strike her with an iron rod.
I had no hand in it
Who had
Do you beleive these children are bewitcht
They may for ought I know I have no hand in it.
You say you are no Witch, may be you mean you never Covenanted with the Devil. Did you never deal w'th any familiar
No never
What bird was that the children spoke of
Then Witnesses, spoke
What bird was it.
I know no bird.
It may be: you have engaged you will not confess. but God knows.
So he doth
Do you beleive you shall go unpunished
I have nothing to do w'th withcraft
Why was you not willing your husband should come to the former Session here
But he came for all
Did not you take the Saddle off
I did not know what it was for
Did you not know w't it was for
I did not know that it would be to any benefit
Some body said that she would not have them help to find out witches.
Did you not say you would open our eyes why do you not
I never thought of a Witch
Is it a laughing matter to see these afflicted persons
She denyed it
Severall prove it
Ye are all against me & I cannot help it
Do not you beleive there are Witches in the Countrey
I do not know that there is any
Do not you know that Tituba Confessed it
I did not hear her speak
I find you will own nothing without severall witnesses & yet you will deny for all
It was noted w'n she bit her lip severall of the afflic- ted were bitten
When she was urged upon it that she bit her lip saith she what harm is there in it.
Mr. Noyes .
I beleive it is apparent she practiseth Witchcraft in the congregation there is no need of images
What do you say to all these thing that are apparent
If you will all go hang me how can I help it.
Were you to serve the Devil ten years tell how many
She laught
The Children cryed there was a yellow bird with her
When Mr Hathorn askt her about it she laught
When her hands were at liberty the afflicted persons were pincht
Why do not you tell how the Devil comes in your shape & hurts these; you said you would
How can I know how
Why did you say you would show us
She laught again
What book is that you would have these children write in
What book: were should I have a book I showed them none, nor have none nor brought none.
The afflicted cryed out there was a man whispering in her ears.
What book did you carry to [Mary Walcott](/tag/walcott_mary.html
I carryed none: if the Devil appears in my shape
Then Needham Said that Parker some time agoe thought this woman was a Witch
Who is your God
The God that made me
Who is that God
The God that made me
What is his name
Do you know any other name
God Almighty
Doth he tell you that you pray to that he is God Almighty
Who do I worship but the God that made [me]
How many Gods are there
How many persons
Cannot you say so there is one God in three blessed persons
(then she was troubled)
Do not you see these children & women are rational & sober as their neighbours when your hands are fastened Immediately they were seized with fitts & the standers by
[Partially illegible on account of fold in paper.] said she was squeezing her fingers her hands being eased by them that held them on purpose for triall Quickly after the Marshall said she hath bit her lip & immediately the afflicted were in an uproar
[torn] why you hurt these, or who doth
She denyeth any hand in it
Why did you say if you were a Witch you should have no pardon.
Because I am a Woman

Salem Village March the 21't 1691/2

The Rever't mr Sam'll parris being desired to take in wrighting the Examination of Martha Cory , hath returned it as afores'd Upon hearing the afores'd and seing what wee did then see, togather with the charges of the persons then present Wee Committed Martha Cory the wife of Giles Cory of Salem farmes, unto the Goale in Salem as p[er] mittimus then Given out
*John Hathorne
*Jonathan. Corwin { Assis'ts (Reverse)
Martha Kory Exam

( Essex Institute Collection, no. 1, James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum )

SWP No. 38.3

(Examination of Martha Corey, as Told by Deodat Lawson)

[March 21, 1692]

