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SWP No. 072: Elizabeth How Executed July 19, 1692

(See also: Martha Carrier -- Complaint; Sarah Good -- Death Warrant.)

SWP No. 72.1

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(Warrant for the Apprehension of Elizabeth How )

[May 28, 1692 ]

To the Constable of Topsfield

Your are in theyre Majestyes Names hereby Required to Elizabeth How the wife of James How of Topsfeild Husbandman on Tuesday next being the thirtÿ first day of maÿ about Ten of the Clock in the forenoone att the house: of Leut Nathaniell Ingersolls of Salem Village, Whoe stande Charged w'th Sundry Acts of Witch-craft done or Comitted on the Bodyes of Mary Walcott, Abigaill Williams & others of Salem Village, to theyr great hurt, in order to hir examination, Relateing to the above s'd premises. & hereof you are nott to fayle.
Dat'd. Salem. May. 28th. 1692
per us. *John Hathorne ] Assists
*Jonathan. Corwin ] Assists

(Reverse) In obedence to this warant I have appreendred
Elizabeth How
the wife of Jems how on the
29th of may 1692 and have brought har unto
the house of leftenant nathaniell englesons
according too to warant as atested by me
*Ephraim Wildes constabell for the town
of Topsfelld. dated may 31 1692

(Reverse) Eliz: How

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 321 )

SWP No. 72.2

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(Examination of Elizabeth How )

[May 31, 1692 ]

The examination of Eliz: How. 31. May. 1692

Mercy Lewis & Mary Walcot fell in a fit quickly after the examinant came in
Mary Walcot said that this woman the examinant had pincht her & choakt this month. Ann Putman said she had hurt her three times.
What say you to this charge? Here are them that charge you with witchcraft
It it was the last moment I was to live, God knows I am innocent
of any thing in this nature
Did not you take notice that now when you lookt upon Mercy Lewis she was struck [down?]
I cannot help it.
You are charged here; what doe you say?
I am innocent of any thing of this nature.
Is this the first time that ever you were accused?
Yes S'r.
Do not you know that one at Ipswitch hath accused you?
This is the first time that ever I heard of it
You say that you never heard of these folks before

Mercy Lewis at length spake & charged this woman with hurting & pinching her: And then Abigail Williams cryed she hath hurt me a great many times, a great while & she hath brought me the book.
Ann Putman had a pin stuck in her hand
What do you say to this?
I cannot help it.

What consent have you given?
Mary Warren cryed out she was prickt
Abig: Williams cryed out that she was pincht, & great printes were seen in her arm.
Have not you seen some apparition --
No, never in all my life
Those that have confessed, they tell us they used images & pins, now tell us what you have used.
You would not have me confess that which I know not

She lookt upon Mary Warren, & said Warren violently fell down.
Look upon this maid viz: Mary Walcot , her back being towards the examinant Mary Warren & Ann Putman said they saw this woman upon her. Susan: Sheldon saith this was the woman that carryed her yesterday to the Pond Sus: Sheldon carried to the Examinant in a fit & was well upon grasping her arm.
You said you never heard before of these people
Not before the warrant was served upon me last Sabbath day
John Indian cryed out O she bites, & fell into a grevious fit, & so carried to her in his fit & was well upon her grasping him.
What do you say to these things, they cannot come to you?
S'r. I am not able to give account of it
Cannot you tell what keeps them off from your body?
I cannot tell, I know not what it is?
That is strange that you should do these things & not be able to tell how.

This is a true account of the examination of Eliz: How taken from my characters written at the time thereof. Witness my hand *Sam. Parris.

(Reverse) Eliza. How Exam.
Adjour't. June 30 92 How
Elizabeth How )

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 322 )

SWP No. 72.3

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(List of Witnesses)

[++ June 29, 1692]

Witnesses against goody How

Samuel Pearly & his wife
Timothy Pearly
deborah Pearly
Sarah Andrews
deacon Cummins his wife
Thomas Heasons wife of boxford
Joseph Andrews & his wife Boxford
John Sherring of Ipswich
Joseph Safford Ipswich
Abram Howe #[&] wife
John Andrews Boxford]

[John Andrews Boxford]

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 320 )

SWP No. 72.4

Figure eia28r

(Indictment v. Elizabeth How, for Afflicting Mercy Lewis )

[+ June 29, 1692 ]

Anno Regis et Reginae Willm et Mariae:

nunc Angliae &c: Quarto

Essex ss The Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King & Queen p'rsents that Elizabeth How Wife of James How of Ipswich -- the 29th day of May in the forth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady William and Mary by the Grace of God [of God] of England Scottland France and Ireland King and Queen defend'rs of the faith &c: and divers other dayes and times as well before as after certaine detestable Arts called witchcraft & Sorceries wickedly & felloniously hath Used Practised and Exercised at and within the Towne ship of Salem in the County of Essex aforesaid in upon and against one: Marcy Lewis of Salem Villiage Single woman -- by which said wicked Acts the said Marcy Lewis -- the 29th day of May in the forth Year aboves'd: and divers other dayes & times as well before as after was and is Tortured. Afflicted: Pined Consumed & Tormented and also for sundrey other Acts of witchcraft by the Said Elizabeth How Committed & done before and since that Time ag't. the Peace of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King & Queen, and ag't the forme of the Statute in that case made and Provided


