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SWP No. 125: Tituba

(See also: Sarah Good -- Examination, Sarah Good -- Mittimus and Sarah Good -- Report

SWP No. 125.1

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(Warrant for the Apprehension of Tituba and Sarah Osborne, and Officer's Return)

[February 29, 1692]

Salem febr' the 29'th day. 1691/2

Whereas m'rs [masters] Joseph Hutcheson Thomas Putnam Edward Putnam and Thomas Preston Yeomen of Salem Village, in the County of Essex. personally appeared before Us, And made Complaint on behalfe of Theire Majesties against. Sarah Osburne the wife of Alexa' Osburne of Salem Village afores'd, and titibe an Indian Woman servant, of mr Sam'l parris of s'd place also; for suspition of witchcraft, by them Committe'd and thereby much injury don to Elizabeth Parris Abigail Williams Anna Putnam and Elizabeth Hubert all of Salem Village afores'd sundry times with in this two moneths and Lately also done, at s'd Salem Village. Contrary to the peace and Laws of our Sov'r Lord & Lady W'm & Mary of England &c King & Queene

You are there fore in theire Maj'ts names hereby required to apprehend and forthwith or as soon as may be bring before Us the aboves'd Sarah Osburne , and titibe Indian, at the house of L't Nath'l Ingersalls in s'd place. and if it may be by to Morrow aboute ten of the Clock in the morning then and there to be Examined Relateing to the aboves'd premises. You are likewise required to bring at the same tyme Eliz. parris Abig'l Williams Anna putnam and Eliz Hubert. or any other person or persons that can give Evedence in the aboves'd Case. and here of you are not to faile

Dated Salem febr' 29 1691/2 *John Hathorne ] Assis'ts
*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assis'ts

To Constable Joseph Herrick Const' in Salem (Reverse)

(Reverse) according to this warrant I have apprehended the persons with in mentioned and have brought them accordingly and have mad diligent sarch for Images and such like but can find non

Salem village this 1. march 1691/92

per me *Joseph Herrick Constable

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 33 )

SWP No. 125.2

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(Summary of Examinations of Sarah Good , Sarah Osborne, and Tituba, as Recorded by John Hathorne )

[March 1, 1692]

Salem Village March 1'st 1691

Titiba an Indian Woman brought before us by Const' Jos Herrick of Salem upon Suspition of Witchcraft by her Commited according to the Compl't of Jos. Hutcheson & Thomas Putnam &c of Salem Village as appeares p Warrant granted Salem 29 febr'y 1691/2 Titiba upon Examination and after some denyall acknowledged the matter of fact. according to her Examination given in more fully will appeare. and who also charged Sarah Good and Sarah Osburne with the same,

(Reverse) Salem Village
March the 1'th 1691/2
Sarah Good Sarah Osborne and Titiba an Indian Woman all of Salem Village Being this day brought before us upon Suspition of Witchcraft &c by them and Every one of them Committed. titiba an Indian Woman acknowledging the matter of fact. and Sarah Osburne and Sarah Good denying the same before us: but there appeareing. in all theire Examinations sufficient Ground to secure them all. And in order to further Examination thay Ware all p mittimus sent to the Goales in the County of Essex.

Salem March 2'd Sarah Osburne againe Examined and also titiba as will appear in their Examinations given in

titiba againe acknowledged the fact & also accused the other two. Salem March 3'd Sarah Osburn and titiba Indian againe Examined. the Examination now Given in

titiba againe s'd the same

Salem March 5'th Sarah Good and titiba againe Examined. & in theire Examination titiba acknowledg the same she did formerly and accused the other two-aboves'd titiba againe s'd the same

per us *John Hathorne Assis'ts
*Jonathan. Corwin

Salem March the 7'th 1691/2
Sarah Good Osbrune and Titiba an Indian Woman all sent to the Goale in Boston according to. theire Mittimuses then sent; to Theire Majest's Goale Keeper

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 14 )

SWP No. 125.3

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(Examination of Tituba, as recorded by Ezekiell Chevers )

[March 1, 1692]