On Monday the 21st of March, The Magistrates of Salem appointed to come to Examination of Goodw C. And about twelve of the Clock, they went into the Meeting-House, which was Thronged with Spectators: Mr. Noyes began with a very pertinent and pathetic Prayer; and Goodwife C. being called to answer to what was Alledged against her, she desired to go to Prayer, which was much wondred at, in the presence of so many hundred people: The Magistrates told her, they would not admit it; they came not there to hear her Pray, but to Examine her, in what was Alledged against her. The Worshipful Mr. Hathorne, asked her, Why she Afflicted those Children! she said, she did not Afflict them. He asked her, who did then? she said, I do not know; How should I know? The Number of the Afflicted Persons were about that time Ten, viz. Four Married Women, Mrs Pope, Mrs. Putman, Goodw. Bibber, and an Ancient Woman, named Goodall, three Maids, Mary Walcut, Mercy Lewes, at Thomas Putman’s, and a Maid at Dr. Griggs’s, there were three Girls from 9 to 12 Years of Age, each of them, or thereabouts, viz. Elizabeth Parris, Abigail Williams and Ann Putman; these were most of them at G. C’s Examination, and did vehemently accuse her in the Assembly of afflicting them, by Biting, Pinching, Strangling, &c. And that they did in their Fit, see her Likeness coming to them, and bringing a Book to them, she said, she had no Book; they affirmed, she had a Yellow-Bird, that used to suck betwixt her Fingers, and being asked about it, if she had any Familiar Spirit, that attended her, she said, She had no Familiarity with any such thing- She was a Gospel Woman: which Title she called her self by; and the Afflicted Persons told her, ah! She was, A Gospel Witch. Ann Putman did there affirm, that one day when Lieutenant Fuller was at Prayer at her Fathers House, she saw the shape of Goodw. C. and she thought Goodw. N. Praying at the same time to the Devil, she was not sure it was Goodw. N. she thought it was; but very sure she saw the Shape of G. C. The said C. said, they were poor, distracted Children, and no heed to be given to what they said. Mr. Hathorne and Mr. Noyes replyed, it was the judgment of all that were present, they were Bewitched, and only she the Accused Person said, they were Distracted. It was observed several times, that if she did but bite her Under lip in time of Examination the persons afflicted were bitten on their armes and wrists and produced the Marks before the Magistrates, Ministers and others. And being watched for that, if she did but Pinch her Fingers, or Graspe one Hand, hard in another, they were Pinched and produced the Marks before the Magistrates, and Spectators. After that, it was observed, that if she did but lean her Breast, against the Seat, in the Meeting House, (being the Barr at which she stood,) they were afflicted. Particularly Mrs. Pope complained of grievous torment in her Bowels as if they were torn out. She vehemently accused said C. as the instrument, and first threw her Muff at her; but that flying not home, she got off her Shoe, and hit Goodwife C. on the head with it. After these postures were watched, if said C. did but stir her feet, they were afflicted in their Feet, and stamped fearfully. The afflicted persons asked her why she did not go to the company of Witches which were before the Meeting house mustering? Did she not hear the Drum beat? They accused her of having Familiarity with the Devil, in the time of Examination, in the shape of a Black man whispering in her ear; they affirmed, that her Yellow-Bird, sucked betwixt her Fingers in the Assembly; and order being given to see if there were any sign, the Girl that saw it, said, it was too late now; she had removed a Pin, and put it on her head; which was found there sticking upright. They told her, she had Covenanted with the Devil for ten years, six of them were gone, and four more to come. She was required by the Magistrates to answer that Question in the Catechism, How many persons be there in the God-Head? she answered it but oddly, yet was there no great thing to be gathered from it; she denied all that was charged upon her, and said, They could not prove a Witch; she was that Afternoon Committed to Salem-Prison; and after she was in Custody, she did not so appear to them, and afflict them as before.

( Deodat Lawson. A Brief and True Narrative of Some Remarkable Passages Relating to Sundry Persons Afflicted by Witchcraft, at Salem Village (Boston: Benjamin Harris, 1692), pp. 4–6.)

