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SWP No. 093: Sarah Morey

(See also: George Burroughs -- Complaint; Phillip English -- Warrant; Susannah Martin -- Mittimus.)

SWP No. 93.1

Figure MA150r

Figure MA150v

(Petition of Mary Morey for Restitution to Sarah Morey )

[++ September 13, 1692]

To the honered Committy Now Setting apinted by The Ginerall Court The Humbell pition of Mary Morey Widdow of Peter Morey of bavrly desert sours our Dautor Sarey Morey whas folsly accused & Imprisened for the Sin of Whichcraft The Month of May one Thousand Six Hundred ninty Tew and remaned In prison, Teill Januarey following our Said dautor Whas Treyed & Cleared by Law Which Imprisonment Whas Much more To our Damage Then I Cann Think of know or Cann Speek but what fowlows Now Is What I have pade out of My pocket for her Charges & our Expenes In Gurning[=journeying] to IsCist her

To 35 Wieks diet in prison att 3s p 05: 05: = 0

To Savarall Jorneys to Boston & to Salem, 02: 00: = 0
To the Keeper 05: 00: = 0
12 = 05: = 0
Mary X Morey

(Reverse) Mary Moreys Acco

( Massachusetts Archive Collection, Vol. 135, No. 150. Massachusetts State Archives. Boston, MA.)

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