The Examination of Titibe

(H) Titibe what #(sp) evil spirit have you familiarity with
(T) none
(H) why doe you hurt these children,
(T) I doe not hurt them
(H) who is it then #(the de)
(T) the devil for ought I #(ken) know
(H) did you never see the devil,,
(T) the devil came to me and bid me serve him
(H) who have you seen)
(T) 4 women #(and) sometimes hurt the children,
(H) who were they?
(T) goode Osburn and Sarah good and I doe not know who the other were Sarah good and osburn would have me hurt the children but I would not shee furder saith there was a tale man of Boston t#(w)hat shee did see
(H) when did you see them)
(T) Last night at Boston
(H) what did they say to you they said hurt the children
(H) and did you hurt them #(no)
(T) no there is 4 women and one man they hurt the #(s) children and then lay all upon hure and they tell me if I will not hurt the children they will hurt me
(H) but did you not hurt them
(T) yes but I will hurt them no more
(H) are you not sorry you did hurt them.
(T) yes.
(H) and why then doe you hurt them)
(T) they say hurt children or wee will doe worse to you
(H) what have you seen a man come to me and say serve me
(H) what service
(T) hurt the children and last night there was an appearnce that said #(K) Kill the children and if I I would no go on hurtang the children they would doe worse to me
(H) what is this appearance you see
(T) sometimes it is like a hog and some times like a great dog this appearance shee saith shee did see 4 times
(H) what did it say to you
(T) #(it s)the black dog said serve me but I said I am afraid he said if I did not he would doe worse to me
(H) what did you say to it
(T) I will serve you no longer then he said he would hurt me and then he lookes like a man and threatens to hurt me. shee said that this man had a yellow bird that keept with him and he told me he had more pretty things that he would give me if I would serve him
(H) what were these pretty things
(T) he did not show me them
(H) what else have you seen
(T) two cats a red cat and a black cat
(H) what did they say to you
(T) they said serve me
(H) when did you see them last
(T) Last night and they said serve me but #(shee) said I would not
(H) what service
(T) shee said hurt the children
(H) did you not pinch Elizabeth Hubbard this morning
(T) the man brought her to me and made #(hur) me pinch her
(H) why did you goe to Thomas putnams Last night and hurt his child
(T) they pull and hall me and make goe
(H) and what wold have you doe Kill her with a knif Left. fuller and others said at this time when the child saw these persons and was tormented by them that she did complain of a knif that they would have her cut her head off with a knife
(H) how did you goe
(T) we ride upon stickes and are there presently
(H) doe you goe through the trees or over them
(T) we see no thing but are there presently
(H) why did you not tell your master
(T) I was afraid they said they would cut off my head if I told
(H) would not you have hurt others if you cold
(T) they said they would hurt others but they could not #(sh)
(H) what attendants hath Sarah good
(T) a yellow bird and shee would have given me one
(H) what meate did she give it
(T) it did suck her between her fingers
(H) Did not you hurt mr Currins child
(T) goode good and goode Osburn told that they did hurt mr Currens child and would have had me hurt him two but I did not
(H) what hath Sarah Osburn
(T) yesterday shee had a thing with a head like a woman with 2 leeggs and wings Abigail williams that lives with her uncle mr Parris said that shee did see this same creature #(with goode osburn and it turned into the shape of goode osburn & yesterday being(?)) and it turned into the shape of goode osburn
(H) what else have you seen with g osburn
(T) an other thinge hairy it goes upright like a man it hath only 2 leeggs
(H) did you not see Sarah good upon elisebeth #(Williams) Hubbar last Saterday
(T) I did see her set a wolfe upon her to afflict her the persons with this maid did say that shee did complain of a wolf
(T) shee furder said that shee saw a cat with good at another time
(H) what cloathes doth the man #(we) go in
(T) he goes in black cloathes a tal man with white hair I thinke
(H) how doth the woman goe
(T) in a white whood and a black whood with a top knot
(H) doe you see who it is that torments these children now
(T) yes it is goode good she hurts them in her own shape
(H) & who is it that hurts them now
(T) I am blind now I cannot see

Salem Village

March the 1't 1691/2

Written by.

