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SWP No. 171: Officials' Expense Accounts for 1692 (Submitted 1692 - 1694)

SWP No. 171.1

Figure ecca2178r

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(Order of the Superior Court of Judicature )

[December 12, 1692]

At a Superiour Court of Judicature holden at Salem for the County of Essex the 12'th December by Adjournem't from the last Tuesday in November past

Ordered Whereas there hath arisen a great Charge in holding the severall Courts of Oyer and Terminer in the County of Essex in the year 1692 the payment of part of w'ch hath been ordered by the Governour & Councill out of the Publique Treasury and yet there remains due to several persons for their service and disbursem'ts one hundred and thirty pounds in money whose Acco'ts have been Examined and allowed by this Court the discharge of w'ch properly belongs to said County This Court doth therefore Order the Clerk therof to signifie and make known the same unto their Maj'ties Justices of the peace in said County Who are directed at their next Generall Sessions of the peace to make an Assessment on the Inhabitants of said County proportionally for the payment of the said Summ And that by an Order they Cause the same to be paid to the County Trearsury -- and that he pay the said sum to the severall persons unto whom it is due according to the severall Acco'ts herewith Transmitted.

Vera Copia Taken out of the Record of s'd Court.

*Jona' Elatson Cler


(Reverse) Order of Super'ur Court

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 82 )

SWP No. 171.2

Figure ecca2179r

Figure ecca2179v

(Superior Court of Judicature: Statement of Sums Due)

An account of what is due to the severall persons hereafter named from the publique for their respective disbursem'ts and services according to their acco'ts Given in and & Examined by the Superiour Court holden at Salem by Adjournem't December the 12'th 1693


Thomas Beadle Cr by his acco of disbursm'ts£ 58 11 5 Dr to what was p'd by the Sheriff £ 17 17 6 Due to ballance £ 40 13 11 Samuel Beadle Cr by his acco£ 21 0 0 Dr to what p'd by the Sheriff £ 10 0 0 £ 11 0 0

Samuel Shattock Cr as p his accor£ 07 02 00 Dr to whats p'd by the Sheriff £ 03 00 00 £ 04 02 00

John Cook Cr by his acco £ 02 13 00

Mary Gedey Cr by her acco £ 70 00 00

Dr by what's p'd by the Treasury & Sherriffe £ 55 13 00 £ 14 07 00

John Stacy Cr by his acco. of disbursem'ts£ 04 00 0

Mr Thomas Newton for his service£ 02 05 0 [John Putman](/ta

g/putnam_john_jr.html) Constable 30s &

Jonathan Putman 30s for their Extreordinary Service & Travell£ 03 0 0

Joseph Neal for his service and travel£ 02 0 0

Capt. Willard

William Murry &

Thomas Putnam for their service 5 £ each£ 15 0 0

Nathaniel Ingorsoll his acco of disbursem'ts£ 06 0 0

George Herrick for his Great service£ 25 0 0 £130 00 11

Allowed upon the acco above the severall summes there amounting to The Summ of One hundred and thirty pounds Eleven pence

Wm Stoughton

Vera Copia attest *Jona' Elatson Cler.

(Reverse) ord'r from the Superiour Court

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 83 )

SWP No. 171.3

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Figure ecca2129v

( Abraham Perkins' Account)

An Accompt of what was taken upon their Majesties accompt in the yeare 1692

Impr by Geo. Herrick und'r sheriff for him selfe & Priseners viz

Jno Jackson sen'r
Jno Jackson Jun'r

Jno Howard and Guard 00: 08: 00

To Entertainment for the Constables and their Prisoners from Haverill 00: 06: 00

To Entertainement for the Constables & prisoners from Glossester 00: 04: 00

To Haverill Constable another time 00: 02: 00 01: 00: 00

By Abraham Perkins


(Reverse) Ab. Perkins Ipswich witch cases Acco allow'd

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2, Page 60 )

SWP No. 171.4

Figure ecca2131r

Figure ecca2131v

( Nathaniel Ingersoll's Account)

March the 1'st 1691/2

Uppon a meeteing of the Majestrates Mr Jno Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin Esq'rs in an Inquirere after Witchcraft Expences upon the Countrys Acco't for Majestrates Marshalls Constables & Asistance at my Howse Vizt --

