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SWP No. 138: Abigail Williams

SWP No. 138.1

Figure H47

( Deposition of Joseph Hutchinson Regarding Abigail Williams )

[? June 29, 1692]

The deposition of Joseph Hutchinson aged 59: year doe testifie as fourth

Abigaill Williams I have heard you spake often of a booke that have bin offred to you. She Said that thare was two Books one wos a short thike book & the other wos a Long booke: I asked her w'h Coler the booke war of: she said the bookes ware as rede as blode I asked her if she had sene the booke opned: shee said that shee had sen it opned many times: I asked her if shee did see any Ritinge in the in the booke: shee said thar wos many lins Riten & at the end of Evary line thar wos a seall: I asked her whoe brought the booke to her: shee towld me that it was the blacke man

I asked her whoe the blacke man was: shee towld mee it wos the devell:
I asked her if shee wos not afraid to see the devell: Shee said at the first shee was and did goe from him but now shee wos not afraid but Could talke with him as well as shee Could with #(him) mee

( Witchcraft Papers, no. 37a, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, MA. )

Salem Witchcraft Papers