Ezekiell Chevers
Salem Village
March the 1't Sarah Goods Examination 1691/2

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 11 & 12 )

SWP No. 125.4

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(Examination of Tituba, as recorded by magistrate Jonathan Corwin)

[March 1, 1692]

Tittuba the Ind'n Woem'ns Exam'n March. 1. 1691/2

Q. Why doe you hurt these poor Children? Whatt harme have thay done unto you? A. they doe noe harme to me I noe hurt them att all. Q. Why have you done itt? A. I have done nothing; I Can't tell when the Devill works Q. what, doth the Devill Tell you that he hurts them? A. noe he Tells me nothing. Q. doe you never See Something appeare in Some shape? A. noe never See anything. Q. Whatt familiarity have you w'th the devill, or w't is itt if you Converse w'th all? Tell the Truth whoe itt is that hurts them? A. the Devill for ought I know. Q. w't appearanc or how doth he appeare when he hurts them, w'th w't shape or what is he like that hurts them? A. like a man, I think yesterday I being in the Lentoe Chamber I saw a thing like a man, that Tould me Searve him & I Tould him noe I would nott doe Such thing. she Charges Goody Osburne & Sarah Good as those that hurt the Children, and would have had hir done itt, she Sayth she hath Seen foure two of w'ch she Knew nott, she Saw them last night as she was washing the Roome, thay Tould me hurt the Children & would have had me gone to Boston, ther was .5. of them w'th the man, they Tould me if I would nott goe & hurt them they would doe Soe to mee att first I did agree w'th them butt afterward I Tould them I doe Soe noe more. Q. would they have had you hurt the Children the Last Night A. yes, butt I was Sorry & I sayd, I would doe Soe noe more, but tould I would feare God. Q. butt why #(did) did you doe Soe before? A. why they Tell mee I had done Soe before & therefore I must goe on, these were the .4. Woemen & the man, butt she Knew none but Osburne & Good only, the other were of Boston. Q. att first being w'th them, w't then appeared to you w't was itt like that Got you to doe itt A. one like a man Just as I was goeing to sleep Came to me, this was when the Children was first hurt, he sayd he would kill the Children & she would never, be well, and he Sayd if I would nott Serve him he would doe Soe to mee. Q. is that the Same man that appeared before to you?, that, appeared the last night & Tould you this?, A. yes. Q. w't Other likenesses besides a man hath appeared to you? A. Sometimes like a hogge Sometimes like a great black dogge; foure Tymes. Q. but w't did they Say unto you? A. they Tould me Serve him & that was a good way; that was the black dogge I tould him I was afrayd, he Tould me he would be worse then to me. Q. w't did you Say to him after that? A. I answer I will Serve you noe Longer he Tould me he would doe me hurt then. Q. w't other Creatures have you seen A. a bird. Q. w't bird? A. a little yellow Bird. Q. where doth itt Keep? A. w'th the man whoe hath pretty things here besides. Q. what other pretty things? A. he hath nott showed them yet unto me, butt he S'd he would showe them me tomorrow, and he tould me if I would Serve him, I should have the Bird. Q. w't other Creatures did you See? A. I saw 2 Catts, one Red, another black as bigge as a little dogge. Q. w't did these Catts doe? A. I dont know; I have seen them Two Tymes. Q. w't did they Say? A. they Say Serve them. Q. when did you See them? A. I saw them last night. Q. did they doe any hurt to you or threaten you? A. they did Scratch me. Q. When? A. after prayer; and scratched mee, because I would not serve them and when they went away I could nott See. but thay stood before the fire. Q. what Service doe thay Expect fro you? A. they Say more hurt to the Children. Q. how did you pinch them when you hurt them? A. the Other pull mee & hall me to the pinch the Childr'n, & I am very sorry for itt; what made you hould yo'r arme when you were Searched? W't had you there? A. I had nothing Q. doe nott those Catts Suck you? A. noe never yett I would nott lett them but they had almost thrust me into the fire. Q. how doe you hurt those that you pinch? doe you gett those Catts? or other things to doe itt for you? tell us, how is itt done? A. the