£ s. d. Impr To the Majestrate Dinner & Drink ” ” 8 ” To the Marshalls 2 Constables & Assistance [pbar ] Victeills ” ” 3 ” To 43d Cakes 6 qts sider ” ” 2 ” To 2 Constables att 2 qts of 3d Sider on Cake ” ” ” 9 To Rum ” ” ” 6 To Majestrates Horses ” ” ” 6 To the Marshall & Constable Herricks Horses” ” ” 6 the 3'd Instant the Marshall Expences ” ” ” 6 the Marshall & his Horse 1 pott Sider ” ” ” 6 Upon Examination of Goodwife Corry To the Marshall for Horses & Drink” ” ” 6 To the Majestrates Horses; Drink and Entertainment ” ” 4 ” Upon Examination of goodwife Nurse To the Marshalls Horse Standing, Supper Lodging one night and drink for his attendance” ” 3 ” 6 To Constable Herrick [pbar ] Drink & Cake” ” ” 6

To the Majestrates Drink & Entertainemts and Horses w'th the Majestrats Horses ” ” 5 ” Aprill 19: 1692 A further Accont in Examina[cbar ]on of Witchcraft at Salem Villiage before the Worshipfull John Hathorn and Jonathan Corwin Esq'rs & Assist: for the County of Essex. To the Majestrates Intertainemt & Horses ” ” 6 ” The 22 Majestrates Minesters & Attendance diners ” ”16 ” The 22 for 8 Horses Hey & Oates ” ” 4 ” May 2'd for Majestrates Entertainem't ” ” 4 ” for Horses hey & Oates ” ” 2 ” for the Marshall & Assistance Victualls,lb> and Drink ” ” 4 ” ditto 3'd for Drink for the Guard upon the Committed persons one Night ” ” 3 ” 0 ditto 3'd for Victualls & Drink the Next Morning for the Attendance Guard Committed woman to Boston Goal by order of Mittimus

£ s. d. ditto 3 for oates for the Cart Horses & Marshalls Horse: ” ” 1 ” May 9'th for Conveyance Mr Burrows and other Prisoners for Victualls for the Majestrates & tendance & Horses & whole Charge at this Examinacon is” ”16 ” May 18 & 19 dayes for Victuall & Drink for the Guard in watching John Willard Tho. Farrier & others” ”16 ” Carried over to the other side ” 5 ” 4 ” 9

£ s. d. Brought over from the other side ” 5 ” 4 ” 9 To drink for the Majestrates & Victualls for Attendance & Horses Pastering ” ” 5 ” May 20 To Sider for Majestrates & Attendance ” ” 5 ” May 21 To Vitualls & Drink to Majestrates ” ” 2 ” 6 23'd To Majestrats Horses Meat & Attendanc ” ” 3 ”

24 To Attendance Supper & drink next Morning ” ” 5 ” 6 May the 21 1692 Upon the Examination of William Procter and severall others to their Victualls Drink to the Majestrates & their Attendance & Horse meat and victualls & drink to the Attendance of the Prisoners” ” 1 ”10 July 15 1692 Upon an Examination to the Majestrates Constables an others to attend the Prisen'rs Meat Drink & Horse meat ” ”15 ” ” 8 ”10 ” 9

(Reverse) Nath'l Ingersolls

Acco expenses in some of the witch cases

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 60 )

SWP No. 171.5

Figure ecca2130r

Figure ecca2130v

( Thomas Manning's Account)

Thomas Manning his Accumpt of work doun by him for the County of in that yare 1692 £ s d

to mending & pouting one Rachalls fetters 00- 01- 6

to John houard 1 pare of fetters 00- 05- 0

to John Jackson sener 1 pare of fetters00- 05- 0 to John Jackson Juner 1 pear of fetters00- 05- 0 allow'd 00- 16- 6

(Reverse) Tho. Manning Acco

fetters for prisoners

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 60 )

SWP No. 171.6

Figure ecca2133r

Figure ecca2133v

(Account of Isaac Little and John Harris )

The County of Essex is Dr 1692:

for 18 pound of iron that was prest from Isack£ s. d.