SWP No. 38.4

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Figure ecca1036v

(Mittimus for Martha Corey , Giles Corey , Rebecca Nurse, Dorothy Good, Sarah Cloyce, John Proctor, & Elizabeth Proctor )

[May 25, 1692 ]

To the Keeper of their Majest's Goale in Boston
You are in theire Majest's names hereby required to take into your care and safe Custody the Bodys of Martha Cory the wife of Giles Cory of Salem farmes husbandman Rebecka Nurse the wife of francs Nurce of Salem Village husbandman. Dorothy Good the daugter of Wm Good afores'd husbandman. Sarah Cloyce the wife of peter Cloyce of Salem Village husbandman. John procter of Salem farmes husbandman and Elizabeth the wife of s d John Procter of Salem farmes Husbandman who all and every one of them stand charged in behalfe of theire Majest's for feloniously Committeing Sundry Acts of Witchcraft Lately, at Salem Village, on the bodys of Ann putnam the daugter of Thomas putnam Abigail Williams Eliz. Hubbert & others of Salem Village afores'd whereby great hurt hath beene donne to theire bodys Contrary to the peace of our Sov'r L'd & Lady Wm & Mary of England &c King & Queen, whome you are all well to secure untill thay shall be delivered by due order of Law And hereof you are not to faile
Dated Boston, May 25't 1692.
*John Hathorne
per vs *Jonathan. Corwin Assis'ts

(Reverse) Sarah Good
Rebecca Nurss
Jno Willard
John Proctor
Eliza Proctor
SuSanah Martin

Bridget Bishop all Oliver
Alice Parker
Tittuba Indian

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 36 )

SWP No. 38.5

Figure ecca1037r

Figure ecca1037v

(Indictment No. 1 of Martha Corey, for Afflicting Ellizabeth Hubbard )

[+ August 4, 1692 ]

Province of the Mattathusets Bay in New England Essex ssAnno Regis et Reginae Willm et Mariae nunc: Angliae & .c Quarto

The Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen pr'sents That Martha Corey Wife of Gyles Corey of Salem husbandman the 21: Day of March in the fourth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady William and Mary by the Grace of God of England Scottland France and Ireland King and Queen De- fend'rs of the faith &c and Divers other Dayes and times as well before as After Certaine Detestable Arts called Witchcrafts & sorceries, wickedly and felloniously hath Used, Practised & Exercised. at and within the Township of Salem in the County of Essex afores'd in upon and ag't one Elizabeth Hubbard of Salem singlewoman by which said wicked Arts the said Elizabeth Hubbard the 21. Day of March in the year aboves'd and Divers other Dayes & times as well before as after was and is Tortured afflicted Pined Consumed and Tormented and also for sundry other Acts of Witchcraft by said Martha Corey - Committed and Done before and since that time ag't the Peace of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King and Queen their Crowne and Dignity and ag't the form of the statute in that case made and Provided/
Witnesses El: Hubbard & Jury of womens return
Marcy Lewis
Ann Putnam
Edward Putman
Ezek. Cheever

(Reverse) No 17 Martha Corey
Bila Vera
Martha Corey

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 37. )

SWP No. 38.6

Figure H17r

Figure H17v

(Indictment No. 2 of Martha Corey, for Afflicting Mercy Lewis )

[+ August 4, 1692 ]

Province of the Massacusetts Bay in New England\s-\ Essex ssAnno Regis et Reginae Willm et Mariae nunc. Angliae &c Quarto

The Jurors of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King & Queen pr'sents That Martha Corey wife of Giles Corey of Salem -- husbandman -- the 21 day of March in the fourth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady William & Mary by the Grace of God of England Scottland France and Ireland King & Queen defend'rs of the faith &c and divers other dayes & times, as well before as after. certaine detestable Arts called Witchcrafts & Sorceries. Wickedly and felloniously hath Used Pratised & Exercised at and within the Towneship of Salem in the County of Essex aforesaid in upon & agt one Marcy Lewis of Salem village Singlewoman -- by which said Wicked Arts the said Marcy Lewis the 21 -- day of March in the fourth year above said & divers other days & times as well before as after, was and is Tortured afflicted Pined Consumed wasted & Tormented and also for sundry other Acts of Witchcrafts by said Martha Corey -- Committed & done before & since that time ag't the Peace of our Sovereign Lord and Lady the King and Queen their Crowne and dignity and ag't the form of the Statute in that case made and Provided
Mary Lewis
Eliz. Hubbard
Ann Putman
Edward Putman
Ezek. Cheever

(Reverse) Billa Vera
Martha Corey
Martha Corey

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 14, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )

SWP No. 38.7

Figure ecca1040r

Figure ecca1040v

(Summons for Witnesses v. Mary Esty,Sarah Cloyce , Giles Corey, & Martha Corey , and Officer’s Return)

[September 5, 1692 ]

Wm & Mary by the Grace of God of England Scotland France & Ireland King & Queen defenders of the faith &c.