man Sends the Catts to me & bids me pinch them, & I think I went over to m'r Grigg's & have pinched hir this day in the morneing. The man brought m'r Grigg's mayd to me & made me pinch hir. Q. did you ever goe w'th these Woemen? A. they are very strong & pull me & make me goe w'th them. Q. where did you goe? A. up to m'r putnams & make me hurt the Child. Q. whoe did make you goe? A. man that is very strong & these Two Woeman, Good & Osburne but I am Sorry. Q. how did you goe? whatt doe you Ride upon? A. I Rid upon a stick or poale & Good & Osburne behind me, we Ride Takeing hold of one another & don't know how we goe for I Saw noe Trees, nor path, but was presently there, when wee were up. Q. how long Since you began to pinch m'r Parris's Children? A. I did nott pinch them att the first, butt he make me afterward. Q. have you Seen Good and Osburne Ride upon a poule? A. yes & have held fast by mee: I was nott att m'r Grigg's but once, butt it may be Send Something like mee, neither I have gone, butt that they Tell me, they will hurt me; last night they Tell me I must kill Some body w'th the Knife. Q. who were they that Told you Soe A. Sarah Good & Osburne & they would have had me kKilled Thomas Putnam's Child last night. the Child alsoe affirmed that att the Same Tyme thay would have had hir Cutt #[hir own throat] of hir own head for if she would nott they Tould hir Tittubee would Cutt itt off & then she Complayned att the Same Time of a knife Cutting of hir when hir master hath asked hir about these things she Sayth thay will nott lett hir Tell, butt Tell hir if she Tells hir head shall be Cutt off. Q. whoe Tells you Soe? A. the man, Good & Osburnes Wife. Goody Good Came to hir last night w'n hir master was att prayr & would not lett hir hear & she Could not hear a good whyle. Good hath one of these birds the yellow bird & would have given mee itt, but I would not have itt & in prayer tyme she Stoped my Eares & would nott lett me hear. Q. w't should you have done with itt A. give itt to the Children. w'ch yellow bird hath bin Severall Tymes Seen by the Children. I saw Sarah Good have itt on hir hand when she Came to hir when m'r Parris Was att prayr: I saw the bird Suck Good betwene the fore finger & Long finger upon the Right hand. Q. did you never practise witchcraft in your owne Country? A. noe Never before now. Q. did you See them doe itt now? A. yes. today, butt that was in the morneing. Q. butt did you See them doe itt now while you are Examining. A. noe I did nott See them butt I Saw them hurt att other Tymes. I saw Good have a Catt beside the yellow bird w'ch was with hir Q. what hath Osburne gott to goe w'th hir? Something I dont know what itt is. I can't name itt, I don't know how itt looks she hath two of them one of them hath Wings & Two Leggs & a head like a woeman the Children Saw the Same butt yesterday w'ch afterward Turned into a Woeman. Q. what is the other thing that Goody Osburne hath? A. a thing all over hairy, all the face hayry & a long nose & I don't Know how to tell how the face looks, w'th Two Leggs, itt goeth upright & is about Two or three foot high & goeth upright like a man & last night itt stood before the fire In m'r Parris's hall. Q. Whoe was that appeared like a Wolfe to Hubbard as she was goeing fro proctures? A. itt was Sarah Good & I saw hir send the Wolfe to hir. Q. what Cloathes doth the man appeare unto you in? A. black Cloaths Some times, Some times Searge Coat of other Couler, a Tall man w'th White hayr, I think. Q. what apparrel doe the woeman ware? A. I don't Know w't Couller. Q. what Kind of Cloathes hath she? A. I don't know w't couller. Q. What kind of Cloathes hath she? A. a black Silk hood w'th a White Silk hood under itt, w'th Topknotts, w'ch woeman I know not but have Seen hir in boston when I lived there. Q. what Cloathes the little Woeman? A. a Searge Coat w'th a White Cap as I think. the Children haveing fits att this Very time she was asked whoe hurt them, she Ans'd Goody Good & the Children affirmed the Same, butt Hubbard being Taken in an Extreame fit after she was asked whoe hurt hir & she Sayd she Could nott tell, but Sayd they blinded hir, & would nott lett hir see and after that was once or Twice taken dumb hir Self.