Little: Alle for feetters for the prisoners: at a 4d a pound 0- 6- 0

An Account from John Harris : sherifs: deputy of fondry: Charges: at the Corts of ir and terminer: helld at Sallem in the yere 1692 £ s. d. Itt presing a hores: & man: to assist in Carring of Sary: good: from Ipswich goalle to Salem0- 8- 0 Itt for going to Sallem to Carry: a Return: of the Juriars: of ipswich & Rowly: & Attending that siting 0- 4- 6 Itt for a man & horse: that was prest to Remove Sary good & Child from ipswich to Sallem0- 7- 6 Itt for pressing of hores & man to gard me with: the wife: of John willes: & the widow pudeater0- 9- 6 from Ipswich to Salem my sellf: & gard for tending the Court at the second siting 0- 04- 00 Itt: for providing a Jury: to make search upon Cori & his wife: & CLenton #[Estty]: Easty: hore: CLoiss: & mrs bradbury0- 4- 0 Itt: Tending the Court on a Jurnment August the 2'd 1692 from Tuesday till Satterday 04- 0 Itt: for expenc: & Time: to: git 3 paire of feeters made: for the two Jacksons & John howard2- 0 Itt: for #[barring] Removeing of howard & the two: M Jacksons & Joseph: Emmons: from Ipswich Goall to Sallem & thare: Pending the Courts: pLeasur thre dayes till three of Them was sent back: to ipswich Goall: by me: which time: of: thre dayes: for mysellfe: & exspence: for Thos that assisted me in that sarves6- 0

for presing of men & horses for This designe: 0- 02- 0 for bringing of mrs bradbury : from Sallem To: ipswich goall: & a man to assist me:0- 4- 0 2- 18- 6

Att A Gen'll Sessions of the peace holden Ipswich March 27.94

as attest

*John Harris

Deputy Sheref

This account is allowed provided it be not Included in the High Sheriffs acco

attest *St: Sewall Cler

(Reverse) Jno Harris acco Ipswich jailer witch cases.

allow'd Conditio[nbar ][abar ]ly

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 61 )

SWP No. 171.7

Figure ecca2132r

Figure ecca2132v

( Joseph Fuller's Account)

Joseph fuller as cunstablle for the yere 1692

for seasing of Rachall CLenton & bring of har before: Justis According to warrant£ s. d.

for tending the Court of oyer & termener 0- 1- 0 at Salem #[two: weeks] tenn: days 1- 0- 0 Cunstaball Choat

for seaseing of good penne & carreing of har to Sallem & bring of har back to Ipswich Goall from sallem by vertu of a mittemas: with one man to assist me0- 8- 9

for tending at the Court of Oyer & turmener two weeks 1- 0- 0 1692

James fuller & nathanell fuller thre dayes: a pese: at Salem being summoned

to give evedenc Against Rachell CLenton at the Court of Oyer & Turminer 0- 12- 0

(Reverse) Joseph Fuller bill in witch cases Acc'ots Not Allow'd

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 61 )

SWP No. 171.8

Figure MA024r

( John Arnold's Account)

Boston The Countrey is ...... Dr. 1691/2 March 9. To Chaines for Sarah Good & Sarah Osbourn£ -“ 14” - 14. To Keeping Lewis Hutchings 8 weeks 2s6d£ 1“ -” - 1692 Apr. 5. To 2 blanketts for Sarah Goods Child per order £ -“ 10” - 29.

To 500 footboards to mend the Goal & prison house £ 1“ 10” -

To 4 locks for the Goal £ -“ 8” - To 2C Nails £ - “ 3” -

To repairing the prison house £ 2“ 8” - May 10'th To 3 large Locks for the Goal £ -“ 9” 9 23.

To Shackles for 10 prisoners £ 2“ -” - 29. To 1 pr of Irons for Mary Cox£ -“ 7” -

To Sarah Good of Salem villedge from the 7'th of March to ditto 1'st June 12 weeks at 2s -- 6d£ 1“ 10” -

To Rebecca Nurse of same place from the 12'th April 7 weeks and one day at 2s -- 6d£ -“ 17” 10

To George Jacob 6 weeks & 4 dayes from the 12'th May£ -“ 16” 4

To John Procter & Elizabeth his Wife from the 12'th April. to the 1'st of June at 5s £ 1“ 15” -

To Susanna Martin of Amsbury from the 2'd May to the 1'st of June 4 weeks & 2 days
£10“ 10” 8

To Bridget Bishop alias Oliver of Salem from the 12'th of May 20 days at 2s“6d week£ “7” -

To Alice Parker of Salem from the 12'th of May to the 1'st of June 20 days at 2s 6d£ -“ 7” -

To George Burroughs 7 weeks from 9'th of May£ - 17“ 6

To Sam'l Passanauton an Indian 8 weeks & 4 days from the 28'th of Aprill at 2s 6d week£ 1“ 1” -5