To the Sheriffe of Essex or deputy or Constable or Constables of Salem, Topsfield & Boxford Greeting

Wee Comand you & Either of you to warn and give Notice unto Jonathan Putman James Darlin Samuel Abbey of Salem Daniel Clarke of Topsfield & Samuel Smith of Boxford Edward Putman Ez: Cheever Jno Parker Sen'r Sam'll Braybrooke Mary Wolcot Ann Putman Sarah Vibber Marcey lewis Eli: Hubbard that they & Every of them be at the Next Court of Oyer & Terminer holden at Salem on Tuesday Next at Twelve of the Clock, or as soon after as may be there to testify the truth to the best of their knowledge on Sev- erall Indictments Exhibited against Mary Easty & Sarah Cloyce Giles Corey & Martha Corey his wife hereof Make Return fail not
dated in Salem : Sep'r 5'th 1692. & in the fourth
year of Our Reign Stephin Sewall Cler

(Reverse) To the Clark of Salem I have a cordenely
to warent Sommand danile clake of topsfield
And Samuel Smith
*Joseph Andrews Constable
of Boxford

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, No. 40 )

SWP No. 38.8

Figure H20r

Figure H20v

( Testimony of Abigail Williams v. Martha Corey )

[May 31, 1692 ]

The testimony of Abigail Williams Witnesseth & saith that divers times in the monthe of March last past particularly 14.20.21. & 23 dayes of that month, & also in the month of April last past at several times, particularly on the. 12. 13. &.14 dayes of that month she the said Abigail was much disquieted by the apparition of Martha Kory , by which apparition she was sometimes haled to & fro. & somtimes pinched, & somtimes tempted to put her hand to the Devils book, & that she hath several times seen her at the Devils sacrament

May 31'st 1692 attested before

(Reverse) Williams ag'st
Martha Kory

( Witchcraft Papers, No. 16b, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )

SWP No. 38.9

Figure ecca1041r

Figure ecca1041v

( Deposition of Ephraim Shelden v. Martha Corey )

[April 10, 1692 ]

The deposition of Ephraim Shelden aged April 10'th 92 20 years who testefieth. and sayth I this deponent being at the house of Lewtent Ingersol when Mercy Lewes was in one of her fits I heard her cry out of Goodwife Cloyce and when she came to herselfe she was asked who she saw. she answered she saw no body they demanded of her whether or noe she did not see. Goodwife Nurse or Goodwife Cloyce or Goodwife Gory . she answered she saw no body./

(Reverse) Eph: Shelden

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 43. )

SWP No. 38.10

Figure ecca1042r

Figure ecca1042v

( Deposition of Samuel Parris , Nathaniel Ingersoll and Thomas Putnam v. Martha Corey )

[+ March 21, 1692 ]

The Deposition ofSam: Parris aged about. 39. years, & Nathan- ael Ingersol aged about fifty & eight yeares & Thomas Putman aged about fourty yeares all of Salem -- testifyeth & saith that severall of the bewitched persons were much afflicted at the examination of Martha Kory, wife to Giles Kory of Salem, #[& particu] before the honoured Magistrates . 21. March. 1961/2 & particularly that #[when] before her hands were held severall of the afflicted were pincht, & when said Martha bit her lip severall of them were bitten: & that some of the afflicted said there was a black man whispering in her ear, namely Mary Walcot and Abigail Williams both of which also were bit & pincht by her as they said