SWP No. 125.5

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Figure NYPL04B

(Second Examination of Tituba, as recorded by magistrate Jonathan Corwin)

[March 2, 1692]

Q. What Covenant did you make w'th that man that Came to you? what did he tell you. A. he Tell me he god, & I must beleive him & Serve him Six yeares & he would give me many fine things. Q. how long agone was this? A. about Six Weeks & a little more, fryday night before Abigall was Ill. Q w't did he Say you must doe more? did he Say you must Write any thing? did he offer you any paper? A. yes, the Next time he Come to me & showed mee some fine things, Something like Creatures, a little bird Something like green & white. Q. did you promiss him then when he Spake to you then what did you answer him A. I then Sayd this I tould him I Could nott believe him God, I tould him I ask my maister & would have gone up but he stopt mee & would nott lett me Q. whatt did you promiss him? A. the first Tyme I beleive him God & then he was Glad. Q. what did he Say to you then? what did he Say you must doe? A. this he tell me they must meet together: Q. W'n did he Say you may meet together? A. he tell me Wednesday Next att my m'rs house, & then they all meet together & thatt night I saw them all stand in the Corner, all four of them, & the man stand behind mee & Take hold of mee to make mee stand still in the hall. Q. where was your master then? A. in the other Room. Q. time of Night? A. a little before prayr Time. Q. what did this man Say to you when he Took hold of you? A. he Say goe ibto the other Room & See the Children & doe hurt to them. and pinch them & then I went in, & would nott hurt them a good while, I would nott hurt Betty, I loved Betty, but they hall me & make me pinch Betty & the next Abigall & then quickly went away altogether & I pinched them. Q. did thay pinch A. Noe, but they all lookt on & See mee pinch them. Q. did you goe into that Room in your own person & all the rest? A. yes, and my master did nott See us, for they Would nott lett my Master See. Q. did you goe w'th the Company? A. Noe I stayd & the Man stayd w'th me. Q. whatt did he then to you? A. he tell me my master goe to prayer & he read in book & he ask me what I remember, but don't you remember anything. Q. did he ask you noe more but the first Time to Serve him or the Second time? A. yes, he ask me againe, & that I Serve him, Six yeares & he Com the Next time & show me a book. A. and when would he Come then? A. the next fryday & showe me a book in the day Time betimes in the morneing. Q. and what Booke did he bring a great or little booke? A. he did nott show itt me, nor would nott; but had itt in his pockett. Q. did nott he make you write yo'r Name? A. noe nott yett for my #(mistris) mistris Called me into the other roome. Q. whatt did he Say you must doe in that book? A. he Sayd write & Sett my name to itt. Q. did you Write? A. yes once I made a marke in the Booke & made itt w'th red like Bloud. Q. did he gett itt out of your body? A. he Said he must gett itt out the Next time he Come againe, he give me a pin Tyed in a stick to doe itt w'th, butt he noe Lett me bloud w'th itt as yett butt Intended another Time when he Come againe. Q. did you See any other marks in his book? A. yes a great many some marks red, Some yellow, he opened his booke a great many marks in itt. Q. did he tell you the Names of them? A. yes of Two noe more Good & Osburne & he Say thay make them marks in that book & he showed them mee. Q. how many marks doe you think there was? A. Nine. Q. did thay Write there Names? A. thay Made marks Goody Good Sayd she made hir mark, butt Goody Osburne Would nott Tell she was Cross to mee. Q. when did Good tell you, she Sett hir hand to the Book? A. the same day I Came hither to prison. Q. did you See the man thatt morneing? A. yes a litle in the morneing & he tell me the Magistrates Come up to Exam in me. Q. w't did he Say you must Say? A. he tell me, tell nothing, if I did he would Cutt my head off. Q. tell us True how many Woemen doe use to Come when you Rid abroad? A. foure of them these Two Osburne & Good & those Two strangers. Q. you say that there was Nine did he tell you whoe they were? A. noe he noe lett me See but he tell me I should See them the Next Tyme Q. What Sights did you see? A. I see a man, a dogge, a hogge, & Two Catts a black and Red & the strange monster was Osburnes that I mentioned before. this was was the hayry Imp the man would give itt to mee, but I would nott have itt. Q. did he show you in the Book w'ch was Osburne & w'ch was Goods mark? A. yes I see there marks. Q. butt did he Tell the Names of the other? A. noe S'r Q & what did he Say to you when you made your Mark? A. he Sayd Serve mee & always Serve mee. the man w'th the Two women Came fro Boston. Q. how many times did you goe to Boston? A. I was goeing & then Came back againe I was never att Boston. Q. whoe Came back w'th you againe? A. the man Came back w'th mee & the woemen goe away, I was Nott willing to goe? Q. how farr did you goe, to what Towne? A. I never went to any Towne I see noe Trees, noe Towne. Q. did he tell you where the Nine Lived? A. yes, Some in Boston & Some herein this Towne, but he would nott tell mee whoe thay were

( Salem Selections, Massachusetts Box, Essex Co. Manuscripts & Archives, New York Public Library, New York, NY.)