Mercy Lewis. Jurat
Mary Wolcott Jurat
Abigall Williams
Ann Putman Jurat
Sam'll. Pearly & wife Jurat
Sam'll. Pearly & wife
Ruth Jurat
Joseph Andrews & wife
Sarah Jurat
Jno. Sherrin Jurat
Jos. Safford Jurat
francis Leane Jurat

Abraham fosters wife Lydia J[urat]

Isack Cumins Jun'r

( Essex Institute Collection, no. 28r, James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA. )

SWP No. 72.5

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(Indictment of Elizabeth How, for Afflicting Mary Wolcott )

[+ June 29, 1692 ]

Anno Regis et Reginae Willm et Mariae
nunc Angliae &c: Quarto:
Essex ss.
The Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen [p'rsents That: Elizabeth How wife. of James How. of Ipswich the thirty first day of May in the forth Year of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady William and Mary by the Grace of God of England Scottland. France, and Ireland King and Queen defenders of the faith &c: and divers other dayes and times. as well before as after Certaine Detestable Arts called witchcraft, and Sorceries wickedly and felloniously. hath used Practised and Exercised at and within the Towneship of Salem in the County of Essex afores'd: in upon and against one of Salem Villiage Singlewoman by which said wicked arts the said Mary Walcott the 31st day of May in the forth Year as abovesaid, and divers other dayes and times as well before as after was and is Tortured Afflicted Pined Consumed wasted & Tormented and also for sundrey other Acts of witchcraft by said Elizabeth How Committed and Done before and since that time, ag't. the Peace. of our Sovereigne Lord & Lady the King and Queen, and against the forme of the Statute in that Case made & Provided.

Mary Wolcott Jurat
Ann Putnam Jurat
Abigall Williams .
Sam'll. Pearly & wife
Ruth Jurat
Joseph Andrews & wife.
Sarah Jurat
Jno. Sherrin Jurat
Jos: Safford . Jurat.
francis Leane . Jurat
Abraham fosters wife Lydia Jurat
Isack Cumins Jun'r . Jurat

(Reverse) billa vera [torn] No. 1 Ind -- El. How

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 324 )

SWP No. 72.6

Figure ecca1323r

(Deposition of Timothy Perley and Deborah Perley v. Elizabeth How .)

[June 1, 1692. ]

the first of june 1692.

the deposition of timothi Perley and deborah Perley his wife timothi Perley aged about 38 and his wife about 33 there being som diferance betwene goode how that is now seised namely elizebeth: How: Wife to James How: Jun'r and timothi Perli above said about some bords the night folowing three of our cous lay out and finding of them the next morning we went to milk them and one of them did not give but two or thre spoone fuls of milk and one of the other cous did not give above halfe a Pinte and the other gave about a quart and these cous used to give three or four quarts at a meale two of thes cous continued to give litle or nothing four or five meals and yet thai went in a good inglesh Pasture and within four dais the cous gave ther ful ProPortion of milk that thai used to give

furder deborah Perley testifieth and as conserning hanah Perley Samuel Perleys daughter that was so sore: aflicted her mother and she coming to our house hanah Perley being sudainli scared #[leaPed over a Chest] and said thers that woman she goes into the oven and out again and then fel in to a dredful fit and when I have asked her when she said that woman what woman she ment she tould me jeams hows wife sometime hanah Perley went along with me to jeams hows an sone fell in to a fit goode how was veri loving to her and when the garl and I came away i asked her whi she talked so of goode how being she was so loving to her she tould me that if i were aflicted as she was that i would talk as bad of her as she did at another time i saw goode how and hanah Perley together and thai were veri loving together and after goode how was gone i asked her whi she was so loving to goode how when thai were together she tould me that she was afraide to doe other wise for then goode how would kil her
*deborah Perley

Timothy Pearly: And Deborah his wife declared to the Jury of inquest to all of the above written evidence: on this side of this paper: that it is the truth
upon oath: June 30th

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 323 )

SWP No. 72.7

Figure ecca1325r

( Deposition of Samuel Perley & Ruth Perley v. Elizabeth How )