To Roger Toothaker of Salem villidge 5 week & 5 days from 18'th May£ 1“ 8” -

To John Willard of Salem villidge at 2s 6d p week

To the Keeping of Sarah Osbourn from the 7'th of March to the 10'th of May when she died being the 9 weeks & 2 days £ 1“ 3” -

To yearly Salery £20“ -” - To mending the Prison £ -“ 13” - 40“ 16” 6

*John: Arnald ( Mass. Archives. Vol 135 No. 24 )

SWP No. 171.9

Figure H50r

Figure H50v

(John Arnold Account for Restitution)

[In pencil, upper left corner: 1693?] [In pencil, upper right corner, Misc. Bd.]

to the [anour?] court now sitting in Salem the prison keepers acount consarning the wichcraft for diet Imprime [several words crossed out] [Next entire line crossed out, including figures at end of line]

ye 3d for Sa Sarah osborn on month£00:07:00for Sarah good 6 weeks-- and for hir child on month-£01:01:03for gils cory and his wife 3 wek£00:ii:03will hobbs-------3w£00:07:06Deleverance hobs 12 month£04:10:00Abigal hobs 12 month£04:10:00[entire line crossed out]for Elesabeth scargen 6 monthe£03:00:00and for her child 4 month£01:00:00for alles parker01:00:00for mary toheker 37 w dieat£03:07:00[line of text and figures crossed out][line of text and figures crossed out]henry salter 4 mounts£02:00:00Rachel hatfel 10 weeks£01:05:00the to jacksons 4 weeks each£01:00:00John hollen 4 weeks£00:10:00£24:09:00[earlier figures crossed out]

may it pleas this onored court this acount is only for dieat your honors may Remember that ther was 5 pound ayear [seaclead?] on the the prison keeper of Salem of which I never Receaved but twenty 3s not this nin year

I desier the onored Court would be plesed to conseder me with Respect to good man [Woleng?] ther Remaines due to me for him which h[ave] nothing

of his on to pay--03:00:00as above24:00 [document torn off]due27 [document torn off]

(Reverse) D[ountons] [unclear] Not allowd [In pencil: 1694] [five words unclear, one may be: according]

Salem Witchcraft Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society

SWP No. 171.10

Figure ecca2186r

( Thomas Fossey's Account)

The Acco't of Thomas fossey Prison Keeper of Ipswich

for Dyeting of Severall prisoners Comited by order of Authority & afterwards discharged by the same as follows £ s. d. it Dyetting of Rachell Clinton from the 11'th of Aprill until the 12'th of January follow: in the year 1692: 4: 10: 3 it ditto of the two Jacksons from the 27'th of August untill the 12'th of Janu'ry in the same year 4£10 4: 10: 0 it Ditto of John Howard from the 27'th of August until the 12'th of Decem'er in the Same year2: 0: 0

1693 it Ditto of Tho: Dyer from the 27'th of Aprill until the 8'th of Jully1: 03: 0 #[it Tho: Battis his fees0: 05: -] allow'd 12.3: 3d Total is 12: 03: 3 18 9 s d 4-10-0 4- 2 4- 3 4- 2 4- 3 16- 36 2 18

(Reverse) Tho Fosseys

acco allow'd witch cases

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 88 )

SWP No. 171.11

Figure ecca2187r

Figure ecca2187v

( Samuel Graves' Account)

A note of what. Samell Graves hath bin out a bout the witches Imp: for Keeping Rachel Clinton in Ipswhich£ s. d. prison two weekes and fees 0. 10. 0 2 Sarah Good with her Child 3 dayes0- 6- 0 3 Six dayes his wife tended said dayes at Salem as wittnes 1 day to search them 0- 12- 0 Samuell Graves was at the Charge for a hors. and man to bring his wife whome from Salem then Ebin harris to: Sallem to: carry doun one woman:3- 0 mr graive: carred goodwife Graves to sallem one day3- 0

the widdow bellsher 5 dayes at sallem to give evdenc10- 0 mrs. dimand 5 dayes att sallem To give: Evedenc & har hosband to Carry: har4- 0 a man to carry & fech widdow bellsher4- 0


Chargis for the Court of oyr & turmener

Samuel Graves bill in witch cases.