SWP No. 125.6

Figure S061r

Figure S061v

(Indictment of Tituba, for Covenanting (Returned Ignoramus))

[May 9, 1693]

Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Essex ss//]

At a Court of Assize & Generall Goale delivery held in Ipswich for the County of Essex aforesaid the ninth Day of May 1693. In the fifth yeare of their Maj'ts Reigne

The Jur'rs for o'r Sov'r Lord & lady the King & Queen pr'sent

That Tittapa an Indian Woman servant to m'r samuel Parris of Salem village in the #(A) County of Essex aforesaid upon or about the latter end of the yeare 1691 In the Towne of Salem Village afors'd wickedly mallitiously & felloniously A Covenant with the Devill did make & Signed the Devills Booke with A marke like a:C by which wicked Covenanting with the Devill She the Said Tittapa is become A detestable Witch Against the peace of o'r Sov'r lord & lady the King & Queen their Crowne & dignity & the laws in that Case made & provided.

(Reverse) Indictm't Agst Tittapa Indian servant to m'r sam'l Parris
*Abraham Haseltine
foreman of the Grand Jury

( Suffolk Court Files, vol. 32, docket 2760, p. 102. )

SWP No. 125.7

Figure ecca1032r

Figure ecca1032v

(Deposition of Elizabeth Hubbard v. Tituba )

[+ March 1, 1692]

The Deposistion of Elizabeth Hubbard agged about 17 years who testifieth that on the 25'th february 1691/92 I saw the Apperishtion of Tituba Indian which did Immediatly most greviously torment me by pricking pinching and almost choaking me: and so continewed hurting me most greviously by times #(hurting) tell the day of hir Examination being the first of march and then also at the begining of hir Examination: but as soon as she began to confess she left ofe hurting me and has hurt me but litle sence

(Reverse) Eliz Hubbert Contra Titaba

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 32 )

SWP No. 125.8

Figure ecca1035r

Figure ecca1035v

(Deposition of Ann Putnam, Jr. v. Tituba )

[+ March 1, 1692]

The deposition of Ann putnam who testifieth and saith that on the 25'th of february 1691/92 I saw the Apperishtion of Tituba M'r parishes Indian woman which did tortor me most greviously by pricking and pinching me most dreadfully tell the first day of march being the day of hir Examination and then also most greviously allso at the beginning of hir examination: but senc she confesed she has hurt me #(be) but little

(Reverse) Ann putnam ag'st Tittuba Indian

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 35 )

SWP No. 125.9

Figure ecca1034r

Figure ecca1034v

(Deposition of Samuel Parris v. Tituba )

[[Mawrch 1, 1692]

The Deposition of Sam: Parris aged about thirty & nine years testifyeth & saith that Eliz: Parris jun'r & Abigail Williams & Ann Putnam jun'r & Eliz: Hubbard were most grievously & severall times tortured during the Examination of Sarah Good, Sarah Osburne,& Tituba Indian before the Magistrates at Salem village 1. March. 1691/2 And the said Tituba being the last of the abovesaid that was examined they the abovesd afflicted persons were greivously distressed until the said Indian began to confess & then they were immediately all quiet the rest of the said Indian womans examination. Also Tho: Putman aged about fourty years & Ezek: Cheevers aged about thirty & six years testify to the whole of the abovesd & all the three deponents aforesaid farther testify that #(when) after the said Indian began to confess she was her self very much afflicted & in the face of authority at the same time & openly charged the abovesaid Good & Osburne as the persons that afflicted her the aforesaid Indian
m'r Paris on his oath owned this to Sworne Salem MAy the 23rd. 1692
be the truth before the Juryars for inquest before us * John Hathorne
this 28. of Jun: 1692 *Jonathan Corwin
Jurat in Curia

(Reverse) The dep'ion of S. Parris Tho: Putman & Ezek: Cheevers ag't

Sarah Good
Sarah Osburne
Tituba Indian
M'r Sam'll parris

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 34 )

Salem Witchcraft Papers