[June 1, 1692]

the first of june 1692

the dePosition of Samuel Perley and his wife
aged about 52 an his wife about 46 years of age
We having a dauter about ten years of age being in a sorowful condition this #[faling ought] being sone after a faling out that had bene betwen jeams how and his wife and #[and] miself our daughter tould us that it was jeams hows wife that afflicted her both night and day som times comPlaini[n]g of being Pricked with Pins and sometimes faling doun into dredful fits and often sai i could never aflict a dog as goode how aflicts me mi wife and i did often chide her for naming goode how being loth her name should be defamed but our daughter would tell us that though we would not beleve her now yet you will know it one day we went to several doctors and thai: tould us that she was under an evil hand: our daughter tould us that when she came nere the fire or water this witch Puls me: in and was often soreli burnt and she would tel us what cloaths she wore and would sai there she goes and there she goes and now she is gone into the oven and at these sights faling doun into dreadful fits and thus our daughter continuing about two or three years constantli afirming to the last that this goode how that is now seised was the cause of her sorows and so Pine d a wai to skin and bone and ended her sorowful life, and this we can atest uPon oath

ruth Perleys mark C

Sam'll Pearly and his wife declared the above written to be the truth upon oath after this the above said goode how had a mind to joyn to iPswich Church thai being unsatisfied sent to us to bring in what we had against her and when we had decleared to them what we knew thai se cause to Put a stoP to her coming into the Church within a few dais after I had a cow wel in the morning as far as we knew this cow was taken strangli runing about like a mad thing a litle while and then run into a great Pon -- and drouned herself and #[when she] as sone as she was dead mi sons and miself towed her to the shore and she stunk so that we had much a doe to flea her.
Sam'll Pearly: declared to: the Jury of inquest that all the above written: is the truth: upon oath: June: 30th: 92

(Left margin) As for the time of our daughters being taken ill it was in the yere of our lord 1682

other Evidences.
ag't. Goody How

Deacon Cummins wife of Topsfield.
Tho. HeaSins wife Box'd
Jos: Andrews & wife Box'd
Jno. Sherrin Ispwich
Jos. Safford of Ispw'ch
Abr. How's wife Tops'd.
Ab. Fosters wife Ispwich
Francis Leane

Widow Dutch
& Sam [Perley] & wife
Against Goody Parker

(Left hand corner) Evidences ag't How

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 325 )

SWP No. 72.8

Figure ecca1327r

( Deposition of Deborah Hadley for Elizabeth How )

[June 24, 1692. ]

The Deposision of Debory Hadley aged about 70 yeares: this Deponant testifieth & s'h: that I have lived near to Elizabeth How (the wife of James How Junior of Ipswich) 24 year & have found her a Neighbourly woman Conssiencious in her dealing faithfull to her pr'mises & Christian-like in her Conversation so far as I have observed & further saith n't. June 24. 1692.
*Deborah Hadley

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 327 )

SWP No. 72.9

Figure ecca1329r

Figure ecca1329v

( Statement of Daniel Warner , John Warner , and Sarah Warner for Elizabeth How )

[June 25, 1692. ]

from Ipswich Ju the 25: 1692 this may sertify hom it may conserne we being desierd to wright some thing in the behalfe of the wife of Jeams how Junior of Ipswich hoe is aprehended: upon susspition of being gilty of the sin of witchcraft & now in Salem prissoon upon the same acount for ouer oun partes we have bin well aquainted w'h hur for above twenty yeers we never see but that she cared it very wel & that both hur wordes & actions wer always such as well become a good cristian: we ofte spake to hur of some things that wer reported of hur that gave som susspition of that she is now charged w't: & she always profesing hur Iinosency ther in offen desiring our prayers to god for hur that god would keep hur in his fe[ar] & that god would support her under hur [bu]rdin we have offen herd hur speaking of thos persons that raisd thos reportes of hur and we never heerd hur speake badly of them for the same: but in ouer hering hath offen said that she desired god that he would santtify that affliction as wel as others for hur spirituel good:
*Daniel Warner: sen'r
*John Warner. sen'r
*Sarah Warner

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 329 )

SWP No. 72.10

Figure ecca1328r

( Testimony of Simon Chapman and Mary Chapman for Elizabeth How )

[June 25, 1692. ]

Ispswich June: th: 25th: 1692

The testimony of Simon Chapman agid About 48 yers testifieth and sayth that he heth bin Aquayntid with the Wives of James howe junr as a naybar for this 9 or 10 yers and he nevar saw eny harm by hur but that That hath bin good for I found hur Joust In hur delling faythfooll too hur prommisis I have had acation to be in the compiny of good wief how by the fortnight to gathar at Thayar hous: and at other Tims and I found at all Tims by hur discors shee was a woman of a fliktion and morning for sin in hur selves And othars And when shee met with eny Afliktion she semid to jostifi god and say that Itt was all better then she dessufid that it war by falls acqusations from men: and she yust To bles god that she got good by afliktions for it med hur exsamin hur oun hart I never herd hur refil eny parson that heth a kusid hur with wichcraft but pittied them and sayid ipray god for give them for thay harm them selves mor then me Thoh i am a gret sinar yit i am cler of that sayid she. and such Kind of afliktions doth but set me a exsamining my oun hart and I find god wondarfolly seportining me and Comfarting me by his word and promisis She semid to be a woman throu in that gret work of conviktion and convertion which I pray god mak us all
*Simon Chapman