(Reverse) The Depoon of Sam: Parris
&c ag'st Martha Kory

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 42. )

SWP No. 38.11

Figure ecca1043r

Figure ecca1043v

(Testimony of Giles Corey v. Martha Corey )

[March 24, 1692 ]

The evidence of Giles Choree testifieth & saith that Last sattur- day in the Evening. sitting by the fire my wife asked me to go to bed. I told I would go to prayr. & when I went to prayer I could nott utter my desires w'th any sense, not open my mouth to speake My wife did perceive itt & came towards. me & said she was coming to me. After this in alittle space I did according to my measure attend the duty.
Sometime last weake I fetcht an ox well out the woods. about noone, & he laying down in the yard I went to raise him to yoake him butt he could not rise butt dragd his hinder parts as if he had been hiptshott. butt after did rise.
I had a Catt somtimes last weeke strangly taken on the suddain & did make me think she would have died presently. #[butt] my wife bid me knock her in the head. butt I did not. & since she is well.
Another time going to duties I was interrupted for aspace. butt affterward I was helpt according to my poore measure
My wife hath ben wont to sitt up after I went to bed, & I have perceived her to kneel down to the harth. as if she were at prayr, but heard nothing At #[the Examenatio of Sarah] Good & others my wife was willing
March: 24'th 1691/2

(Reverse) Joh[ n] ( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 43. )

SWP No. 38.12

Figure ecca1039r

Figure ecca1039v

( Deposition of Edward Putnam and Ezekiel Cheever v. Martha Corey )

[September 8, 1692]

The deposition of Edward Putnum aged about 36 years and Ezekiel Cheever aged about 37 years testifieth and sayeth that wee being often complained unto by An Putnum that goode Corie did often appear to her and tortor her by pinching and other wayes thought it our duty to goe to her and see what shee would say to this complaint shee being in church covenant with us.
and accordingly upon the 12'th day of march about ten of the clock we appointed to goe about the midle afternoon, and wee desired An Putnam to take good notice of what cloathes goode Corie came in that so we might see whither shee was not mistaken in the person, and accordingly wee went to the house of Thomas Putnum before we went to goode Corie to see what An could say about her cloathes. and shee told us that presently after we had #[spoken] told her that we would goe and talke with goode Corie shee came and blinded her but told her that her name was Corie and that shee should see her no more before it was night because she should not tell us what cloathes shee had on and then shee would come again and pay her off.
then wee went both of us away from the house of Thomas Put- num to the house of Giles Corie where we found go the abovesaid Corie all alone in her house and as soone as we came in. in a smiling manner shee sayeth I know what you are come for you are come to talke with me about being a witch but I am none I cannot helpe peoples talking of me Edward Putnum answered her that it was the afflicted person that did complain of her that was the occasion of our coming to her. she presently replied but does shee tell you what cloathes I have on we made her no answer to this at her first asking where upon shee asked us again with very great eagernes but does she tell you what cloathes I have on at which questions with that eagernes of mind. with which shee did aske made us to thinke of what An Putnum had told us before wee went to her. #[to which] and wee told her no shee did not for shee told us that you came and blinded her and told her that shee should see you no more before it was night that so shee might not tell us what cloathes you had on. shee made but litle answer to this but seemed to smile at it as if shee had showed us a pretty trick
we had a great deal of talke with her about the complaint that was of her and how greatly the name of God and religion and thee church was dishonured by this meanes but shee seemed to be no way conserned for any thing about it but only to stop the mouthes of people that they might not say thus of her shee told us that shee did not thinke that they were accused for shee said if they were wee could not blame the devill for making witches of them for they were idle sloathfull persons and minded nothing that was good. but we had no reason to thinke so of her for shee had made a profession of christ and rejoyced to go and hear the word of god and the like. but we told her it was not her making an out ward profession that would clear her from being a witch for it had often been so in the wourld that witches had crept into the churches: much more dis- course we had with her but shee made her profession a cloake to cover all she furder told us that the devill was come down amongst us in great rage and that God had forsaken the earth. and after much discourse with her being to much here to be related we returned to the house of the above said Thomas Putnum and we found that shee had done as shee said shee would for shee came not to hurt the above said Putnum as #[shee] Ann Putnam told us all this time but after we were gone we understand that shee came again as shee did use to doe before greatly afflicting of her