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 89 )

SWP No. 171.12

Figure ecca2188r

Figure ecca2188v

( William Baker's Account)

June th 28 92

Constabel Willam Bakers a Count sarveing at the Cort at salem my salf and my Hors a weeak Riding from salem Betwixt Wenham and Ipswich to fech Sarah Davis and Expencis of mony one shilling Riding from salam to salabery as a marshalls deambity to fech mistris Bradbery June the 29 92 and mony Expencis 2 shillings

July the 4'92 for warning a jury of s d #[of] wiming and Expencenc of money 0 4

August the 2:92 Goode Green Braking out of Prison and Expencis of finding

Hur is one shilling august the 23 1692 Goode Green Braking out of Prison and Expense is of tyme finding hur was one night and one Hafe day

August the 27 1692 I Imprest Simon Adams and His Hors

to Cary John Jackson sener to salem and John osborn and His Hors

to Cary John Jackson juner to salem and thomas Norton and The widow Davis Hors

to Cary John Howard to Salem

Alaxainder Lovell Impresed

to Cary old Cory

to salem and John Dennison

Hors Sarving the 4 Cort at Salem my salf and my Hors one week









(Reverse) Acco'ts of the County William Baker Ipswich witch cases

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 90 )

SWP No. 171.13

( Israel Cheever's Account)

An Acc't of the time that the psons Comitted for Witchcraft unto the Custody of Israel Cheever Keeper of the Prison in Cambridge Conti[nbar ]ed in said Prison

Lydia Dastin & Sarah Dastin were Comitted June 18'th 1692 & by the Sheriffe were taken out the 3'd of Janu'ry: following w'ch is 28 weeks & 3 days & amounts to07 02 00 Mary Colson Widow was Co[mbar ]itted Sept'r 5'th 1692 & was by the Sheriffe taken out said 3'd of Janu'ry is 37 weeks & one day02 02 10 Elizabeth Colson Co[mbar ]itted Sept'r 14: 1692 was by the Sheriffe taken out 3'd of Janu'ry w'ch is 35 weeks & six days amounting to01 19 06 Sarah Cole Comitted Octob'r 3'd 1692 was by the Sheriffe taken out said 3'd of Janu'ry w'ch is 12 weeks and 6 days amounting to01 12 00 Lydia Dastin , Sarah Dastin Elizabeth Colson ,

Sarah Cole Mary Toothaker & Mary Taylor were by order of the Sheriffe Co[mbar ]itted Janu'ry 28'th 1692/3 & taken out by said Sheriffe on the 31'st of sd Janu'ry w'ch is 3 days w'ch amounts to 00 06 04 Lydia Dastin, Sarah Dastin Elizabeth Colson & Sarah Cole were by the Sheriffes warrant (after the tryall of said [pbar ]sons) Comitted febru'ry 11'th 1692/3 -- Elizabeth Colson went out of [Pbar ]rison the 2'd of March following: Lydia Dastin dyed the 10'th of said March: Sarah Cole & Sarah Dastin went out of Prison the 23'd of said March -- the time of said persons Continuance in Prison from said Co[mbar ]ittm't to their going out is as follows vizt

Sarah Cole & Sarah Dastin 5 weeks & 5 days w'ch

amounts to 01 08 04 Lydia Dastin 4 weeks amounts to00 10 00 Elizabeth Colson two weeks & five days amounts to00 06 06 15 07 08

( Middlesex County Archives, Cambridge )

SWP No. 171.14

Figure eia15r

Figure eia15v

( William Dounton's Account)

Salem The County of Essex is Dr to William Dounton Goale 1692 Keeper in Salem Decemb'r The.. 1693

To: Sarah Osburne i mo' dyet in prison Except 3s Rec'd in part0: 07. 00 To: Sarah Good 6 weekes and for her child Dorit' Good 1 mo' Dyet1: 01: 03 To: Giles Cory & his wifes dyet 3 weeks remaines due there of: 11: 03 To William Hobs 3 w. dyet: 07: 06 To. Delive' Hobs 12 moneths dyet4: 10: 00 To: Abigail Hobs 12 mo' dyet4: 10. 00 To: Eliz Scargen 6 mo' Dyet and for her child 4 mo Dyet4: 00: 00 To: Alce parker 8 weekes dyet1: 00: 00 To. Mary Toothaker 37 w dyet3: 07. 00 To: Hen'y Salter 16 w:dyet2: 00: 00

To: Rachel Hasell 10 w dyet1: 05: 00 To: the two Jacksons 4 weeks dyet Each 1: 00: 00 To. Jno Hollen 4 w. dyet0. 10. 00 To: Ewd Wooland3. 00: 00 27: 09: 00