My wiuef Mary Chapman cane
Testifi to the most of this abov
ritan as witnes my hand
*Mary Chapman

              ( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 328 )
SWP No. 72.11

Figure ecca1326r

( Testimony of Samuel Phillips & Edward Payson for Elizabeth How )

[June 3, 1692. ]

The testimony of Samuel Phillips aged about 67, minister of the word of God in Rowly, who sayth, that mr payson (minister of gods word alsoe in Rowley) and my self went, being desired, to Samuel pearly of ipswich to se their young daughter who was viseted with strang fitts & in her fitts (as her father & mother affirmed) did mention good wife How the wife of James How Junior of Ipswich, as if she was in the house & did afflict her: when we were in the house the child had one of her fitts but made noe mention of goodwife how; & when the fitt was over & she come to herself, goodwife How, went to the child and took her by the hand & askt her whether she had ever done her any hurt And she answered no never and if I did complain of you in my fitts I know not that I did soe: I further can affirm upon oath that young Samuel Pearly , Brother to the afflicted girle looking out of a chamber window (I and the afflicted child being without dores together) and say to his sister say goodwife How is a witch, say she is a witch & the child spake not a word that way, but I lookt up to the window where the youth stood & rebuked him for his boldness to stirr up his sister to accuse the said goodw: How where as she had cleared her from doing any hurt to his sister in both our hearing, & I added noo wonder that the child in har fitts did mention Goodwife How, when her nearest relations were soe frequent in expressing theire suspitions in the childs hearing when she was out of her fitts, that the sayd Goodwif How, was an Instrument of mischeif to the child:
Rowley 3 June 1692 *Samuel phillips

I Edward Paison of the Town aboves'd tho' present at the place & time afores'd, yet cannot evidence in all the particulars mentioned: Thus much is yet in my remembrance viz't being in the aboves'd Pearley's house some considerable time before the s'd Goodw. How came in; their afflicted Daughter, upon something that her Mother spake to her with trtness, presently fell into one of her usuall strange fitts, during which, she made no mention (as I observed) of the above s'd How her name, or any thing relating to her some time after, the s'd How came in, when s'd Girl had recovered her capacity, her fitt being over, s'd How took s'd Girl by the hand, asked her whether she had ever done her any hurt,? the child answerd no never; with several expressions to that purpose which I am not able particularly to recount, &c.
Rowley, June 3 -- 1692. *Edward Paison

(Reverse) Mr. Philips
& mr Paison in behalfe of
Eliz: How

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 326 )

SWP No. 72.12

Figure ecca1332r

( Testimony of Joseph Knowlton and Mary Knowlton for Elizabeth How )

[June 27, 1692. ]

from Ipswich June 27: 1692 Joseph knoulton being acquainte with the wife of James How Jun'r as a neighbour & somtims bording in the house: and at my first coming to live in those parts which was about ten years ago I hard a bad Report of her about Samuell perleys garle which caused me to take speshall noates of her life & conversation ever sence and I have asked her if she could freely forgive them that Raised such Reports of her she tould me yes with all her heart desiering that god would give her a heart to be more humble under such a providences and further she sayd she was willing to doe any good she could to them as had don unneighbourly by her also this I have taken notes of that she would deny her self to doe a neighbour a good turn and also I have known her to be faithfull in her word and honest in her dealeings as fare as ever I saw
*Joseph knoulton aged forty tu
*mary knowlton aged thur[ty] tu

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 332 )

SWP No. 72.13

Figure ecca1339r

Figure ecca1339v

( Statement of James How, Sr. for Elizabeth How )

[June 28, 1692. ]

information for Elizabeth How the wife of Jams How Jun'r: James How Sen'r: aged a bout 94 sayth that he liveing by her for about thirty years hath taken notes that she hath caried it well becoming her place as a daughter as a wife in all Relation setting a side humain infurmitys as becometh a Christion with Respact to my self as a father very dutyfully & a wifife to my son very Carfull loveing obediant and kind Considering his want of eye sight tenderly leading him about by the hand now desiering god may guide your honours to se a differance between predigous and Consentes I rest yours to Sarve *James How sen'r of Ipswich
dated this 28 day of June 1692

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 339 )

SWP No. 72.14

Figure ecca1330r

(Deposition of Isaac Cummings, Sr. v. Elizabeth How )

[June 27, 1692. ]