we doe furder testifie that upon her examination shee accordeng to what was said of her that shee would open thee eyes of the magis- trates and ministers. so shee did for shee made a most clear discovery witchcraft for by biting her lip it was observed that the afflicted # [children] persons were bit when that was discovered then we observed that shee would #[pinch] pinch them by niping her fingers togeather and when that was discovered and her hands held then shee afflict them by working with her foot and when that was discovered then shee pressed upon the seate with her breast and mistress Pope was greatly afflicted by great pressure upon her stomack

Jurat in Curia Sept. 8. 92

(Reverse) Mr Ezekell Cheevers: affimd: to the Jury of inquest: that he saw: Martha wife of Giles Cory examined before the majestrates: at which time he observed that the s'd Cory: some times did: bite her lip: and when she bit her lip: Mercy Lewis and Eliza'th Hubbard and others of the afflicted persons: were bitten: also when s'd Cory: pinched her fingers to gether: then mercy lewis & elizabeth Hubbard and others were pinched: and #[when] according to: the motions of s'd martha Coryes body: so was the afflicted persons: afflicted: this he affirmd to be true according to the best of his observation: Mr Edward Putnam affirmd the same: to the Jury of inquest that: Mr Cheevers doth. Mr Thomas Putnam affirmed the same: all upon oathe all of them

Ed Putman
Eliza. Cheever
Edw'd Putnam &
[Elz.] Cheever Deposition

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 39. )

SWP No. 38.13

Figure ecca1104r

Figure ecca2112r

(Elizabeth Booth v. Martha Corey )

[June 30, 1692]

The testimony of Elesebeth Booth Aged 18 yers or their a bout testifieth that one the 8 of June Geiorg nedom A peired unto me & saide that mattha Goerie Kiled him Because he wold not mend her Lening wheal
Elesebeth Booth.

The testimony of Elesebeth Booth Aged 18 yers or their a bout testifieth that on the 8 day of June Thomas Goold Senyer Apered unto me & told me that #[she] mattha Corie kiled him because he told her she did not doe weel by Goodman parkers Childringe *Elesebeth Booth upon Oath
Elizabeth Booth owned all that is above
written before & unto the Gran inquest
on the 30'th Day of June 1692

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 104, Vol. 2, no 112 )

SWP No. 38.14

Figure H24r

Figure H24v

(Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard v. Martha Corey )

[August 4, 1692]

The Deposistion of Elizabeth Hubburd agged about 17 years who testifieth and saith that about the 15'th march 1691/2 I saw the Apperishtion of Martha Cory who did Immediatly hurt me and urged me to writ in hir book and so she continewed hurting of me by times tell the 21 march being the day of hir Examination: and then in the time of hir Examination she did torment me most dreadfully by biting pinching and almost choaking me the marks of which I shewed to severall and at the same time aso I saw the Apperishtion of Martha Cory greviously afflect mircy lewes: and also severall times sence the Apperishtion of martha Cory has most greviously afflected me and urged me vehemently to writ in hir book also on the day of hir Examination I saw martha Cory or hir Apperance most greviously tormet [mary wolcott](/tag/walcott_mary.html) [mercy lewes](/tag/lewis_mercy.html) [Abigail williams] and ann putnam and I beleve in my heart that martha Cory is a dreadfull wicth and that she hath very often afflected and tormented me and the afformentioned parsons by acts of wicthcraft
Jurat in Curia

Eliz: Hubbard: declared the above written Evidence: to be the truth: before the Jury of inquest upon oath: Aug'st 4: 1692 Aug'st 4: 1692

(Reverse) Eliz Hubbard against Martha Cory

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 19, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )

SWP No. 38.15

Figure H25r

Figure H25v

( Deposition of Edward Putnam v. Martha Corey )

[+ March 21, 1692]

The diposistion of Edward Putnam aged about 38 yeares ho testifieth and saith one the 14 day of march 1692 martha Cory the wife of giles Cory Came to the house of Thomas Putnum: she being desired to Come and see his dauter ann Putnam: ho had Charged martha Cory to her face that she had hurt her by witchcraft but no sonner did martha Cory Come in to the hous of thomas putnam but ann putnam fell in to grevious feets of Choking blinding feat and hands twisted in a most grevious maner and told martha Cory to her face that she did it, and emediately hur tonge was dran out of her: mouth and her teeth fasned upon it in a most grevious maner after ann putnam had libberty to spake she said to martha Cory ther is a yellow burd a sucking betwen your fore finger and midel finger I see it said ann putnam I will Come and see it said she: so you may said martha Cory: but before an Came to her I saw martha Cory put one of her fingers in the place whear ann had said she saw the burd and semed to give a hard rub ann putnam Came and said she see nothing but emediately she was blinded after this ann putnam tryed to go to her and when she Came allmost to her shee fell down blindad and Cold not Come at her any more: ann putnam allso told her she put her hands upon the face of Joseph poopes wife one the Sabath day at meeting and shuing. her how she did it emediately her hands ware fasned to her eyes that they Cold not be pulled from them except they should have ben broaken. off, after this ann put- nam said hear is a speet at the fier with a man apon it and Goodey Cory you be a turnning of it then marcy lues toock a stick and struck at it and then it went away but emediately it apered again and marcy lues ofred to strike it again but ann putnam said do not if you love your self but presently marcy lues Cryed out with a grevious pane in her arme as if one had struck her with a stick upon her arme and ann putnam told goodey Cory she see her strike marcy lues with a Iron rood upon her arme: and marcy lues and ann putnam gru so bad with panes we desired goodey Cory to be gone and marcy lues said she saw shadows like women but Cold not disarn ho they were but presently Cryed out in a very loud maner I onte I onte and being asked what they wold have her do she said they wold have me to right and emediately she was Choked and blinded her neck twicted her teeth and mouth #[shet] shut and gru to such feets as wold put two or three men to it to hold her and was this evening drawn toward the fier by unseen hands as she sat in a Chare and two men hold of it \ yet she and Chare moveed toward the fier tho they labored to the Contrary her feat going formost and I seeing it steped to her feat and lifted with my stringht together with the other two and all littel enuf to prevent her from going in to the fier with her feat formost and this destres held tell about a leven of the Cloack in the night/ I have allso seen maney bitees before and sence apon ouer aflicted parsons that have told me martha Cory did it the prisner now at the bar --
*Edward Putnam
Jurat in Curia
S Sewall Cler

(In left margin, vertically) Edward Putman

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 20, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )

SWP No. 38.16

Figure H28r

Figure H28v

(Deposition of Mercy Lewis v. Martha Corey)

[+= May 31, 1692 ]

The Deposistion of Mircy lewes agged about 19 years who testifieth and saith that I veryly beleve I was bewiched by gooddy Cory on the: 14'th of March 1691/92 for she then came to the house of Thomas putnam to se ann putnam whom I was atending and I was Immediatly taken whill gooddy Cory was their: and Ann putnam said shee se gooddy Cory bewich me: but I could not se parfitly who they ware that hurt me tell the 26'th of march and sence that I have often seen the Aperishtion of goody Cory Come and afflect me by biting pinching and almost choaking me urging me vehemently to writ in hir book allso I was most dreadfully tortored whill martha Cory was in Examination being the 21 march and Mary Walcott and Elizabeth Hubburd said they saw the Apperishtion of Martha Cory tortor me: and I beleve in my heart that martha Cory is a most dreadfull wicth and that she hath very often affleted me a[nd] severall others by hir acts of wicthcraft.

(Reverse) Mircy Lewis against Martha Cory

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 22a, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )

Salem Witchcraft Papers