To: 9 yeares Salery at 5£ P Anum

*William agreed on & Setled. out of w'ch I

Dounton only Rec'd 23s Rest due 43: 17s 00

Allowed Wm Dounton for

Salery since the Revolution

or S'r Edm'd Andros Gov'r w'th

w't might be due before his

S'd Governm't in full 12: 11: 00 Alowed 40: 00: 00

( Dr. Frank A. Gardner's Papers )

SWP No. 171.15

Figure m02

(The Account of The Sheriff of Middlesex County)

Midd'x SS At the Court of Sessions held at 1698 Charlestown by the Speciall Appointment Aprill 22'd of his Maj'ties Justices for 1692/3 s'd Countey: Jan 3'd The sheriffs allo'ts of Charges Expended upon prison'rs accused for Witch Craft and tryed at Charlestowne And for Diat to Severall.

£ s d By Carrying Elizab: Colson to Salem1 00 00 To Carrying 6 prison'rs to Salem 4 05 00 To Expenses on Prison'rs from Salem to Charlestowne 2 00 00 To money for wood 0 09 00 To the [pbar ]sons Tryalls 0 15 00 To 7 days persuit by Hew and Cry 1 00 00 To the Prison Keeper fo diat 15 00 00

To Henry Somers for diat00 19 00 To the Cryers fees in the Tryalls 8s To assisting in persuit of the Hew and Cryes 10s 00 18 00 27 02 00

Adjusted and allowed by the Justices Sitting in Court

Att's *Sam'll Phipps Cler [pbar ]a

( Middlesex County Archives, Cambridge )

SWP No. 171.16

Figure ecca2180r

Figure ecca2180v

( Robert Lord's Account)

County Essix Dito July 92:

Ittm for making fouer payer of Iron fetters and two payer of hand Cuffs and puting them on to the Legs and hands of Goodwife Cloys estes, Bromidg and Green all at one pound a loven shillings money

£ s d 28'th 1 11 0 March 28'th 94 A making a letter B att 0 1 0 £ 1 12 0

This work was done by order from athority Requiring me thereunto


Rob'tt Lord Smith.

deduct pd by the Marshall 6s -- rest is 26s allow'd

(Reverse) Robart Lords aco't for fetters & hancuffs in witch time vs

Goodwife Cloys et als

Note. The above is in different handwriting

(Reverse) Robert Lord acco for fetters & handcufs

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 85 )

SWP No. 171.17

Figure ecca2137r

Figure ecca2137v

( William Starling's Petition and Account)

haverhill datt march 26: 1694

to the honouered Courte of quarter sessetions to be houlden att Ipswich on the 22th of this instant

the humble Requst of william starlin constable for haverhill in the yeare 1692 is that this honouered Corte would be pleased to consider me and alow me for my charge expended for the Contreys or County by Comand of Authority to me given which charge is as foloweth on the 23 of july 1692 by warrant from bartholomew girdn John hathorn Jonathan Corwine John higgerson Esquiers for the sesuer of martha emerson I brought her doun to salam by the esistment of bartholomew heath mathew hereman which I did comand to assist me on the 29 of july by vartue of a warrant from the same hands as above: I brought doune to saleme goodwife brumidg and good wife green and by order of Authority: went with them to ipswich haveing to me Josiah heath John givel #[Abraham] Israel hendrick which I did Comand on the 4th of August by varture of a warrant from Cap'n bradstrit of Andver to sese goodwives clarck I allso went with hur to Salam being assisted by John Ayer and helverd williams which I did Comand to assist me August the 18 by warrant by the same cap'n bradstrit goodwife hucthins and Ruth wilford and caried them downe to salam att two times haveing the first time for the first Josiah [gags] for my assistans and [and] peeter pato for the next time: and I was constrain[dbar ] to press horeses every time and two men to wacth with one of them the sabath day and night

expended of my own mony in the performanc of the serves mention of one pound and eight shilings

Your sarvant *William Starling


s. d. 3 days . . of 2 hands 12: 00 3 days of 3 hands 18: 00 3 days of 2 hands 12: 00 3 days of 2 hands 12: = for horses 12: =

for 12 days Time of his own And his Expencis ]

1: 10: 00 4: 16: --

(Reverse) this acco allowd. For himselfe. & others herin Named. Petition of William Starlin of Haverhill for allowance in witch case. Acco'ts Respited

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 64 )

SWP No. 171.18

Figure m01a

Figure m01an

(Account of Israel Cheever)