Jun 27. 1692

The disposition of Isaac commins syner aged about sixty yers or thare abouts who testyfyeth and saith that about aight yers agon James how jun'r of ipswech. came to my hous to borow a hors I not being at home my son isaac told him as my son told me whan i cam home i hade no hors to ride on but my son isaac did tell the said how that his father hade no hors to ride on but he hade a mare the which he thought his father would not be wiling to lend this being upon a thursday the next day being Fryday I took the mare and my self and my wif did ride on this maer abute half a mile to an naighbours hous and home again and when we came home I turned the maer out the maer being as well to my thinking as ever she was next morning it being saterday about sun rising this said maer stood neer my doore and the said maer as i did aperehand did show as if she head bin much abused by riding and here flesh as I thoug much wasted and her mouth #[much] read semenly to my aperehantion much abused and hurt with the bridel bits I seing the maer in such a sad condition I toke up the said maer and put her into my barn and she wold eate no maner of things as for provender or any thing w'c i gave her then i sent for my brother thomas andros which was living in boxford the said anderos came to my hous. I not being at home when I came home a litil afore night my brother anderos told me he head giving the said mear somthing for the bots but as he could purseve it did do her no good but said he I can not tell but she may have the baly ach and said he i wil try one thing more my brother anderos said he wold take a pipe of tobaco and lite it and put itt in to the fundement of the maer I told him that I thought it was not lawfull he said it was lawfull for man or beast then I toke a clen pipe and filled it with tobaco and did lite it and went with the pipe lite to the barn then the said anderos used the pipe as he said before he wold and the pip of tobaco did blaze and burn blew then I said to my brother anderos you shall try no more it is not lawful he said I will try again once mor which he did and then thar arose a blaze from the pipe of tobaco which seemed to me to cover the butocks of the said mear the blaz went up ward towards the roof of the barn and in the roof of the barn thar was a grate crackling as if the barn wOld have falen or bin burnt which semed so to us which ware with in and some that ware with out and we hade no other fier in the barn [b]ut only a candil and a pipe of tobaco and then I said I thought my bar n or my mear most goe the next day being Lords day I spoke to my brother anderos at noone to come to see the said mear and said anderos came and what h[e] did I say not the same Lords day at night my naighbour John hunkins came to my hous and he and I went in to my barn to see this mear said hunkins said and if I ware as you i wolud cute of a pece of this mear and burn it I said no not to day but if she lived til tomorow morning he might cut of a pece off of her and burn [if] he would presentely as we hade spoken these words we stept out of the barn and emedeiatly this said mear fell downe dade and never stured as we coold purseve after she fell down but lay #[stone] dead

Isac Commings sen'r declared: to the Jury of inquest: that the above
written evidence: is the truth: upon oath June: 30th 1692

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 330 )

SWP No. 72.15

Figure ecca1333r

Figure ecca1333v

(Testimony of Isaac Cummings, Jr. v. Elizabeth How )

[June 28, 1692. ]

June 28th 1692.

The testimony of Isack Comings Juner aged about 27 years Testifieth & Saith that James Hough Juner came to my fathers house when he was not att home he asked me if my father had Ever a hors & I told him no he asked me if he had Ever a maer & I told him yesh he asked me if I Thought my father would Lend him his maer & I told him I did not Think he would upon w'ch in a short Tyme after my father & mother Ridd their maer to Their Neighbours house the same maer w'ch s'd hough would have Borowed w'ch semingly was well when my fath'r & moth'r came home I seeing the same s'd maer the nex morning could Judge noe other butt. that she had bin Rid the other part of that night or oth'r wayes horibly abused upon w'ch my fath'r seeing what a Condition his maer was in sent for his Broth'r Thomas Andros w'ch when he came he giv her severall Things w'ch he Thought to be good for her butt did her not any good upon w'ch he said he would try one Thing moer w'ch was a pipe & some tobacou w'ch he aplid to her Thinking itt might doe her good againt the Belly ake -- Thinking that might be her diszease w'ch when they used the pipe w'th Tobacco in itt abought the s'd maer the pipe being Litt itt Blazed so much that itt was as much as Two persons Could putt itt ought with both of Their hands upon w'ch my father said wee will Trye no more brother my Uncle s'd he would trye once more w'ch he did the pipe being Litt the fyer Blazed out of the same s'd pipe more vehemently then before upon w'ch my father answerd he had Rather Loose his maer than his barn the very nex night folloing the s'd maer folloing my father in his barn from one side to the other side fell down emediatly Dead against the sell of the barn befor my fath'r had well Cleerd him selfe from her. furth'r saith not

(Reverse) Isak Cumins

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol 1, no. 133 )

SWP No. 72.16

Figure ecca1331r

Figure ecca1331v-top

Figure ecca1331v-bottom

( Three Depositions of Mary Cummings v. Elizabeth How )

[June 27, 1692 ]

Jun 27 1692
The disposition of mary commings the wif of isaac commins sen'r aged about sixty yers or thare abouts who teseifieth and saith my hus band not being at home I was sent to by som parsons of ipswegent to me for to have me to write what I cold say of James how jun'r his wife elesbeth conscarning her life or conversation and that I would say what I cold say for or against her when the said hows wife sought to ajoyn with [the] the church at ipsweg and I spoke to my son Isaac to write that we hade used no brimston nor oyl nor no combustabls to give to our maer becaus thare was a report that the said hows wife hade said [thay] we hade givin the mear brimston and oyl and the like and a short time after I hade writen my testemony con sarning this hows wife my son Isaac his maer was mising that he could not find her in to or thre days. and in a short time after my son isaacs maer came in sight not fare from the hous and my son isaac praid me to go out and look on his maer when I came to her he asked me what I thought on her and I said if he wold have my thoughts i could not compair it to nothing elec but that she was riden with a hot bridil #[I said also to isaac that I hered that the said] for she hade divirses bruses as if she had bin over rocks an much wronged and where the bridel went was as if it hade bin burnt with a #[rade] hot bridel then I bide isaac take the mare and have her up amongst the nagbours that people might see her for I hered that James how jun'r or his wife or both hade said that we kept up our maer that popel might not see her and isaac did show his maer to saveril and then the said how as i hered did report that isac had riden to Lin spring and caryed his gairl and so surfited the maer the which was not so
Mary Comins owned this har testimony to be truth before the Juryars for Inquest: this. 29 of June: 1692 Jurat in Curia

June 27, 1692

I mary comins ageed abut sixty yers or that abouts the wife of isaac comins syne'r I being at my naigbours sam parlys hous samuel parlys daugter hannah being in a straing condition asked me if i did not see goodee how in the hous going round upon the wall as the gur[l] dricted her finger along round in won place and another of the hous #[and the girl] asked me if i did not[t] I teled her no I loked as dilegently as i cold and i could see nothing of her the gurls mother then did chek her and told her she was alwas full of such Kind of notions and bid her hold her toung then she told her mother she would belive it one day and somthing mor which shold have bin mantioned as the gaur[l] poynted to show me whare goode how was she asked me if I did not se her go out at that crak which she poynted at
Mary Comins owned this har testimony one har oath to be the truth before the Juriars of Inquest: this 29. of June: 92 Jurat in Curia

Jun 27 1692

The disposition of mary commins aged about sixty. yers or there abouts ho testefieth and saieth that abovE too yeres agon I went to viset my naigbour sherins wife and she told me that James how jun'r had bin thare to give her a viset and he did sharply talk to her asking her what hopes she hade of her salveation her answer was to him that she did bild her hopes upon suer rock Jesus christ this the said serins wife did tell me and she told me also that she had never talked of the said how or his wife but she was the wors for it after wards. and she said also when she lay sick of the same sikness whareof she dyed that the said how would come som times in to the roome to see her but she could not tell how to bare to se him nor that he should be in the hous.
Mary Comins . ownid. that this har testimony on har oath before the Juryars for Inques: this 29. of June 1692 Jurat in Curia

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 331 )

SWP No. 72.18

Figure ecca1334r

(Testimony of Francis Lane v. Elizabeth How )

[June 30, 1692]

Francis Lane aged 27 yeares testifyeth & saith that about seaven yeares agoe James How the Husband of Elizabeth How of Ipswich farmes hired s'd Lane to get him a parcell of posts & railes & s'd Lane hired John Pearly the son of Samuell Pearly of Ipswich to help him in getting of them And after they had got said Posts & railes. the said Lane went to the said James How that he might goe with him & take delivery of said posts & railes. & Elizabeth How the wife of s'd James how told said Lane that she did not beleive that s'd Posts & railes would doe because that s'd John Pearly helped him & she said that if he had got them alone & had not got John Pearly to help him she beleived #[beleived] that they would have done but seing that said Pearly had helped about them she beleived that they would not doe. so s'd James How went with said Lane for to take delivery of s'd Posts & railes & the s'd James How toke severall of the said railes as they lay in heaps up by the end & they broke of, so many of them broke that said Lane was forced to get thirty or forty more & when said How came home he told his wife thereof & she said to him that she had told him before that they would not doe because said Pearly helped about them which railes said Lane testifyeth that in his Aprehention were good sound railes
francis Lane: declared: to the Jury of inques: to the truth of the above written: evidence upon oath: June: 30th 1692 Jurat in Curia

(Reverse) francis Lane

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol 1 no. 334 )

SWP No. 72.19

Figure ecca1335r

Figure ecca1335v

(Testimony of John How v. Elizabeth How )

[June 30, 1692]

The Testimony of John How aged about 50 yers [torn] saieth that one that day that my brother James his Wif [torn] was Caried to Salem farmes upon examination she was at my [house] and would a have me to go with hur to Salem farmes I tould hur: that If she had ben sant for upon allmost any a Count but witch craft I would a have gone with hur but one that a Count I would not for ten pounds: but said I If you are a witch tell me how long you have ben a witch and what mischeve you have done and then I will go with you for said I to hur you have ben acusied by Samuell pearlys Child and suspacted by Daken Cumins for witch craft; she semed to be aingry with me: stell she asked me to Come one the morow I told hur I did not know but I might Com to morow but my oCashons Caled me to go to Ipswich one the morow and Came Whome a bout sun saet: and standing Nere my door talking with one of my Naibours: I had a Sow with six small pigs in the yard the sow was as wall sofare as I know as ever: one a suding she leaped up about thre o fouer foot hie and turned a bout and gave one squeake and fell downe daed. I told my naibour that was with me I thought my sow was bewitched: for saied I I think she is daed he lafed at me. but It proved true for she fell downe daed: he bed me Cut of hur eare the which I did and my hand I had my knif in was so nume and full of paine that night and saverall days after that I Could not doe any work and is not wholy wall now
and I sospacted no other person but my s'd sister elizabeth How