An Acct of ye time that the persons Committed for Witchcraft unto ye Custody of Israel Chever Keeper of the Prison in Cambridge ---- Continued in Said prison ----Lydia Dastin & Sarah Dastin were Committed June 18th: 1692 --- & by the sherriffe were taken out ye 3d of Janury: following wch is 28 weeks & 3 days & amounts to -------------------------------07:02:00Mary Colson Widow was Committed Septr: 5th: 1692 and was --- by the sheriffe taken out Said 3d of Janury: wch is 17 weeks & one day-02:02:10Elizabeth Colson Committed Septr: 14th 1692 was by ye Sheriffe taken out said 3d of Janury: wch is 15 weeks & 6 days amounting to-01:19:06Sarah Cole Committed Octobr: 3d: 1692 was by ye Sheriffe taken out said 3d of Janury: wch is 12 weeks & six days amounting to --------------01:12:00Lydia Dastin, Sarah Dastin, Elizabeth Colson, Sarah Cole Mary Toothaker & Mary Taylr: were by order of ye Sheriffe Committed Janury: 28th: 1692/3 & taken out by said Sheriffe- on ye 31st: of ^sd^ Janury wch is 3 days wch amounts to ------------------00:06:04Lydia Dastin, Sarah Dastin, Elizabeth Colson & Sarah Cole were by the Sheriffs warrant (after the tryall of said persons) Committted Februry: 11th: 1692/3 - Elizabeth Colson went out of Prison ye 2d of March following: Lydia Dastin dyed ye 10th of said March Sarah Cole & Sarah Dastin went out of Prison ye 23d of said March the time of said persons Continuance in Prison from said - Committmt: to their going out is as follows Viz: Sarah Cole & Sarah Dastin 5 weeks & 5 days wch amounts to-01:08:04Lydia Dastin 4 weeks amounts to -------------------------------------00:10:00Elizabeth Colson two ^weeks^ & five days amounts to -----------00:06:08--------- 15:07:08

(Reverse) [(description) in different hand:] 1698 - April [J??y] Witchcraft Israel Cheever's (keeper of prison at Cambridge) account of the expense, the number of weeks spent in prison, and when they left the jail, of persons accused of witchcraft. Lydia & Sarah Dastin, Mary Colison, Elizabeth Colison, Sarah Cole, Mary Toothacre, Mary Taylor, Lydia Dastin died. vol. [words unclear]

Middlesex Archives, Massachusetts

SWP No. 171.19

Figure m02

(An Additional Account of the Sheriff of Middlesex County)

Middllsx: 1698At ye Courts of session/ held at CharlestowneAprill: 22d:by ye Speciall appointment of his Majsty Justices For sd County-- --Jan 3d: 1692/3The Sheriffs accots of Charges Expended upon Prisonrs accused of witCrafts and tryd at Charlestown and for [Di? ..severall?]By Carrying Elizab: Coleson to Salem1:00:00To Carrying 8 Prisonrs to Salem4:05:00To Expenses on Prisonrs from Salem to Charlestowne2:00:00To money for wood00:09:00To 8 prisons Tryalls00:16:00To Transporting them to Cambridge00:15:00To 7 days pursuit by Hue and Cry01:00:00To ye Prison keeper for diets15:00:00To Henry Somers for diets00:19:00Jno [?] For ye Cryers ffees in ye Tryalls & To assisting00:18:00L27:02:00

[?two words unsure] accd allowed by ye Justices sitting in Court [Atts Samll (five words unclear) ?]

[Numbers at bottom appear to be in same hand]

13 5 -- 65

10 10 10 25 10 10

(Reverse) 1698-April-(doc) The sheriff's costs expended upon prisoners accused of witchcraft Elizabeth Coleson is mentioned being taken to Salem vol ? missing

Middlesex Archives, Massachusetts

SWP No. 171.20

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(Account of Charges of Timothy Phillips)

Middsx Ss 1692/3 Jan:ry ye 3dAn Accompt of Charges expended upon Prisoners accused for Witchcraft and tryed at CharlestownTo carying Elizabeth Coleson to Salem by Warrant from Charlestown and assistance & ExpensesL:1:11:To removing 6 prisonrs from Cambridge to Salem by habeas Corpus, 5 men & 5 horses victual & drink upon ye road 22/:9:8:To expenses for Prisonrs: when brought by Habeas Corpus from Salem to Charlestown for Tryal, for victuals & drink & a keeper for them at Charlestowne:2:4:To money for Wood when in Charlestown prison0:0:9:To 8 persons Tryals for my Fees as allowed at Salem 15/pps0:6:0:To transporting of them after Tryal to Cambridge with Cart and 4 men to guard0:1:0:To 7 dayes my Selfe Spent with a guard to seize & pursue wth hue & Cry after them0:4:0:To the County Prison keeper for diet as appears in Particulars15:7:8:To Mr Henry Summers money due for the Prisoners0:19:8:To the Keeper 6 bush:ll of Corn at 2/ per bushell0:12:0:To the Cryers Fees 16/6s. To ye Constables ringing ye Bell 6/1:2:6:Per me Timo. Phillips SheriffL42:13:10:

A true Copy of the Accompt presented with the Petition of Timothy Phillips unto the General Assembly. and on file with the sd Petition Exam per Jsa: Addington Secry

(Reverse) [description in modern handwriting]

1692/93 1698 - April - (Group) Account of the Sheriff, Timothy Phillips of the charges expended on the persons accused of witchcraft.

Elizabeth Coleson is mentioned, she being taken to Salem for trial. Six prisoners taken from Cambridge. Evidently there were eight persons taken from Middlesex County at this time.

vol. # missing

Middlesex Archives, Massachusetts

SWP No. 171.21

(Report of the Committee: Jonathan Arnold-prison keeper payment)

Boston June 27th 1700

Wee the Subscribers. Being in a Committee appoynted by the great & General Court at their Session the 13th March 1699/700 to Examin & Audit the accots. Of Jno Arnold Prison keeper in Boston & to make a Report vnto the General Assembly

In Obedience to said Order we haue carefully Examined said accots. & find that at two shillings & Six pence per weeke, there is due to said Arnold the Summe of thirty eight pounds eleven shillings Sixpence for the keeping the Prisoners. committed at the time of the Revolution, wch Summe he saith hath not been yet allowed him; & by Ordr was to release Sd Prissoners. wth out Saying they paying ffees So that he could not detain them for there diett amounting as aforesaid, he is ready to give his oath if required that he was never paid, the two shillings Six pence per weeke for their dyet neither by them nor the Publick-

Wee alsoe find that in his accot presented to the Honble Assembly in Novr 28th 1693 amounting to 150 li The court see cause to Ordr that he should have but 120 li & that it should be in full, wch Summe he saith his necessity was Such that he was forced to take that money; he Saith the only reason of the abatemt of the 30 li was vpon the accot of the prisoners Sent from Salem that could not be kept there Boston being then a Prison for the whole Province and the said Arnold affirmes he was never yet paid for their dyet neither by the publick nor the perticuler persons, & it lieth Only wth this Court to releive him

Wee further find an Article in his last accot presented to this court of Sixteen pounds for Blanketts. &ea wch by Ordr of Authority he provided for the prisoners wch was an Article not charged in his former accot the Consideration of the premisses humbly offer to the Consideration & Determination of this Honble Assembly./

Elisha Hutchinson Peter Sergeant John Walley John Leverett Samll Phipps

[On the eighth of July this vote was passed concurrently by both branches. The order in Council (Executive Records of the Council, vol. 3, p. 136) for the payment of this allowance was passed July 16, 1700]

Mass. Archives, vol. 40, p. 627, Acts & Resolves, p. 641

SWP No. 171.22

Jail Account: John Arnold & Caleb Ray

John Arnold of Boston late keepr of ye Prison pet. vers

Caleb Ray now Prison keeper of yr Majies Gaol} in an Action of ye CaseDefendtfor refusing to pay to ye pet. the Summ of four

pounds seven shillings & six pence: wch he sd Ray recd in August last past 1693 from John Winslow of Boston for Mary Watkins & Susanna Davis for their prison fees due to ye petr when he was keeper of sd prison the non paymt whereof being to ye petr dammage five pounds money according to attachmt- dated June 18th 1694. The Parties appeared. The deft pleads he never estd any mon -ney as fees belonging to ye pet. The Attachmt & Evidences In the Case produced were read & committed to ye Jury. The Jury returned their verdict thereon viz. They find for the pet Three pounds fifteen shillings money & costs of suit- Therefore it was considered by the Court That yt sd John Arnold should receave of the sd Caleb Ray The summ of Three pounds, fifteen shillings money & costs of suit mr John Arnold recd the full of this Judgimt & costs July 21. 1694

[In the right margin:] Arnold vers Ray

Suffolk County Court of Common Pleas, Massachusetts Archives

Salem Witchcraft Papers