Cap t Jno How: declared: the above written evidence: to be the truth:
before: the Jury of inquest: June: 30th: 1692 upon his oath: in Court

(Reverse) Jon How

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 335 )

SWP No. 72.20

Figure ecca1336r

Figure ecca1336v

(Deposition of Jacob Foster v. Elizabeth How )

[June 30, 1692]

The deposion of Jacob foster aged about 29 years this deponant saith that some years agoe good wife How the wife of Jeames how was a bout to Joyne with the church of Ipswich My father was an instrumentall means of her being denyed admision quickly after my mare was turned out to grass on the tusday: and on thursday I went to seek my mare to go to lecture I sought my mare and could not find her I sought all friday and found her not on saturday I sought till noon & I found my mare standing leaning with her butocks against a tree I hit her with a small whip she gave a heave from a tree and fell back to the tree again then I took of her fetters and struck her again she did the same again then I set my shoulder to her side and thrust her of from the tree and moved her feet then she went home and leapt into the pausture and my mare lookt as if she had been miserably beaten and a bused

Jacob Foster: declared: the evidence: to be the truth before the Jury of inquest: on oath
June 30: 92

(Reverse) Jacob Foster

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1 no. 336. )

SWP No. 72.21

Figure ecca1337r

Figure ecca1337v

(Deposition of Joseph Safford v. Elizabeth How & Bridget Bishop )

[June 30, 1692]

The deposishtion of Joseph Safford aeged about 60 he testefyeth and saith [that] my wife was much afraid of Elisabeth how the wife of [James how] upon the Reports that were of her about Samuell perlleys Child but upon a tim after thes Reportes Jams how and his wife Comming to my house nether myselfe nor my wife were at home and goodwife how asked my Children wher ther mother was and thay said at the next naybouers hous she disired to Coll ther mother which they did: when my wife cam whom my wife told me that she was much startled to se goode how but she took her by the hand and said goode Safford, I belive that you are not ignorant of the grete scandall: that I Ly under upon the evil Report that is Raised upon me about Samuell perlleys child and other things Joseph Safford saith that after this his wife was teken beyond Rason and all parswasion to tek the part of this woman after this the wife of this Jams how propounded herselfe to com into the church of Ipswich whereupon sum objection aRose by sum unsatisfied bretheren wherupon ther was a meeting apinted by our elders of the church to Consider of things brought in against her my wife was more than ordenery ernist to goe to L[ectur] the church meeting being on that day notwithstanding the meny arguments I used to perswed her to the Contrerey yet I obtained apromis of her that shee would not goe to the church meeting but meeting with som of the naybourhood they persweded her to go with them to the church meeting at eldar pains and told her that shee need say nothing ther, but goodwife how then being Rether Rendred guilty then cleered my wife took here by the hand after meeting and told her though shee wer condemned before men shee was Justefyed befor god: the next sabath after this my son that caried my wife to Lectur was taken after astrang manar: the Satarday aftar that my wife was taken after a Raving frenzy manar expresing in a Raging manar that goode how must Com into the church and that shee was a precious saint and though shee wer Condemned befor men shee was Justefyed befor god and continued in this fram for the space of thre or four hours aftar that my wife fell into a kind of a tranc for the spac of two or thre minits

(Reverse) shee then Coming to herselfe opened har eye and said tha[t] I was misteken no answer was med by the standars by: and again shee said ha I was misteken majar appletons wife standing by said wherein art mistaken I was mistaken said she for I thought goode how had bene a precious saint of god but now I see she is a witch for shee hath bewitched mee and my child and we shall never be well till ther is testemoney for her that she may be taken into the church: after this ther was a meeting of the eldars at my hous and thay desird that goode how might be at the meeting insign wallis went with myselfe to invite goode how to this meeting: she coming in discours at that time shee said two or thre times shee was sory to se my wife at the church meeting at eldar pains aftar this shee said she was aflicted by the aparishtion of goode how : a few days after she was taken shee said the caus of her changing her opinion consarning goode how was becaus shee apeard to her throug a crevie of the clambouerds which she knew no good person could do and at thre severall tims after was aflicted by the aperishtion of goode how and goode ollever and furder this depoint saith that Rising erlly in the maring and kindling a fir in the other Room mi wife shricked out I presently Ran into the Room wher my wife was and as soon as ever I opened the dore my [wife] said ther be the evill one take tham wherupon I Replyed whar are thay I will take them if I can shee said you will not tek them and then sprang out of the bed herselfe and went to the window and said thar they went out thay wer both biger than she and thay went out ther but she could not then I Replyed who be thay she said goode how and goode ollever . goode ollever said I you never saw the woman in your Life no said she I never saw her in my Life but so she is Represented to me goode ollever of Sallam that hurt william stace of Sallam the millr

Joseph Safford declared to the Jury of inquest: that the evidence above written & on the other side of this paper is the truth upon oath
June: 30th 1692 -- Jurat in Curia

Joseph Safford

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 337. )

SWP No. 72.22

Figure ecca1338r

Figure ecca1338v

(Testimony of Thomas Andrews v. Elizabeth How )

[July 1, 1692]

July 1692.

The Testimony of Thomas Andrews of Boxford aged about 50. yeers This deponant Testifieth and saith that Isack Comings senior of Topsfield sent for me To healp a mare that was not well & when I came there the mare was. in such a Condition that I Could not tell what she ailed for I never saw the Like her Lips ware Exeedingly swelled that the Insides of Them Turned outward & Looked Black & blew & gelled her Tung was in the same Condition I told the said Comings I Could not tell what to doe for her I perceived she had not the Botts w'ch I did att first think she had butt I said she might have some great heat in her Body & I would applie a pipe of Tobacco to her & that was Concented to and I litt a pipe of Tobaco and putt itt under her fundiment & there came a Blew flame out of the Bowle & Run along the stem of s'd pipe & took hold of the haer of s'd maer & Burnt itt & we tryed itt 2 or 3 times together & itt did the same itt semed to burn Blew butt Run Like fyer that is sett on the gras to Burn itt in the spring Tyme & we struck itt outt w'th our hands & the s'd Comings s'd that he would trye no more for s'd he I had Rather Loose my mare than my barn & I this deponant doe testify that to the Best of my understanding was the same mare that James Hough Junior Belonging to Ipswich farmes husband To Elizabeth Hough . would have [have] Borowed of the s'd Comings
* Tho Andrews

(Reverse) Thomas Andrew Deposition

( Essex County Court Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 1, no. 338 )

SWP No. 72.23

Figure H30r

Figure H30v

( Deposition of Sarah Andrews v. Elizabeth How )

[June 2, 1692]

The deposi[ibar ][obar ][nbar ] of Sarah Andrew of Boston aged 27. years about seven yeares since going to see my sister Hanah Pearly of Ipswich farmes. who was in a Strange Condicon sick of fitts & the Like She told me when she came Out of her fitts that it was Eliz. How wife to James How Jun'r. of Ipswich farmes that Hurtt. her & that she would feign throw her into the fire & into the water. & that though her father had Corrected her for charging so pious a woman yet she was sure twas true & should stand to it to her death
Sworn in Court
June. 2.d 1692
attest * St: Sewell Cle[rbar ]

Jno. Cooke ,s Evidence (written upside down)

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 23a, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston. MA. )

SWP No. 72.24

Figure H29r

Figure H29v

(Deposition of Sarah Bibber v. Elizabeth How )

[June 30, 1692]

the depozition of sarah biber aged 36 year testifieths and saith the day that elizabeth how was exam[ine]d I saw her hurt elizabeth hubbort and ann putnam and abegel williams. and emediately. she fell apon me and Choked me and thru me down and hurt one of my leags very much. and elizabeth how did aflicte mary wolcott severall tims. and one the day of har examination --
Sarah Vibber: owned to the Jury of inquest: the above written to be a true evidence of hers:: upon oath: June: 30th 1692
Jurat in Curia

(Witchcraft Papers, no. 22b, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )

SWP No. 72.25

Figure eia05r

Figure eia05v

( Nehemiah Abbott v. Elizabeth How )

[June 30, 1692]

The testimony of Nehamiah Abot Aged about 60 yers: saith that after any difrencis with James Hows wif elizabeth how ofen Evill a curents did falow som straing loses I met withall amongst our Catill: I had one ox gat into thair fild and James Hows wife was very aingry and wished he was choked and some short time after his falow was choked with a turnop: and goodwif hows dauter came to borow my hors but I could not spare him: and the day after my hors was Cast in the barne with his head under him as my Sarvants tould me and I want and saw the plac whair he lay and I had a kow was so wake and lame that she could not go with out the halp of thre or fouer men to hold hur up and I put hur in my barne and put the Raills to kep hur from other Catill and about one ouer after the kow was gone the Raills being up and was in the mier a bout forty Rods of and I was forst to gat the same halpe to get hur thathir againe

Nehamiah Abbot: declared: to: the Jury of inquest: the above written to:
be the truth: upon oath: June: 30: 1692
Jurat in Curia

(Reverse) Nathan Abot.

( Essex Institute Collection, no. 5, James Duncan Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA. )

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